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The philosophy of Sanskrit grammar: a critical study of Karaka
Barthakuria, Apurba Chandra
1997, Hardcover

study of cases(karaka) in sanskrit grammar.
Mathematics in history, culture, philosophy and science: from ancient times to modern age
Tiwari, Sarju (1934- )
1992, N
Zen Buddhism, philosophy and mysticism
Verma, Chapla
1998, Hardcover
Jaina philosophy: an introduction
Mehta, Mohan lal (b.1928)
1998, Hardcover

this work is the third revised and enlarged edition of the author\'s earlier book outline of jaina philosophy published in 1954.
Perspectives in contemporary philosophy
Chakravarty, Dilip Kumar (ed.)
1998, N
An encyclopaedic dictionary of philosophy
Goel, Dharmendra (b.1934) (ed.)
1999, N
Philosophy of Hindu Sadhana, foreword by Sarbapalli Radhakrishnan, Calcutta, 1932
Brahma, Nalini Kanta
1999, Paperback
Philosophy and theistic mysticism of the Alvars
Chari, SM Srinivasa (b.1919)
2009, Hardcover

contents: (i) life and works of the alvers (ii) the doctrine of ultimate reality (iii) the doctrine of god (iv) the doctrine of individual self (v) the doctrine of sadhana (vi) the doctrine of supreme goal (vii) theistic mysticism (viii) general evaluation and conclusion.
Jaina philosophy and religion, English transl. of Jaina darsana by Muni Shri Nyayavijayaji,
Shah, Nagin J
1998, Hardcover
Encyclopedia of Indian philosophies, Vol.8: Buddhist philosophy from 100 to 350 A.D, ed. by Karl H. Potter
2002, Hardcover
A course in Indian philosophy, 2nd edition
Warder, AK
2009, Hardcover
Madhyamika darshan ka tatvik swaroop: The true nature of Madhyamika philosophy
1998, N
Concept of sentence analysis in Nyaya philosophy
Sharma, Punita
1998, Hardcover

it is a comprehensive study of the language of old nyaya\'s texts to navya-nyaya in historical perspective
The doctrine and discipline of Advaita Vedant: with specialstudy of Swami Vivekanand and Swami Ramtirth Philosophy
Mishra, LP
1998, N
Influence of Nyaya philosophy on Sanskrit
Prajapati, Sweta (b.1969)
1998, N
Essays in Indian philosophy
Saha, Sukharanjan (ed.)
1997, N

the authors of the papers have mostly approached their problems in an analytical style and often from newer perspectives and from newer directions, taking into consideration trends of recent changes in society as well as contemporary developments in different branches of philosophy.
Reunderstanding Indian philosophy: some glimpses
Barlingay, Surendra Sheodas (1919-1997)
1998, Hardcover

within its anthropological context the author establishes a epistemological, metaphysical and axiological significance of the indian philosophy offering the reader a unique insight in the subject.
Gandhian philosophy: its relevence today
Veerraju, Gummadi (b.1954)
1999, N

retrieving a range of gandhi’s social, economic, moral, spiritual, cultural and political ideas from various sources, this work gauges the relevance of gandhi and gandhism in the dehumanized, fragmented world of moral decay and unbridled consumerism.
The moral philosophy of Gandhi
1998, N

contents: (i) the roots (ii) philosophical outlook (iii) fundamental moral concepts (iv) some moral problems (v) cardinal virtues (vi) humanism of gandhi.
Facets of recent Indian philosophy, Vols.2&3 (Set)
Balasubramanian, R (ed.)
1994, Hardcover

contributed research papers presented at the annual sessions of the indian philosophical congress.
The philosophy of life
Dubey, SP (b.1944) (ed.)
1998, Hardcover

a collection of addresses delivered by eminent philosophers as general presidents in the annual sessions of the indian philosophical congress.
Jain philosophy, historical outline, 2nd rev. edition
Bhattacharyya, NN
1999, Hardcover

interprets the fundamentals of jain philosophy from the viewpoint of their historical genesis and development. also attempts a comparative study of all the philosophical systems to determine the real nature of the jain standpoint
The philosophy of the Vedantasutra: a study based on the evaluation of the comms. of Samkara, Ramanuja and Madhva, with a foreword by N.S. Ramanuja Tatacharya
Srinivesa Chari, SM (b.1919)
1998, Hardcover
Introduction to tantras and their philosophy
Kumar, Pushpendra (b.1936)
1998, Hardcover
Alternative pathways of Indian philosophy: multi-dimensional wings to galactic spheres
Sarkar, Anil Kumar
1998, Hardcover

contents: (i) wings of indian thought (ii) dynamic variations of logic and psychologies (iii) breaking of ideologies: posterior processes and variations (iv) india\'s pathways in international contexts: a flight to the galactic spheres.
Semantic powers: meaning and the means of knowing in classical Indian philosophy, ed. by J.J. Campbell et al
Ganeri, Jonardon
1999, Hardcover

the author finds this account in the work of certain indian philosophers of language, those belonging to the late classical school of navya-nyaya. he presents a detailed analysis of their theories, paying particular attention to the influential seventeenth-century philosopher gadadhara.
The religion and philosophy of the Veda and Upanishads, 2 parts, ed. by Charles Rockwell Lanman (Set)
Keith, Arthur Berriedale
1998, Hardcover

the work comprises twenty nine chapters grouped in five main parts, viz. sources, god and demons of the veda, vedic rituals, spirits of the dead, and philosophy of the veda.
Prolegomena to a history of Buddhist philosophy
Barua, BM
1998, Paperback
Yatindramatadipika (a handbook on the philosophy of Ramanuja) by Srinivasadasa, English tr. and notes by Swami Adidevandana, with a foreword by P.N. Srinivasachari
1999, Paperback
Outlines of Indian philosophy, revised edition
Sinha, Jadunath
1999, Paperback

it deals with the buddhist schools of the vaibhasika, the sautrantika, the yogacara and the madhyamika, the mimamsa schools of kumarila and prabhakara, and the vedanta schools of samkara and ramanuja, and also with their background, the philosophy of the upanisads and the bhagavad gita.