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G.R. Hada: in pursuit of knowledge
Thomas, TK
2003, Hardcover

govind ram hada\'s journey from the non-descript village took him to the industrial hubs of calcutta, bombay and ahmedabad, and also to the four corners of the globe.
Pursuit of institutional excellence: essays in honour of V.K.N. Menon
Reddy, PL Sanjeev et al. (ed.)
2004, Hardcover
Naked imperialism: the US pursuit of global dominance
Foster, John Bellamy
2006, Hardcover
Heights of madness: one woman's journey in pursuit of a secret war
MacDonald, Myra
2007, Hardcover

this book is the first account of the siachen war to be told from both the indian and the pakistani points of view. but it is also about the journey itself, of a lone foreign woman travelling through india and pakistan, meeting larger-than-life characters.
Can the mind survive beyond death?: in pursuit of scientific evidence, 2 vols (Set)
Pasricha, Satwant K
2008, Hardcover

vol.1: reincarnation research. vol.2: reincarnation and other anomalous experience. it is based on scientific investigations of cases of the reincarnation type, ndes, xenoglossy, and possession by dr. satwant k. pasricha and her colleagues from various countries spanning more than 30 years.
Death with equanimity: the pursuit of immortality
Baya `Sreyas\', DS
2007, Hardcover

this book deals with voluntary peaceful death or samadhimarana as practiced by followers of jainism for its spiritual benefit.
The pursuit of Urdu literature: a select history
Russell, Ralph
1992, N
The Yogini temples of India: in the pursuit of a mystery (travel notes)
Dupuis, Stella
2008, Paperback

a comprehensive guide to the yogini temples of northern india and nepal. a complete directory of places to stay and how to travel.
Spiritual peregrinations or The Triple P. Project (place,purpose and pursuit of man on this earth)
Chopra, RN
1995, N
In pursuit of Amitav Ghosh: some recent readings
Ghosh, Tapan Kumar et al. (ed.)
2013, Hardcover
The pursuit of colonial interests in India's North-East
Bezbaruah, Ranju
2010, Hardcover
In pursuit of the past: collecting old art in modern India,circa 1875-1950
Pal, Pratapaditya
2015, Hardcover

contents: part 1: eastern circle (i)artists as collectors: the tagore brothers of calcutta; (ii)scholars as collectors: woodroffe, coomaraswamy and kramrisch; (iii)bhadralok collectors of calcutta; (iv)modern collectors in an ancient capital: patna; (v)the holy city of banaras, part 2: western circle (vi)collecting in the land of the five rivers; (vii)the tata family: collectin ...
Illustrated pursuits: W.S. Sherwill in India 1834-1861
Gardner, Ngaire
2016, Paperback

the book contains a set of 33 extraordinary pen and ink drawings sketched in india by sherwill, who worked as a military officer and surveyor for the british east india company\'s geological survey of india. these revealed interesting connections with significant events and narratives of time.
In his world alone: for mild intellectual pursuit, comp. byArun B. Srivastava
1992, Hardcover

contributed articles on miscellaneous topics.
In pursuit of proof: a history of identification documents in India
Sriraman, Tarangini
2018, Hardcover

weaving together a hitherto unattempted history of making and verifying identification documents, this book tells stories from the ground about the urban margins of india, and delhi in particular. the book moves with agility across the late colonial era and the postcolonial years marked by ration cards, refugee registration certificates, permits, licences, and affidavits.
In pursuit of empire: treasures from the Toor collection ofSikh Art
Toor, Davinder
2018, Hardcover