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Prakhya (a series of unpublished unavailable works in Sanskrit), Vol.II, ed. by Radhavallabh Tripathi et al., 3rd Spanda
1998, Hardcover

3rd spanda the third spanda of prakhya comprises three texts-sukasarika or madanaprabodhini by bhavila and two sastric works by mahamahopadhyaya rajeswar sastri.
Fauna of Nanda Devi biosphere reserve: a world heritage site: published in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of
1997, Hardcover
Fauna of Mahanadi Estuary: Orissa, published in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of India's independence
1998, Paperback
State Fauna Series: Delhi: State Fauna Series-6, Fauna of Delhi: published in commemoration of the 50th anniversary ofIndia's independence
1997, Hardcover
The carpenter's apprentice, selected by Vijaya Ghose from stories published in Target magazine, ed. by Rosaling Wilson
1999, Paperback
The nose doctor, selected by Vijaya Ghose from stories published in Target magazine, ed. by Rosalind Wilson
Ray, Satyajit et al.
1999, Paperback
Women: a collection of Assamese short stories, translated into English, published on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Handique Girls' College, Guwahati
Baruah, Gagan Chandra et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Rampura Raza Library, monograph, published on the occasion of the celebration of 50th anniversary of India's independence and 200 years of Rampur Raza Library,.........
1998, Hardcover
Katha prize stories, volume 10: the best short fiction published during 1999-2000 in fourteen Indian languages, chosen by a panel of distinguished writers and scholars, .....
2000, Paperback

(translated into english), ed. by geeta dharmarajan et al
Get published: a handbook for writers in India
Rajagopalan, Usha (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

this book is a detailed guide for the aspiring indian creative writer, providing information on all aspects of the publishing process.
The first published anthology of Hindi poets: Thomas Duer Broughton's selections from the popular poetry of the Hindoos 1814
Bangha, Imre
2000, Hardcover
Fauna of Valmiki Tiger Reserve: published in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of India's Independence
1998, Paperback
First steps to Jainism, 2 parts bound in one, combined illustrated library edition published in the 2600th year of birth of Lord Mahavir with thirty-two plates giving a glimpse ...
Lal, Sancheti Asoo et al.
2002, Hardcover

... of jain art of calligraphy, painting, statutary and jain temples.
Vedanga siksa: a critical edition of published and unpublished manuscripts, 2 parts, with an introd. in English (Set)
Sharma, K Hayagreeva
2001-02, Hardcover
Arseya-kalpa of Maska, with a hitherto unpublished comm. byVaradaraja, critically ed. with text-variants, introd. and index by B.R. Sharma
1976, Hardcover

an ancilliary text of the samaveda and treats exhaustively various groups of somayagas.
Kausitaki Brahmanopanisad, ed. with an unpublished comm. byE.R. Sreekrishna Sarma, tr. into English by A.G. Krishna Warrier
1990, Hardcover
Gazetteer of the Kangra District, Parts 2-4: Kulu, Lahul and Spiti, 1897, compiled and published under the Authority of the Punjab Government
2012, Hardcover
Manutikasamgraha (text in Sanskrit), being a series of copious extracts from six unpublished comm. of the code of Manu (i) Medhatithi's Manubhasya (ii) Govindaraja's Manutika......
1986, Hardcover

........(iii) narayana\'s manvarthavivrti (iv) raghavananda\'s manvartha-candrika (v) nandana\'s manuvyakhyana (vi) anonymous kashmirian commentary, ed. by julius jolly.
Slokavarttika, formerly published as Clokavarttika transl. from the original Sanskrit with extracts from the comm. of Sucarita Misra (The Kasika) and Parthasasathi Misra...........

..........(the nyayaratnakara), by ganganatha jha.
Hindi bibliography (being a universal, classified and scientifically arranged record of Hindi books published up to theend of 1964 (H), Parts I-II (22-6p.)
Narain, Pitambar et al.
1971-75, Hardcover
Diwan-e-Ghalib, complete translation into English by SarvatRahman, including all the ghazals, Qasidas, Masnavis, Qitasand Quatrains of the published Diwan and a selection from ..
Ghalib (1797-1869)
2003, Hardcover

...the unpublished diwan.
Stotra Samuccaya, 2 vols., ed. by K. Parameswara Aithal, rare and hitherto unpublished stotras in the Library's collection (Set)
1969, Hardcover
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar: writings and speeches, Vol.12: Unpublished writings: ancient Indian commerce the untouchables...
Ambedkar, Bhimrao Ramji (1891-1956)
1993, Hardcover

and the pax britannica, lectures on the english constitution, the notes on acts and laws; waiting for a visa, other miscellaneous essays, ed. by vasant moon.
The Aitareya Aranyaka, introd. transl., notes, indexes and an appendix containing the portion hitherto unpublished of the Sankhayana Aranyaka, by Arthur Berriedale Keith
2005, Hardcover
The silviculture of Indian trees, 3 vols. (published under the authority of His Majesty's secretary of State for India in Council) (Set)
Troup, Robert Scott
2008, Hardcover

vol.1: dilleniaceae to leguminaceae (papilionaceae). vol.2: leguminosae (caesalpinieae) to verbenaceae. vol.3: lauraceae to coniferae.
Collected works of Prof. V. Ramalingaswami: a saga of seamless journey between Lab-Clinic-Community, (published papers),3 vols., ed. by PN Tandon, with CD Rom (Set)
2009 ?, Hardcover

collected works and addresses of v. ramalingaswami, an outstanding biomedical scientist and a former president of the indian national science academy, new delhi.
Srngardarpana: a manuscript of Acharya Padmsunder, published with Sanskrit poetics at a glance in Sanskrit, Hindi and English, ed. by Shiv Shanker Tripathi
2009, Hardcover
Incredible Lucknow: a selection of 51 published articles onLucknow's monuments, history and culture, text and photographs by Saiyed Anwer Abbas
2010, Paperback
Setusamgraha of Gangadhara: an unpublished comm. on the Mugdhabodha Vyakarana of Vopadeva along with introd., foot-notes, ind., and bibl., ed. by Parboty Chakraborty
2010, Hardcover

a work on sanskrit grammar on by gangadhara, a nineteenth century grammarian from bengal.
Dpal spungs dpe rnying gsar bskrun, 4 parts in 33 volumes, (more volumes to be published) (Set)
2006-09, Hardcover

part i: dkyil chog pod phreng 1-13&17 part ii: khrid yig pod phreng 4 vols part iii: gzhung lugs pod phrerg, 12 vols part iv: ta\'i si tu sku phreng dgu pa padma nyin byed kyi gsung bum, 3 vols