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Methodological studies inthe history of religions with special reference to Hinduism and Buddhism
Raman, NSS
1998, N

contents: (i) religious studies in india and the west: challanges and responses (ii) basic issues in the methodology of the study of indian religions (iii) understanding hinduism: amethodological critique (iv) a critique of the methodologies of the study of theravada and mahayana buddhism.
Religion and law in Independent India, 2nd enl. ed
Baird, Robert D (ed.)
2005, Hardcover
Jaina philosophy and religion, English transl. of Jaina darsana by Muni Shri Nyayavijayaji,
Shah, Nagin J
1998, Hardcover
The religion and philosophy of the Veda and Upanishads, 2 parts, ed. by Charles Rockwell Lanman (Set)
Keith, Arthur Berriedale
1998, Hardcover

the work comprises twenty nine chapters grouped in five main parts, viz. sources, god and demons of the veda, vedic rituals, spirits of the dead, and philosophy of the veda.
Indian philosophy and religion: a reader's guide, USA, 1990
Padhi, Bibhu (b.1951) et al.
2005, Hardcover

the book tries to capture india\'s fabulous philosophic genius, with comprehensive, at once objective account of all the six classical systems: the nyaya, the vaisesika, the samkhya, the yoga, the purva mimamsa, and the vedanta; and, in addition, of the carvakas: the crass materialists. also unfolding a panorama of the hindu pantheonic divinities, the authors present jainism an ...
The Buddha and his religion
Saint-Hilaire, J Barthelemy (1805-1895)
1997, Hardcover

the present work is a critical study of buddhism and its doctrines, originally published in french as le bouddha et sa religion in 1866. it gives an outline of the history of buddhism, the birth of buddha, his renunciation, his teachings and his death.
State secularism and religion: western and Indian experience
Engineer, Asghar Ali et al. (ed.)
1998, N

an attempt to present a back drop of the historical context and peculiar features of the reformation and secularization process in major countries of europe such as germany, france and england alongwith the exhausive appraisal of the recent debate on the crisis of secularism in india.
Religion, politics and society in South and South-East Asia, with an introd. by Karan Singh
Vohra, NN (b.1936) et al. (ed.)
1998, N
Religion and caste politics
Agarwalla, Shyam Sundar
1998, N

contents: (i) state, law and religion (ii) religious and caste politics in india (iii) dimensions of secularism in india (iv) dimensionms of communalism in india (v) violation of secularism (vi) religion and indian constitution
History of the Indian archipelago: containing an account ofthe manners, arts, languages, religions, cont..2 (Set)
Crawford, John
1993, N

institutions and commerce of its inhabitants, 3 vols., edinburgh, 1820
Religion at the service of nationalism and other essays
Kishwar, Madhu
1998, N

written between 1984 and 1996 in response to specific situations of ethnic violence and conflict, most of these essays were published earlier in manushi, the well-known journal which kishwar edits.
The Oxford dictionary of world religions
Bowker, John (ed.)
1997, N

with a total of over 8,200 entries, an extensive topic index, and an original and in-depth introductory essay this new dictionary, drawing on the latest research, is the definitive compendium on the subject.
A dictionary of world religions
Kapoor, AN et al. (ed.)
1998, Hardcover

the book highlights brief comparative history of all religions of the world, the sects, customs as well as the teachings of the principal religions and their essential unity.
Religion in social flux: as seen in the main Purana-s
1998, Hardcover

contents: (i) cosmogony, cosmology and philosophy in the puranas (ii) varna system in the puranas (iii) asrama system in the puranas (iv) puranic deities: trinity in the purana-s (v) some other divinities in the purana-s (vi) vows (vrata-s), giving away gifts (dana) and pilgrimage (tirtha yatra-s) (vii) miscellaneous.
Jainism: an Indian religion of salvation, an English tr. of Der Jainismus: Eine Indische Erlosungsreligion by ShridharB. Shrotri
Glasenapp, Helmuth Von (1891-1963)
1999, Hardcover

contents: section 1: introduction. section 2: history. section iii: literature. section iv: the doctrine. section v: society. section vi: cult.
Reflections on resemblance, ritual and religion
Smith, Brian K
1998, Hardcover
Jainism: a pictorial guide to the religion of non-violence
Titze, Kurt et al.
1998, Hardcover
Buddhism: a world religion
Rama, K (b.1961)
1999, Hardcover

the author deals with indian buddhism and its expansions into sri lanka, burma, siam, cambojia, champa, java & malay archipelago, china korea, etc.
Buddhism: religion and meditation
Mahmud, S Jafar
1998, N
Myth, symbol and language: a modern perspective with reference to India and her religions (including mythologem and...
1998, Hardcover

mythologene contents: (i) myth, symbol and language (ii) sri ramakrishna- a mythological view (iii) a vivekananda view of mythology (iv) a study of indian mythology by sister nivedita.
History of the tantric religion: an historical, ritualisticand philosophical study, 2nd rev. edition
Bhattacharya, NN
2005, Hardcover
Religions of Tibet in practice
Lopez, Donald S (ed.)
1998, Hardcover
Western image of the Sikh religion: a source book.
Singh, Darshan (b.1950) (ed.)
1999, N

the included selections are the earliest records of the western authors on the sikh religion and are placed here in the chronological, order in order to facilitate the proper grasping of the western understanding of the sikh religion in the historical context
Religion as emancipatory identity: a Buddhist movement among the Tamils under colonialism
Aloysius, G
1998, Paperback
Dalits and Christianity: Subaltern religion and liberation theology in India
Clarke, Sathianathan
1998, Hardcover
Religion, civil society and the state: a study of Sikhism,Ist paperback ed
Oberoi, JPS
1999, Paperback
Snatana Dharma: an elementary textbook of Hindu religion and ethics
1998, Hardcover
Handbook of Hindu religion and ethics: basic ideas, general customs and rites and ethical teachings, with a few introd. by Ganga Ram Garg
1998, Hardcover

reprint of the book sanatana dharma: an elementary textbook of hindu religion and ethics published from madras, 1935 and edited by annie besant.
Religion, law and the state in India
Derrett, J Duncan M
1999, Paperback

this volume analyses the development of the unique and complex nexus of values, beliefs and laws that comprise the indian legal system.
Religion in modern India
Baird, Robert D (ed.)
1998, Paperback

contributors: robert d. baird, n. gerald barrier, harold g. coward , nancy e. falk, john r. hinnells, kenneth w. jones, spencer lavan, shiella mcdonough, david m. miller, robert n, minor, ronald w. neufeldt, james n. pankratz, arvind sharma, eric j. sharpe, donald r. tuck, george m. williams, boyd h. wilson.