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Silenced rivers: the ecology and politics of large dams
McCully, Patrick
1998, N

the book explains the history and politics of dam-building worldwise and shows why large dams have become in the last decade the most controversial of technologies.
Abhiyatri: one life many rivers, English translation of theAssamese novel `Abhiyatri' by Pradipto Borgohain
Bargohain, Nirupama (b.1932)
1999, Paperback

it is based on the astonishing life of chandraprabha saikiani, one of the pioneers in the field of social activism, especially the rights of women.
Cooperation on the Eastern Himalayan rivers: opportunitiesand challanges
Adhikary, KD et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Madras gazetteer: presidency, mountains, lakes, rivers, canals, and historic areas, the East Coast and Deccan districts, Madras city and Chingleput district, by W. Francis, 2 vols (Set)
2001, Hardcover
East India Gazetteer: containing particular descriptions ofthe empires, kingdoms, principalities, provinces, cities, town, districts, fortresses, harbours, rivers, lakes, and ....
1993, Hardcover

...c. of hindostan, and the adjacent countries, india beyond the ganges, and the eastern archipelago; together with sketches of the manners, customs, institutions, agriculture, commerce, manufactures, revenues, population, castes, religion, history, & c. of their various inhabitants volume i, (2 vols.). ed. m walter hamelton
Maharaja Ranjit Singh: lord of the five rivers
Lafont, Jean-Marie
2003, Hardcover

the book examines the achievements of maharaja ranjit singh, ruler of the last great indian state which successfully resisted british expansion untill 1849.
Ecology of Indian rivers: a review
Unni, K Sankaram
2003, Hardcover
At the confluence of two rivers: Muslims and Hindus in South India, tr. from the French by Latika Sahgal
Assayag, Jackie
2004, Hardcover
Three mountains and seven rivers: Prof. Musashi Tachikawa'sfelicitation volume
Hino, Shoun et al. (ed.)
2004, Hardcover

this volume consists of thirteen sections: 1. ancient geography, 2. buddhism, 3. madhyamika, 4. iconography, 5. jainism, 6. logic, 7. poetics, 8. vedic themes, 9. social practices, 10. tibetan themes, 11. vedanta and mimamsa, 12. samkhya and yoga, 13. tantrism.
A comparative and etymological dictionary of the Nepali language by Ralph Lilley Turner, with indexes of all words quotedfrom other Indo-Aryan languages, comp. by Dorothy Rivers....
2001, Hardcover

Interlinking of rivers in India: overview and Ken-Betwa link
Alagh, Yoginder K et al. (ed.)
2006, Hardcover

... rivers in india. the book is one of the first attempts in india to look at the river linking project from a rational and well researched perspective. it is not a one sided view, care has been taken to analyse the project in an unbiased way. the book throws up various pros and cons associated with the project, and also gives insights into how such projects can be analysed.
Rivers in Hindu mythology and ritual
Lal, SK (b.1939)
2007, Hardcover

this book deals with the rivers as they are found in sanskrit literature. the mythology woven around them, their ritual worship, and their relationship with gods and men have been detailed.
Interlinking of rivers in India: costs and benefits
2007, Hardcover
Deep rivers: selected writings on Tamil literature, by. Francios Gros, tr. from French by M.P. Boseman, ed. by M. Kannan
2009, Paperback

this book brings together for the first time in english all the major essays written by francois gros on tamil literature. an impressive range of topics is covered here from studies of cankam literature and devotional texts of the tamil bhakti traditions to contemporary tamil novels and short stories. many of the essays include an overview of french indological work over past t ...
Allahabad: where the rivers meet
Gour, Neelum Saran (ed.)
2009, Hardcover

enlivened with many interesting and lesser-known details, the essays in this volume cover a comprehensive range of subjects on allahabad\'s mythological and popular narratives, its medieval architecture and paintings, its world of persian and urdu letters, the city\'s centrality in the national movement and in post-1947 politics etc.
Water and Womanhood: religious meanings of rivers in Maharashtra
Feldhaus, Anne
1995, N

contents: (i) mountains, rivers, and siva (ii) the feminity of rivers (iii) abundance (iv) untamed natural wealth (v) sons and sorrow (vi) modern river goddess festivals (vii) combating evil.
Rivers of India, 3 vols. (Set)
Swami, Radha (ed.)
2011, Hardcover

vol.i: 9789380162706 vol.ii: 9789380162713 vol.iii: 9789380162720
Rivers of India
Vaidyanathan, Sunil et al
2011, Hardcover

it is a pictorial journey that delves into the symboisis between india\'s major rivers and the people who live along them and their intimate link with myth, belief and religion. along with the narrative of the rivers are interesting asides looking at marvels of engineering, cultural and recreational events, as well as the deep-rooted symbolic relevance of the river in indian mu ...
Management and development of Major rivers
Shady, Aly M et al (ed.)
1996, N

contents: (i) river management (ii) environmental issues (iii) morphological processes (iv) hydraulic structures.
Dreams of rivers and seas
Parks, Tim
2008, Hardcover
River and life: boundaries don't protect rivers, but we do..
Hossain, Kabir
2010, Hardcover
The rivers of the Mandala: journey into the heart of Buddhism, texts by Benoit de Vilmorin et al, transl. from French by Marushka Vidovic
2004, Paperback
Land of the seven rivers: a brief history of India's geography
Sanyal, Sanjeev
2012, Hardcover

moving from the geological beginnings of the subcontinent to present-day gurgaon, this book is riveting, wry and full of surprises. it is the most entertaining history of india you will ever read.
Three rivers of tears: a novel
2012, Paperback

at the background of the novel is the story of the birth of the three nations that splintered out of colonial india. the lives of the characters move within the landmark events of post-independence india, pakistan and bangladesh, but their sources are traced back in time through history and oral narrative and brought forward to the present.
A mountain in Tibet: the search for mount Kailas and the sources of the great rivers of India
Allen Charles
2013, Paperback
The bad touch: the true story of Harish Lyer and other thrivers of child sex abuse
Karwa, Payal Shah
2013, Paperback
Lakes, rivers & coastal wetlands: recent perspectives
Vasudevan, S et al (ed.)
2013, Hardcover
Race of the rivers, retold and tr. from Khasi by Esther Syiem, pictures by Benedict Hynniewta
2014, Paperback
Rivers run back: a cross-cultural saga of love, crime and intertwined destinies
Yarrow, Joyce et al
2015, Paperback
A picturesque tour along the rivers Ganges and Jumna, in Ind, foreword by Lokesh Chandra, Consisting of twenty-four highly finished and coloured views, a map, and vignettes, from..
2015, Hardcover

... original drawings made on the spot; with illustrations, historical and descriptive, by lieutenant-colonel forrest