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The legacy of yoga in Bhagwad Geeta: the classical text of Srimad Bhagwad Geeta in Sanskrit, its romanized ......
1998, N

transliteration, english tr., lucid commentary and index by prabha duneja
Panjabi manual and grammar (romanized): a guide to the colloquial Panjabi by T.G. Bailey et al
1994, Hardcover
A romanized Hindustani and English dictionary by Nathaniel Brice, Benaras, 1880
2005, Hardcover
Sri Ramacaritamanasa of Tulasidasa: the holy lake of the acts of Rama (A Romanized edition), ed. English tr. by R.. Prasad, 4th Reprint.
2014, Hardcover
Webster's English-Tamil dictionary, with the Tamil words romanized for the use of students and colleges, containing allthe important words, originally comp. by Reverends Knight,..
1997, Hardcover

...spaulding and hutchings.
Mahanirvana tantra, Sanskrit text with romanized, text, commentary, English tr., notes and index, by Arthur Avalon, ed.with introduction and index by Pushpendra Kumar (Set)
2009, Hardcover
Jambupati-sutra: a synoptic romanized edition
2009, Hardcover
The legacy of Yoga in Bhagawad Geeta: the classical text of Srimad Bhagawad Geeta in Sanskrit, its romanized...
2014, Hardcover

...transliteraton, english tr., lucid comm. and indexes by prabha duneja.
The legacy of yoga in Bhagawad Geeta: the classical text of Srimad Bhagawad Geeta in Sanskrit, its romanized tr, Eng. tr.
Duneja, Prabha
2013, Hardcover
The holy Geeta: Srimad Bhagawad Geeta, sanskrit and romanized text with English by Prabha Duneja
2014, Paperback
Slokavarttikam of Kumarila Bhatta: Sanskrit text and romanized text with English tr., notes and index, 2 vols., Sutras - I to XXXII, tr. by Ganganatha Jha, ed. by Ram... (Set)
2014, Hardcover

...nath jha. a text of great importance in the area of hermeneutics, linguistics and philosophy.
The Yogadarsana: comprising Yogasutra with Vyasabhasya, original and Romanized Sanskrit with English translation and notes, tr. by Ganganath Jha & ed. by Ram Nath Jha
2016, Hardcover
Samajasadhana-vyavastholi of Nagabodhi/Nagabuddhi, introduction and romanized Sanskrit and Tibetan texts
Tanaka, Kimiaki
2016, Paperback

summary in tibetan, introduction english & japanese.
Samantabhadra nama sadhana-tika, introd., romanized Skt. text and tr.
Tanaka, Kimiaki
2017, Paperback

the sanskrit commentary on the samantabhadra nama sadhana of buddhajnanapada.
Yoga-tarangini: a rare comm. on Goraksa-sataka, Skt. text with romanized version, introd. and English tr. of the Skt. text and the comm. by Jan K. Brzezinski
2015, Paperback

the work provides a learned commentary on the second chapter of the yoga sutra, i.e. sadhana pada.
Shri Ramacharitamasa: the holy lake of the acts of Rama with Hindi and English transl. and ed. by R.C. Prasad, romanized edition
2014, Hardcover

this edition is primarily for english speaking devotees. contains romanized text with english translation makes participation in ramayana chanting possible for literates in english. international standard, t
An English-Punjabi dictionary (romanized) by T. Grahame Bailey
1999, Hardcover