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The book of Buddhas: ritual symbolism used on Buddhist statuaryand ritual objects, Holland, 1990
Jansen, Eva Rudy
2002, Paperback

this book is primarily meant for western students and provides an introduction to buddhism itself, as well as a generous survey of the most common figures and symbols.
Basic objects: case studies in theoretical primitives
Chadha, Monima et al. (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

contains nine cases in theoretic primitives from national and international experts and presents intellectual panorama of highest metaphysical and scientific nature taken from physics, arithmetic, language, sociology and other disciplines.
Monuments, objects, histories: institutions of art in colonial and postcolonial India
Guha-Thakurta, Tapati
2005, Hardcover

the book surveys the practices of archaeology, art history, and museums in nineteenth and twentieth century india. it looks at processes by which \'lost pasts\' came to be produced in india.
Symbols of trade: Roman and Pseudo-Roman objects found in India
Suresh, S
2004, Hardcover

the present study highlights the importance of archaeology for understanding the nature of indo-mediterranean contacts in ancient times. literary accounts, both graeco-roman and tamil, supplement the information culled from the artifactual remains.
Aspects of archaeometallurgy in South and South-East Asia: a study of metal objects from North India and Thailand
Singh, Ravindra N (b.1956)
2007, Hardcover

this volume offers a synthesis of the available scientific and archeological data on the study of copper and iron objects from northern india particularly, the middle ganga plain and their relation with south east asian sites, particularly on the issue of tin.
Buddhism in Tibet: illustrated by literary documents and objects of religious worship with an account of the Buddhist systems preceding it in India by Emil Schlagintweit
2008, Hardcover
Conservation of wooden objects
Bisht, A.S.
2009, Paperback
The system of objects
Baudrillard, Jean
2009, Paperback

the system of vedantic thought and culture
Hindu, Buddhist and tantric gods, goddesses, ritual objects and religious symbols (in a nutshell): authentic, accurate, sequential, with index and research-based
Majupuria, Trilok Chandra et al.
2011, Hardcover
Architecture of Manasara: illustrations of architectural and sculptural objects, with a synopsis
Acharya, Prasanna Kumar
1995, Hardcover
Must see.... 14 selected art objects from the museum
2010, Paperback
A history of the world in 100 objects
MacGregor, Neil
2011, Hardcover

this book takes a dramatically original approach to the history of humanity, using objects which previous civilizations have left behind them, often accidentally, as prisms through which we can explore past worlds and the lives of the men and women who lived in them. an intellectual and visual feast, it is one of the most engrossing and unusual history books published in years.
Jaina: textiles, manuscripts, sculpture, ceremonial objects and woodwork, 2nd edition
1999, Paperback
A dictionary of Buddhist and Hindu iconography, illustrated: objects, devices, concepts, rites and related terms by G.X. Capdi, 2nd impression
Bunce, Fredrick William (b.1935)
2001, Hardcover
Buddhist art-objects in the museums of West Bengal
Chakrabarti, Saktirani
2014, Hardcover

museums bear the art, archaeology, anthropology, folklore, history and sociology of a nation. they form a bridge between formal and non-formal education through art-objects and audio-visual materials to promote learning, which would certainly be a respite from the monotonous usual teaching patterns.
Blessing power of the Buddhas: sacred objects, secret lands
Levine, Norma
2008, Paperback

a interesting book combining the thrill of physical travel with an inner spiritual journey. it explores the relationship between physical relationship of the sacred with inner relisations.
Misplaced objects and other poems, tr. from Malayalam by the poet
Satchidanandan, K.
2015, Paperback
Vanishing beauty: Asian jewelry and ritual objects from the Barbara and David Kipper collection, ed. by Madhuvanti Ghose
2016, Hardcover

this book commemorates the remarkable gift of over 400 works from the collection of barbara and david kipper to the art institute of chicago. these outstanding pieces of jewelry and ritual objects offer a material record of disappearing ways of life. used as portable forms of wealth, as personal adornment, and in religious practice. they represent a broad spectrum of cultures.
The lives of objects: stories from the Indian Museum
2017, Paperback

this book traces the history of the colonial period of the museum and considers the functions it takes on in post-independence india. the chapters in this book combine history, analysis of material culture and excerpted oral history interviews to look at the institutional history of the museum.
Pukka Indian: 100 objects that define India
Nandan, Jahnvi Lakhota
2017, Hardcover

pukka indian or purely indian brings together hundred objects that are the most coveted symbols representing indian culture and design. this illustrated book celebrates the diversity, versatility, vibrancy, and colours of design icons--ranging from kulhad to the kolhapuri chappal, nano to the nehru jacket and auto rickshaw meter to the ambassador--that set them apart in a count ...
Terracotta objects in Bangladesh National Museum
2016, Hardcover

this volume of catalogue contains the curatorial data of 515 terracotta objects from the collection of bangladesh national museum. these objects were salvaged from different corners of this country. it is the first publication of its kind in this deltaic land of bangladesh. they include pots, sculptural objects, architectonic art pieces, plaques developed as building material a ...
Indian museum: rare objects exhibitions 1814-2016, assistedby Amir Abbasi et al
Patra, Chittaranjan
2018, Hardcover

this book is a pictorial illustration of exhibitions conducted by the indian museum during the years of its inception.