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City palace of Udaipur: historical view and a guide, with aforeword by Robert W. Skelton
Meininger, Irmgard
2000, Paperback
Forts and palaces of the western Himalaya
Jerath, Ashok
2000, Hardcover
Singarevva and the palace, tr. by Laxmi Chandrashekar
Kambar, Chandrasekhar
2002, Paperback
Delhi and its fort palace: a historical review
Bhatnagar, AP (b.1934)
2003, Hardcover

this book unfolds the tales of fourteen cities starting from indraprastha to new delhi of today.
The land of the Veda, being personal reminiscences of India: its people, castes, thugs, and fakirs: its religions, mythology, principal monuments, palaces and mausoleums together...
Butler, William
2002, Hardcover

... with the incidents of the great sepoy rebellion and its results to christianity and civilization, also, statistical tables of christian missions, and a glossary of indian terms used in this work and in missionary correspondence, 9th ed., cincinnati, 1871
Early Indian architecture: palaces
Coomaraswamy, Ananda K
2004, Hardcover
Palaces of Rajasthan, photographs by Antonio Martinelli
Michell, George
2004, Hardcover

the author explores the fascinating royal architecture of this desert state of india from the 15th to the 20th century, focusing on the major capitals of rajput power--jaipur, udaipur, jodhpur and bikaner--as well as other centres such as bundi, kota, jaisalmer, alwar and shekhawati.
Royal palaces, residences and pavilions of India, 13th through 18th centuries: an iconographic consideration
Bunce, Fredrick W (b.1935)
2006, Hardcover

the book brings out the outstanding features of the palaces, pavilions and residences of the ruling class in medieval india--from the 13th to the 18th century. the focus is on structures that represent a group on religious and ethnic lines, i.e. hindu/islamic rulers, indo-european hindu or dravidian hindu or afghani or turk or iranian rulers, and structures characteristic of pa ...
Vastumanjari of Sutradhara Nath Bhardwaja: an ancient treatise on the construction of house, palace, temple building and iconography, Sanskrit text with Hindi transl., comm. and...
2006, Hardcover

...ed. by shri krishan `jugnu\'.
Forts and palaces of India: sentinels of history
Manchanda, Bindu
2006, Hardcover
The forgotten palaces of Calcutta, written and photographed by Joanne Taylor
2006, Hardcover

this book discovers the old areas of calcutta, where heritage houses and history fill every crowded lane and secret courtyard. by focusing on calcutta\'s heritage mansions and palaces, this book makes an important contribution to the architectural history of both calcutta and india.
Glimpses of architecture in Kerala: temples and palaces, photographs by Joginder Singh
Katakam, Ramu
2006, Hardcover

the intention of this book is to explore, through a visual commentary, the extraordinary timber buildings of kerala in india.
Monuments of India and the Indianized states: the plans of major and notable temples, tombs, palaces and pavilions of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Java, The Khmer, Pagan, Thailand, ...
Bunce, Fredrick W (b.1935)
2007, Hardcover

... vietnam and malaysia from 3rd c. bce to ce 1854;;;the book contains detailed diagrams of plans of over 380 structures along with a brief note on each plan that covers the various segments/sections of each monument. the plans are precise and are presented along with their elevations which are proportional, i.e. depict major architectural forms and masses. the monuments cover ...
Palace on wheels: a royal train journey through Rajasthan, photographs by Robert A. Huber, text by Dharmendar Kanwar with Lalit Panwar
2006, Hardcover
India sublime: princely palace hotels of Rajasthan, photography by Melba Levick, text by Mitchell Shelby crites et al
2007, Hardcover
Jaipur: city palace
Sachdev, Vibhuti et al.
2008, Paperback

this book describes and illustrates the palace buildings and the many activities that they accomodated. it was founded in 1727 by maharaja sawai jai singh and has several as the main residence of his successors and as the centre of the jaipur court administration.
Jodhpur's Umaid Bhawan: the Maharaja of palaces, text by Fred R. Holmes et al., photographs by Amit Pasricha
Nath, Aman
2008, Hardcover

this book discusses the magnificence, splendour and scale of the palace, its 347 splendidly appointed rooms and elaborate gardens, its seemingly endless corridors and, for the 1940s, very modern comforts, make it one of the most enviable of royal residences anywhere in the world.
The Lallgarh palace: home of the Maharajas of Bikaner
2009, Hardcover

built in 1902 by architect sri swinton jacob, as residence for maharaja ganga singh, lallgarh place is one of the best examples of indo-saracenic architecture amalgamating the best of rajput, muslim and european styles. built by local craftsmen in dulmera red sandstone, its carved arches display the mastery of the local artisans. this book is an enchanting tale by princess rajy ...
The City Palace Museum Udaipur: paintings of Mewar court life, photographs by Pankaj Shah
Topsfield, Andrew
2009, Hardcover
The royal palaces of the Nizams
Nayeem, M.A.
2009, Hardcover

this is the first comprehensive exclusive book about the art and architecture of the royal palaces of the nizams which recaptures the sublime spirit of the opulent oriental life and culture in hyderabad, where the magnificent, lavish and exotic court of the asaf jahi rulers flourished from 1720 to 1948. the grandeur of oriental culture reached its zenith in the later half of th ...
Silent splendour palaces of the Deccan: 14th-19th centuries, photographs by Clare Arni, with a foreword by Pratapaditya Pal
Philon, Helen (ed.)
2010, Hardcover

this book examines the private and ceremonial structures found in the five principal dynastic capitals and administrative centres of the deccan during the 14th-19th centuries. for the first time the indo-islamic courtly cultures of the different dynasties that ruled the deccan, with their surrounding garden areas and water resources, have been considered as one entity.
Sigiriya: city, palace and royal gardens, 13th ed.
Bandaranayake, Senake
2009, Paperback
Forts and palaces of India, photographs by Joginder Singh
Baig, Amita
2010, Hardcover

this book brings together a unique architectural legacy-from ancient forts mentioned in hindu epics to strongholds built by a succession of rulers, arranged geographically within a historic or aesthetic context. the narrative provides glimpses of history enlivened by stirring tales of valour and sacrifice while lavish colour photographs reflect the cultural heritage of each pal ...
Forts and palaces of India, text and photographs by Surendra Sahai
2011, Hardcover

the author has selected only a few magnificent forts and palaces for the modern reader. the information provided is based on the latest research work on these spectacular monuments, some of which were built long before the founding of the delhi sultanate in the 13th century ce. the present book provides the best of scholarship, and aims at creating a greater awareness about the ...
Forts and palaces of Himachal Pradesh
Bande, Usha et al.
2011, Hardcover

this book gives visual impressions coupled with brief history of the forts. it also focuses on art and architecture including woodcarvings, stone work, specificities of the architecture, like the naggar palace of kullu/manali area which has typical architecture with horizontal wooden slabs and mud walls that are quake-resistant; temples and temple art associated with the palace ...
The wall paintings of Kerala: Mattancherry, Padmanabhapuram and Krishnapuram palaces
Bhatia, Usha (ed.)
2011, Hardcover
The yoga tradition of the Mysore Palace
Sjoman, NE
1996, Hardcover

the yoga tradition of the mysore palace traces the developments in the yoga tradition that has led to the strongest yoga tradition practised in the world today, from krishnamacariar to pattabhi jois astanga yoga system and the iyengar system
Palace culture of Lucknow
Hasan, Amir
2012, Hardcover

this culture emanated from the lifestyle of the nawabs. this culture may be considered as a hot-house plant, its beauty and grace inspired the urban people and thereby their cultural activities such as their food, drinks and dress as well as their literature and fine arts.
The Haunted Palace: a study of Edgar Poe's fiction
Murty, BSM
2012, Hardcover
The lightness of essence: Tibetan Buddhism relics of the Palace Museum, (Tibetan, French and English)
2003, Hardcover

the lightness of essence-tibetan buddhism relics of the palace museum exhibition is the fifth time that the palace museum has collaborated with the macao museum of art. this joint exhibition shows the imperial court\'s collection of tibetan buddhist works and has been extraordinary experinece for both parties as this is the first time the macao museum of art has sponsored an ex ...