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Learn Japanese, 2 parts, by Yuku Fukuroi, ed. by Shu Hikosaka et al (Set)
1996-97, Hardcover

intended for the beginners for learning the japanese language through tamil with english explanation and translation in english for the benefit of the non-tamils.
The religion and philosophy of the Veda and Upanishads, 2 parts, ed. by Charles Rockwell Lanman (Set)
Keith, Arthur Berriedale
1998, Hardcover

the work comprises twenty nine chapters grouped in five main parts, viz. sources, god and demons of the veda, vedic rituals, spirits of the dead, and philosophy of the veda.
Shes-rab kyi, pha-rol du phyin-pa nyams-su Len-pa'i Lam-gyirim-pa: path to perfection of wisdom, 3 parts in one
Ron-Ston Kunkhyen
1995, Hardcover
Bibliotheca Buddhica: a century of edifying tales, belonging to the Hinayana, 30 vols. in 32 parts (Set)
Tekstov, Sobranie Buddijskich
1992, Hardcover
Brhadaranyakavartikasarah of Sri Vidyaranya Svami, 4 parts,with the Hindi comm. by Sri Hariharakrpalu Dwivedi, foreword by Mandan Mishra, ed. by Vacaspati Dwivedi (Set)
1998, Hardcover
A dictionary of the economic products of India, 6 vols. in 10parts (Set)
Watt, G
1997, Hardcover
Flora of India Series 2: State Flora Analysis: Flora of Saurashtra, by P.V. Bole et al., Parts 2-3 (Set)
1988, Hardcover

part.2: rs.104.00 part.3: rs.80.00
Fauna of India: 06: Spiders, Araneae (Araneidae and Gnaphosidae) by B.K. Tikader, Vol.2 Parts 1,2 (Set)
1982, Hardcover
Fauna of India: 21-22: Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera) by M.S. Mani, 2 Parts (Set)
1989, Hardcover

part.1: rs.700.00 part.2: rs.400.00
Towards freedom: documents on the movement for Independencein India 1938, 3 Parts, with a preface by Sarvapalli Gopal (Set)
Chatterji, Basudev (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) british india: political cross-currents (ii) economic nationalism (iii) nation building (iv) provincial autonomy at work (v) provincial ministries (vi) indian states (vii) struggle for responsible government in india states.
The poems of ancient Tamil: their milieu and their Sanskrit counterparts
Hart, George
1999, Hardcover
Hindustani grammar self-taught, 4 parts: a simplified grammar, exercises and examination papers, the vernacular and keyand English-Hindustani dictionary by C.A. Thimm, 3rd rev..
1999, Hardcover

...edition by shams\'ul `ulma sayyid `all bilgrami, london, 1916.
Census of India-1991: Series 1: India, Part III-B Series, Economic Tables Volume-1, Tables: B-1(s), B-2(s), B-3(s), B-4(s), Parts A&B India, States and Union Terrotories
1999, Hardcover
Madhyasiddhantakaumudi of Sri Varadarajacarya, 4 Parts in 1, ed. with 'Subodhini' Sanskrit and Hindi comms. by Suresh Chandra Sharma
1997-99, Hardcover

part.1: part.2: bhwadi to churadigana, 2nd part.3: nijanta to karaka, part.4: samasa to svara
Industrial economy: trends, problems and prospects; 2 Parts (Set)
Rao, M Gangadhara (ed.) et al
1993, N

isbn 8185475482 (part i) isbn 8185475490 (part 2)
Catalugue of the manuscripts of Patan Jain Bhandara, comp. by Muni Sri Punyavijayaji and ed. by Muni Jambuvijayaji, assisted by Muni Dharmacandravijayaji, 4 parts in 3 vols (Set)
1991, Hardcover

a detailed catalgue of 20035 paper manuscripts preserved in the hemachandra jain gyanmandir.
A grammar of the classical Arabic languages, 4 vols. in 7 parts (Set)
1986, Hardcover

the most comprehensive grammar of the arabic languages ever written in english or any other european language based on the expostion of native masters.
History of Dharmasastra, 5 vols. (in 8 parts), ancient and mediaeval religions and civil law in India (Set)
Kane, PV
1990-97, Hardcover

reprint of the second revised and enlarged edition of 1990.
Rahula Vangmaya, 2 vols.(8 parts), ed. by Kamala Sankratayana (Set)
1994, Hardcover

part.1: (4 bindings): jivan yatra. part 2: (4 bindings): jivan yatra. (more parts to be published to complete the work)
A handbook of the Swahili language, 2 parts bound in one, by Bishop Edward Steere et al., 3rd rev. edition
1999, Hardcover

part i: swahili handbook. part ii: swahili-english vocabulary.
Yagyadutta Sharma rachnavali, Parts 11-20 by Yagyadutta Sharma (Set)
2000, Hardcover

vol.11: rajanigandha, lalita, sab ka sathi, aparadhin. vol.12: kukud, madhu, balidan ki bela, roop biroop. vol.13: charan chinha, parakramank samudragupta, sumangala, ek swapna ek satya. vol.14: jhunia ki shadi, badalti rahain, smrti chinha, basanti buaji. vol.15: vikriti ka ant, pahla varsh, toofan ke baad. vol.16: milan, baap beti, mangloo ki maa, insaaf. vol.17: pranaya pal ...
Rudrayamalam (Uttaratantram), Parts 1-2: (from 1 to 90 Patala) with sarala Hindi transl. and ed. by Sudhakar Malaviya, with English introd (Set)
1999, Hardcover

an important work on tantrasastra.
The yoga-Vasishtha Maharamayana of Valmiki, 4 Vols. in 7 Parts(bound in 4), tr. from the original Sanskrit by Vihari-LalaMitra (Set)
1999, Hardcover

vol.1: containing the vairagya, mumukshu, prakarnas and the utpatti khanda to chapter l. vol.2:(in 2 pts): containing utpatti khanda sthiti prakarana and upasama khanda to chapter liii. vol.3: (in 2 pts): containing upasana khanda and nirvana khanda. vol.4: (in 2 pts):containing the nirvana-prakarana, uttaradha.
CENSUS OF INDIA- 1991: Series- 5:Bihar, Part II- B Series Economics Tables, Volume I, Tables B-1(S), B-2(S), B-3(S), B-4(SD) Parts A & B
1999, Hardcover
CENSUS OF INDIA 1991: Series 5: Bihar, Part III-B Series: Economic Tables, Volume 1, Tables B-1(S), B-2(S), B-3(S), Parts A & B
1999, Hardcover
Shraddharam Phillori granthavali, (in Hindi), 3 parts, ed. by Harmahendra Singh Bedi (Set)
1997, Hardcover
Census of India 1991: Series 13: Madhya Pradesh, Part III-BSeries: Economic Tables, Volume 1, Tables B-1(S), B-2(S), B-3(S), B-4(S), Parts A & B
1999, Hardcover
Global sourcebook on human rights, 2 parts (Set)
Sinha, PC (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Vol.80, parts 1-4 (1999)
Dandekar, RN et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Growth and reforms in Latin America, 2 Parts (Set)
Singer, Hans et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover