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Visvanighantuh of Visvakavi, ed. by S. Rajalakshmi et al., in Sanskrit with prefatory matter in English
1995, Hardcover

dictionary of sanskrit language
Alamkarasastra Vilasah of Rama Subramanyasastri, in Sanskrit with prefatory matter in English, ed. by S. Lalitha et al
1995, Hardcover
Candrika Kala pidam of Ramavarma(in Sanskrit) with prefatory matter in English, ed. by S Seshadri et al
1995, N
Uttara-Sakuntalam of Umesa Sastri (in Skt.) with prefatory matter in Hindi
1999, Hardcover
The religious heritage of India, with prefatory note by James Mitchell
Mitchell, Murray J
2000, Hardcover
Outlines of Mahayana Buddhism, prefatory essay by Alan Watts
Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro
2000, Hardcover
Nyayaviniscayavivaranam of Vadirajasuri (in Skt.), with commentary Nyayaviniscaya, 2 Vols., ed. by Mahendra Kumar Jain, prefatory matter in Hindi, 2nd ed (Set)
2000, Hardcover

commentary on nyayaviniscaya of akalanka, fl. 720-780, work on jaina logic.
Agama-Sad-Koso (Sunttank-Sahio), Prakrit to Gujarati, 4 vols., by Muni Deepratnasagar, prefatory pages in Gujarati (Set)
2001, Hardcover
Jaisalamera ke pracina Jaina granthabhandarom ki suci = a catalogue of manuscripts in Jaisalmer Jain bhandaras, (in Skt.), ed. by Muni Jambuvijaya, with prefatory matter in ....
2000, Hardcover

english and hindi.
Kharataragaccha-brhadgurvavali by Jinapalopadhyayadi, (in Skt.), ed. by Muni Jinavijaya, with prefatory matter in Hindiby Vinayasagar, Vol. 1
2000, Hardcover

sanskrit works compiled by different authors on the saints of the kharataragaccha tradition of the svetambara, jaina sect.
Mahabharata mem apaniniya dhaturupa = Unpaninian verb formsin the Mahabharata, prefatory matter in Hindi
Kumar, Nirmala (b.1948)
2001, Hardcover

compilation of the roots used in mahabharata, not according to astadhyayi of panini, work on sanskrit grammar.
Rajalaksmi svayamvaram: mahakavyam, prefatory matter in Hindi
Dave, Sriram (b.1922)
2001, Hardcover
Reconstruction of Sankha-likhita smrti, with prefatory and five chapters in English
Thakar, Ambalal Dalsukharam
2003, Hardcover

on sankha-likhita smrti, an old authoritative work on dharamshastra.
Manasollasa of King Somesvara, Vol.2, ed. with an introd. by G.K. Shrigondekar, Skt. text with prefatory matter in English
Wadekar, ML (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

the work deals with one hundred different topics, connected with the royal house hold. it contains a mine of information regarding different technical sciences, polity, architecture, iconography, painging, music, dance, jewellery, taming of elephants & horses and various pastimes-indoor and outdoor games of indian cultural origin.
Sudansana-cariyam, ed. by Saloni Joshi, prefatory matter inGujarati
2002, Hardcover
Dharmasangrahah of Manavijaya, Sanskrit text with prefatorymatter in Gujarati, includes passages in Prakrit, rev. by Muni Yasovijaya and ed. by Municandravijayah, 3 Vols. (Set)
1984, Hardcover

metrical summary of jaina moral and religious duties, with autocommentary, critically edited with varient readings.
Sri Arambhasiddhi of Udayaprabha Suri, with Lagrasuddhi of Haribhadra Suri and Dinasuddhi of Ratna Sekhara Suri, prefatory matter and comm. in Gujarati by Hemahansagani, ed. by ...
1989, Hardcover

...vijayalabdhi suri, 2nd rev. ed.
Sthanangasutra, Part 1, text with Sanskrit comm. by Abhayadev Suri, critically ed. with foreword in English by Muni Jambuvijaya, prefatory matter in Gujarati, Hindi and English
2002, Hardcover
Guhyasamajatantra or Tathagataguhyaka, ed. by Swami Dwarikadas Sastri, text with an introd. and prefatory matter in Hindi and English
2003, Hardcover
One hundred and twelve Upanisads and their philosophy: a critical exposition of Upanisadic philosophy with original text in Devanagari, prefatory matter and introd. in English...
1987, Hardcover a.n. bhattacharya.
Vaisesika sutra of Kanada, tr. by Debasish Chakrabarty, with a prefatory essay by Kapil Kapoor
2003, Paperback

this book presents a lucid english translation of the vaisesika-sutra of kanada, termed the earliest exposition on physics in indian philosophy and the textual basis for the nyaya-vaisesika and navya-nyaya systems of thought. the translation retains the feel of the original sutras even while conveying the intended meaning accurately and with clarity.
Yogadrastisangraha (in Skt.), ed. by Prashamartivijay, prefatory matter in Gujarati
2003, Hardcover
Town planning in early South India, with an introd. by Patrick Geddes, and prefatory introd. by T.K. Venkatasubramanian
Ayyar, CP Venkatarama
2004, Hardcover

originally published as town planning in ancient dekkan.;;;the author selects for the purpose four most ancient cities in south india-- ganjeevaram, madurai, kaveripumpttinam and vanji-- which have been acclaimed as model cities in literary works that are now the classics of the past.
Baudhayana (Bhojapuri mahakavya), prefatory matter in Hindi, ed. by Lakshmi Narayan Tiwari
Saraswati, Vimalanand
2004, Hardcover

buddhist literature in bhojapuri of the life of buddha.
Urga Kanjur (in Tibetan), 105 vols.(in 104 bindings), ed. by Lokesh Chandra from the collection of Raghu Vira, prefatory matter in English (Set)
1990-94, Hardcover
An eighteenth century history of north India: an account of the rise and fall of the Rohilla chiefs in Janbhasha by RustamAli Bijnori, text in Urdu, prefatory matter in English
Siddiqui, Iqtidar Husain (ed.)
2005, Hardcover
Aparavada of Madhusudan Ojha, with prefatory matter by Anant Sarma, ed. by Dayanand Bhargava
1992, Hardcover
Avaranvada of Madhusudan Ojha, with prefatory matter by Anant Sarma, ed. by Dayanand Bhargava
1993, Hardcover
Tripurarahasyam (Jnana-khanda) with the comm. 'Tatparyadipika' of Srinivasa, foreword by Mandan Misra, ed. by GopinathaKaviraja, prefatory matter in English, 3rd ed
1996, Hardcover
Vyomavada of Madhusudan Ojha, with prefatory matter by Anant Sarma, ed. by Dayanand Bhargava
1993, Hardcover