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Punchtantra: parables for the 21st century
Bhatia, Gautam
1998, Paperback

a wacky take-off on vishnu sharma\'s pancatantra.
Indian punch-marked; coins
Agrawal, Bhanu et al
1994, N

contents: (i) coinage metals and fabrication techniques (ii) classification and chronology (iii) denomination (iv) symbols and their historical implications.
Kosala state region, c.600-470 BC: Silver Punchmarked coinage
Murphy, Paul Laurence (b.1949)
2001, Paperback

an offprint from the ahata cd-rom project on indian punchmarked coinage.
A gazetteer of Kashmir and the adjacent districts of Kishtwar, Badrawar, Jammu, Naoshera, Punch, and the valley of the Kishen Ganga
2005, Hardcover

this gazetteer is derived from data collected during the years 1870-1872.
The coinage of ancient India: Punch-marked, local, tribal, Indo-Greek, Saka, Pahlava, Kushana, Satavahana and Gupta coins
Goyal, SR
1995, Hardcover
Directive principles, jurisprudence and socio-eonomic justice in India, foreword by Justice MM Punchi
Jaswal, Paramjit S
1996, N

contents: (i) introduction and evolution of direvtive principles (ii) philosophy, nature and scope of directive principles and fundamental rights (iii) emerging trends in directive principles and socio-economic justice.
Wit and wisdom: pickings from the Parsee Punch
Hasan, Mushirul
2012, Hardcover

the parsee punch highlighted the relationship between public culture and colonialism. the cartoons they published illustrate, in a lighter vein, contemporary anxieties and predicaments in a witty satirical fashion.
Rajini's punchtantra: business and life management the Rajinikanth way
Balasubramanian, PC et al
2012, Paperback

a management guide with an innovative twist, the book gives you a unique perspective on thirty of the most fundamental and effective mantras for both business and life management.
Ancient Indian coins: decoding of their Indus-Brahmi inscriptions with special emphasis on the punch-marked coins
Mondal, Sambhu Nath
2013, Hardcover
Punchmarked coinage of the Indian subcontinent, rev. edn.
Gupta, P L et al.
2014, Hardcover

this edition is nearly three times the length of the first edition with length of the first edition with 1043 types over the earlier 613.
The Ghaghara - Gandak river region, C.600-300 BC, archaic silver Punchmarked coinage
Hirano, Shinji
2007, Paperback

Imperial punch-marked coins of ancient India: a case study of Sarai Dangri Hoard, Varanasi
Sharma, Savita
2016, Hardcover

an earthen pot containing 333 ancient silver punch-marked coins was found in july 1997, from sarai dangri village, varanasi while digging the foundation of a primary school building. these coins were handed over to bharat kala bhavan, banaras hindu university, varanasi in 1998 by the district magistrate of varanasi. the study of these coins forms the subject matter of this volu ...