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Pottery and the legacy of Sardar Gurcharan Singh, ed. by Anupa Lal, compiled by Anuradha Ravindranath, photography by Shailan Parker
1998, Hardcover

on the history of pottery in india and on the life and works of gurcharan singh, 1898.
conditions of visibility: writings on photography in contemporary India, ed. by Susie Tharu
Srivatsan, R
2000, Hardcover

the author uses gender, caste and class as frames of reference in these stimulating essays on the visual image.
Dhurrie: flatwoven rugs of India, photography by David Desouza
Ahuja, Shyam et al.
1999, Hardcover
Dance of the peacock: jewellery traditions of India, photography by Bharath Ramamrutham
Bala Krishnan, Usha R
1999, Hardcover
Jain pilgrimages: reverence and art, photography by Mahendra Bhansali
Sagar, Lalitprabh
2000, Hardcover

this book compiles the art of jain centres of pilgrimage such as delwara-abu, ranakpur and jaisalmer.
Trees of India, photography by Pallava Bagla
Menon, Subhadra
2000, Hardcover

each tree has a portrait in this book, with authentic text combined with clear, beautiful pictures to make the story complete. the 60 trees selected are some of the most familiar in india, known the world over for its rich diversity of plant life.
India through the lens, photography 1840-1911
2000, Hardcover

the essays in this book reveal the history and importance of photography in india, from the appeal of the panorama to the documentation of people, places, and princes- and to the outstanding indian photographer, lala deen dayal, who was unique in being esteemed by both the world of the british and the world of princely india.
Indian embroidery, photography by Richard Davis
Crill, Rosemary
1999, Hardcover
World renowned Jain pilgrimages: reverence and art, photography by Mahendra Bhansali
Sagar, Lalitprabha
2000, Hardcover
Kebabs, chutneys and breads, photography and food styling by Dheeraj Paul
Davinder Kumar
2002, Hardcover
Dome over India: Rashtrapati Bhavan, photography by Amit Mehra et al
Aman Nath
2002, Hardcover

the book takes the reader on a tour of rashtrapati bhavan, from the buddhist-inspired dome, through the formal ceremonial halls, and into the splendid mughal garden, with a mix of history, anecdote and architectural analysis.
Jewels of the Nizams, photography by Bharath Ramamrutham
Bala Krishnan, Usha R
2006, Hardcover

catalogue of the nizam\'s jewellery collection, hyderabad, india.
Feminine fables: imaging the Indian women in painting, photography and cinema
Sen, Geeti
2002, Hardcover
Bhutan, photography by Francoise Pommaret and Yoshiro Imaeda, translated by Elisabeth B. Booz
Pommaret, Francoise
2003, Paperback

for tourist who are curious to discover this extraordinary country.
Traces of India: photography, architecture and the politicsof representation, 1850-1900
Pelizzari, Maria Antonella (ed.)
2003, Hardcover
The unforgettable Maharajas: one hundred and fifty years of photography, photo research, ed. by Pramod Kapoor
Paul, E Jaiwant
2012, Hardcover

the maharajas of india were undoubtedly one of the great anachronisms of the twentieth century. this power, coupled with their enormous wealth and fabulous jewellery, gave the maharajas a status that made them larger then life. a comprehensive collection of historical photographs from princely india, private collections, and the finest photo libraries in the world, this is also ...
People of India, photography by Ivo Demi, English version by Ian Trickett
De Angeli, Nella (b.1967)
2003-04, Hardcover

india is a land of enchantment which will steal the heart of any traveler. exotism, mysticism, religion and mystery exude from every pore of india\'s captivating skin, from its northern deserts to its southern lagoons, from dusty caravan trails and embers of camel-driver encampments, from gestures of religious rituals, ornate temple decorations and sweet-smelling sandalwood as ...
If I were rain: celebrating the spirit of India's disadvantaged urban child, photography edited by Prabuddha Dasgupta
Singh, Nanni (ed.)
2003, Hardcover

structured around the convention on the rights of the child, the book examines india\'s urban reality in the context of basic child\'s rights and the experiences of children living in disadvantage. through their voices, poetry, art and in-depth stories, these children talk about their greatest challenges and their hopes for the future.
Guru Nanak Devji and Sikh history in murals, photography byMunindar Kaur Khalsaji
Khalsaji, Sohan Singh et al. (ed.)
2004, Hardcover

the first half of the book depicts the entire life of guru nanak through murals. the second half gives a brief history of the gurus, the sikhs and sikhism.
The Hindu temple, photography by Usha Kris
Champakalakshmi, R
2002, Hardcover
Mumbai Ganesh, photography by Sandeep T. Desai and Sanjay P. Mahajan
2004, Paperback

this pictorial venture, aims at showcasing the ganesh festival as celebrated in mumbai.
Re-visioning the past: early photography in Bengal 1875-1915
Karlekar, Malavika
2005, Hardcover

this book, based on photographs taken in bengal during the period 1875-1915, aims to introduce a new dimension to the experience of colonialism and reconstructs a history of growing urban bengali middle-class society. using rare archival photographs, re-visioning the past shows how the entry of the photograph into the domestic sphere coincided with significant familial and spat ...
A photographic guide to the birds of India, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, text and photography by Amano Samarpan
2006, Paperback
Around the world in 80 plates: the gourmet's guide to vegetarian cuisine, compiled by Rashmi Uday Singh photography by Sheena Sippy
2004, Hardcover
India sublime: princely palace hotels of Rajasthan, photography by Melba Levick, text by Mitchell Shelby crites et al
2007, Hardcover
Follow the Hindu moon: a guide to the festivals of South India, 2 vols., photography by Usha Kris (Set)
Sitaraman, Soumya Aravind
2007, Hardcover

vol.1: celebrate. vol.2: understand.
India: public places, private spaces: contemporary photography and video art
Sinha, Gayatri et al.
2007, Paperback
Clik! contemporary photography in India, curated by, Sunil Gupta et al
2008, Paperback

this catalogue contains images of works of several artists shown at new delhi and london.
Indian jewellery, photography by Ian Thomas
Barnard, Nick
2008, Hardcover
Raj Bhavan of Kolkata: a photographic tour, foreword by Gopalkrishna Gandhi, concept and photography by Anirban Mitra and introd. by Tapati Guha-Thakurta
2008, Hardcover

the raj bhavan of kolkata is one of the greatest architectural marvels of the city and an integral part of india\'s history and heritage. this album is an unique suite of over 50 images than capture the mood and grandeur of the building and its premises.