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Best stories from the Indian classics, selected and retold by V.S. Naravane, Allahabad, 1994
1998, Paperback

contains a selection of stories from the panchatantra, kadambari and kathasaritsagara.
Upanisads retold, 2 vols (Set)
Date, VH (1900-1987)
1999, Hardcover

vol.1: isavasyopanisad, kenopanisad, kathopanisad, mundakopanisad, prasnopanisad, and brhadaran-yakopanisad. vol.2: chandogyopanisad, mandukyopanisad, aitareyopanisad, taittiriyopanisad, svetasvataropanisad, kausitakyopanisad, maitri upanisad, and jabalopanisad.
Indian tales and legends; retold by J.E.B. Gray, illustratedby Joan Kiddell-Monroe. Reprint of 1961
1992, Paperback

around the two great stories of nala and damayanti and the ramayana, which form the heart of the book, are gathered a collection of shorter tales, all of them chosen by the translator from the ancient literature and folklore of india.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez's chronicle of a death foretold: a reader's companion
Haldar, Santwana
2003, Paperback
Mahabharata: the greatest spiritual epic of all time, retold by Krishna Dharma
2003, Paperback
Ramayana: India's immortal tale of adventure, love, and wisdom, retold by Krishna Dharma
2003, Hardcover
Tales from Shrimad Bhagavata of Veda Vyasa: selected from canto nine, retold by S.C. Narula
2003, Paperback
The heroines of ancient Persia: stories retold from the Shahnama of Firdousi
Pavry, Bapsy
2003, Hardcover
Devi: the Devi Bhagavatam retold
Menon, Ramesh (b.1951)
2006, Hardcover

this book an abridged literary rendering of the devi bhagavatam. it retells all the major legends of the goddess, as well as some other, less known tales that would attract a contemporary reader. it is written in the spirit of fervour and abandon which infuses the original and is the hallmark of the worship of the devi bhagavati.
Chachnamah retold: an account of the Arab conquest of Sindh
Khushalani, Gobind (b.1940)
2006, Hardcover

the `chachnamah\' is the oldest history of sindh and an absorbing account of the conquest of sindh by the arabs under the stewardship of mohammad qasim. the author has retold the entire `chachnamah\' in modern diction with relevant references from the contemporary history of india and the caliphate, and is based on the english translation.
Siva: the Siva Purana retold
Menon, Ramesh (b.1951)
2006, Hardcover

this book is a vivid retelling of the siva purana for today\'s reader. the characters and events one encounters here are awesome, many are cosmic. siva himself is the auspicious one. he is mahadeva, the greatest god.
Upanisadom ki kathaem, retold and ed. by S. Sastri and Vinay
2003, Paperback
Intervention in Sri Lanka: the IPKF experience retold
Singh, Harkirat
2007, Hardcover

this book gives a first account of the initial induction and operations of the ipkf in sri lanka.
Chandrakanta, tr. and retold by Deepa Agarwal, introd. by Prasoon Joshi
Khatri, Devakinandan (1861-1913)
2008, Paperback

english translation of a rollicking story of fantasy and adventure, the first mystery novel in hindi and biggest popular bestseller of its age.
Mahabharata, retold by Krishna Dharma
2009, Hardcover
India's immortal tale of adventure, love, and wisdom: Ramayana, retold by Krishna Dharma
2009, Hardcover
First there was women & other stories, folk tales of the Dungri Garasiya Bhils, select & retold by Narija Sres

fiscal policy and environment
Indian epics retold
Narayan, RK
2009, Hardcover
The tale retold: selected stories, tr. by Vandana R. Singh
Saraogi, Alka
2009, Paperback
First there was woman and other stories, folktales of the Du ngri Garasiya Bhils, selected and retold by Marija Sres
2007, Paperback
Ten timeless tales, retold by Bittie Mithal, pictures by Premola Ghosh
2009, Hardcover

india\'s top ten best-loved animal fables come to life in this new collection by bittie mithal, with superb illustrations.
The sacred banana leaf, an Indonesian trickster tale retold by Nathan Kumar Scott, art by Radhashyam Raut, 2nd edn.
2009, Hardcover
Panchatantra: five wise lessons (a vivid retelling of India's most famous collection of fables), retold by Krishna Dharma
2009, Hardcover
Kolaba: a Marathi folktale, retold by Sandhya Rao, illus., by Ranjan De
2007, Paperback
And land was born, retold by Sandhya Rao, art by Uma Krishnaswamy
2008, Paperback
Indian folktales, retold by Mira Uberoi, illustrated by Uma Krsnasvami
2011, Hardcover
The wisdom of Mulla Nasruddin, retold by Shahrukh Hussain
2006, Hardcover
Thumbkin, tr. from Bengali and retold by Nonda Chatterjee
Tagore, Abanindranath
2013, Paperback
Mangoes & bananas: an Indonesian trickster tale, retold by Nathan Kumar Scott, art by T.Balaji, 2nd ed.
2008, Hardcover
The great race: an Indonesian trickster tale retold by Nathan Kmar Scott, art by Jagdish Chitara
2011, Hardcover