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A Vedic grammar for students, London, 1916 (2nd impression)
Macdonell, AA (1854-1930)
2005, Hardcover

projecting, with well-chosen examples, a whole mass of grammatical forms to be met with in the post-vedic sanskrit, literature, the author systematically explains the mechanics of its euphonic combinations (sandhi), declension, conjuction, nominal stem formation and compounds and a lot else-with complete insights into the syntactical arrangement of sanskrit sentence
Students English-Tibetan colloquial dictionary, by C.A. Bell
1997, Hardcover

the object of this book is to provide a practical hand book for those who wish to acquire a speedy knowledge of colloquial tibetan.
Vedavittaprakasika (an Avesta reader for the students of Veda) containing the hymns of Avesta, their transliteration into Vedic Sanskrit, a Sanskrit comm. on them and explanatory..
1997, Hardcover

...notes by pt. ksetresacandra cattopadhyaya, ed. by g.c. tripathi et al.
Higher Sanskrit grammar for the use of school and college students, ed. by M.R. Kale
2002, Paperback
A manual of Buddhism for advanced students, London, 1932
Rhys Davids, TW
2000, Hardcover
A Vedic reader for students: containing thirty hymns of theRigveda in the original Samhita and Pada texts, with transliteration, translation, explanatory notes, introduction,...
Macdonell, AA (1854-1930)
2015, Hardcover

...vocabulary, england, 1917.
Students English-Tibetan colloquial dictionary (text incorporating corrections listed in the errata) by C.A. Bell, 2nd edition
2000, Hardcover
A Vedic grammar for students
Macdonell, Arthur Anthony
2010, Hardcover
How students wrought for freedom (a collection of documents), foreword by V.K. Sukumaran Nayar
Nair, V Sankaran (1950- )
1993, N

contents: 1. students in nationalistic politics. 2. polities - a forbidden fruit? 3. students and politics - a symposium. 4. national education.
Oxford collocations dictionary: for students of English
2002, Paperback
Students in Indian iconography
Agrawala, PK
1994, Hardcover
A manual of Buddhism for advanced students, London, 1932
Rhys Davids
2004, Hardcover
Harijan students in modern India: attitudes, self-concept and aspirations
Verma, Anjuli (b.1953)
2004, Hardcover
Anatomy of Hatha yoga: a manual for students, teachers and practitioners, foreword by Timothy McCall, USA, 2001
Coulter, H David
2004, Hardcover

the book explains hath yoga in demystified, scientific terms while at the same time honoring its traditions.
A Vedic grammar for students, London, 1916 (recomposed edition)
Macdonell, AA (1854-1930)
2005, Paperback
A practical grammar of the Sanskrit language, arranged with reference to the classical languages of Europe for the use ofEnglish students
Monier-Williams, M
2009, Hardcover
Dhaturupakosa, compiled for the use of the Sanskrit students by Dharmaraje Narayen Gandhi, revised, improved and enlarged by R.J. Kanade, (reprint of 6th edition)
2005, Hardcover
Student's politics in Assam: a study of All Tai Ahom Students' Union
Phukan, Monuj
2005, Hardcover
A practical grammar of the Sanskrit language (for the use of early students)
Benfey, T
2006, Hardcover
Students concise English-English-Urdu dictionary, by M. Raza-ul-Haq et al., 2nd edition
2004, Hardcover
Students Gujarati grammar, with exercises and vocabulary byGeo P. Taylor, Ahmedabad, 1906, 2nd edition
1985, Hardcover
Students Marathi grammar, Poona/Bombay, 1894
Ganpat Rao, R
2001, Hardcover
Sanskrit grammar for students, London
Macdonell, AA
2007, Hardcover
A Sanskrit grammar for students, 3rd edition
Macdonell, AA
2003, Hardcover
Assissi Students' English-English-Malayalam dictionary by K.M. Joseph
Assissi illustrated students English-English-Malayalam dictionary by K.M. Joseph
Sociology and social progress: a handbook for students of sociology, compiled by Thomas Nixon Carver, 2 vols (Set)
2006, Hardcover

isbn: 8130704285 (vol.1), 8130704293 (vol.2).
Morphology and anthropology: a handbook for students
Duckworth, WLH
2006, Hardcover
Sikhs, Swamis, students and spies: the India lobby in the United States, 1900-1946
Gould, Harold A
2006, Hardcover
Dev's students' favourite dictionary, Bengali to English, ed. by Jyoti Bhusan Chaki, 28th edition
2005, Hardcover