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Stepwells of Rajasthan
Bahadur, V.N.
2016, Hardcover

rajasthan has a large number of stepwells, some mega-sized like at abaneri, bhandarez and neemrana, and others mini-sized like bua ki bawri, panna-meena ki bawri, nakki & shila bawris. this book is a pictorial and anecdotal record of stepwells in rajasthan.
Her space, her story: exploring the stepwells of Gujarat
Bhatt, Purnima Mehta
2014, Hardcover

higher than everest: memoirs of a mountaineer
The vanishing stepwells of India, foreword by Divya Gupta, INTACH
Lautman, Victoria
2017, Hardcover

somes of the finest architectural structures in india are to be found below ground: these are its ancient stepwells. the journalist victoria lautman first encountered stepwells three decades ago, and this book is a testament to her determined efforts over several years to document these fascinating but largely unknown structures before they disappear.