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The evolution of Indian stupa architecture in East Asia
Stratton, Eric D
2002, Hardcover
The Jain stupa and other antiquities of Mathura
Smith, Vincent A
1994, Hardcover
Amaravati stupa: a critical comparison of epigraphic architectural and sculptural evidence, 2 vols (Set)
Roy, Anamika
1994, Hardcover

vol.1: text. vol.2: plates.
Evolution of stupas in Burma: pagan period, 11th to 13th centuries A.D
Soni, Sujata
1991, Hardcover
Notes on the Amaravati Stupa
Burgess, J
2005, Hardcover
The symbolism of the stupa
Snodgrass, Adrian
2004, Hardcover
The Jaina stupa and other antiquities of Mathura
Smith, Vincent A
1994, N
Amaravati Stupa, 2 vols (Set)
Roy, Anamika
1994, Hardcover
Indo-Tibetica, Vol.1: Stupa: art, architectonics and symbolism, tr. into English by Uma Marina Vesci, ed. by Lokesh Chandra
Tucci, Giuseppe
1988, Hardcover
Remains of the Bharhut Stupa in the Indian museum
Ghosh, Arabinda
2000, Hardcover

the presents work deals with the remains of the railings and gateway of the bharhut stupa and give their general description as they stand in the museum and also their discovery by the sir alexander cunningham during 1873-74.
Views of the Bodhanath-stupa
Stupa: cult and symbolism, contributions by Gustav Roth, Franz-Karl Ehrhard, Kimiaki Tanaka, Lokesh Chandra, foreword by Lokesh Chandra
2009, Hardcover

stupa as a monument, its symbolism, ritual and construction have been studied in modern scholarship for the last two hundred years. this volume reproduces a number of studies of prof. gustav roth on its architectural details, philosophical concepts it embodies, its symbolic significance in a number of sanskrit texts. the volume is rich in new material and fresh interpretations ...
Buddhist Stupas in South Asia: recent archeological, art-historical and historical perspectives, (3rd impression)
Hawkes, Jason et al. (ed.)
2010, Hardcover

the book examines the \'discovery\' of the stupas in colonial india by travellers, archeologists, indologists and ethnographers. special case studies on sanchi, bharhut and amaravati are supplemented by wider discussion.
Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of Ceylon, Vol.V: The stupa in Ceylon, S. Paranavitana
1988, Hardcover
Sukrtkirtikallolinyadivastupal prasasti-sangraha, ed. by Punyavijayaji Maharaj, new ed. with introd. in Gujarati and Hindi, ed. by Sadhavi Chandanbalashri...
2010, Hardcover

on the literary contribution to sanskrit literature by mahamatya vastupala, a scholar in ancient gujarat.
The hadda excavations: Vol.I stupa and sites, text and drawings, Vols.III: figures and figurines photographic album
Barthboux, Jules
2001, Hardcover

...afghanistan iv
Stupa and its technology: a Tibeto-Buddhist perspective, foreword by M.C. Joshi
Dorjee, Pema (b.1957)
1996, Hardcover

the present study shows how tibet became a treasure house of buddhist culture and literature-- highlighting important texts dealing with stupa\'s architecture. various ritual activities associated with the construction of the stupa are described along with the eight fundamental types of the tibeto-buddhist stupas and their main structural components.
Bulletin of the Madras Government Museum, New Series, General Section, Vol.I Part.1: Buddhist sculptures from a stupa near Goli village, Guntur district, by T N Ramachandran
2000, Paperback
The Stupa and Vihara of Kanishka-I
Dobbins, K. Walton
2012, Hardcover
The Buddhist stupas of Amaravati and Jaggayyapeta in the Krishna district, Madras Presidency, surveyed in 1882, with tr. byGeorg Buhler
Burgess, JAS
1996, Hardcover
Shifting stones, shaping the past: sculpture from the Buddhist Stupas of Andhra Pradesh
Becker, Catherine
2015, Paperback
Early Buddhist architecture in context: the great Stupa at Amaravati (ca. 300 BCE-300 CE)
Shimada, Akira
2013, Hardcover

the book provides an updated and comprehensive chronology of the stupa and its architectural development based on the latest sculptural, epigraphic and numismatic evidence combined with the survey of the early excavation records. it also examines the wider social milieu of the south-east deccan by exploring archaeological, epigraphic and related textual evidence.
The traditional Newar architecture of the Kathmandu valley: the Stupas and the Chaityas
Korn, Wolfgang
2015, Paperback
The Jaina stupa at Mathura: art & icons
Porwal, Renuka J.
2016, Hardcover
Buddhist architecture in the Swat Valley, Pakistan: Stupas,Viharas, a Dwelling Unit, foreword by Marco Mancini et al
Faccenna, Domenico et al
2014, Hardcover

the book contains excavation reports of the buddhist sacred areas prepared by the italian archaeological mission of ismeo (then isiao) regarding the sacred areas of butkara i, panr i and saidu sharif i in the swat valley, describe the work carried out in each of them and the results thereof (faccenna 1980-81, 1995a; faccenna, nabi khan & nadiem 1993).
The Kanaganahalli stupa: an analysis of the 60 massive slabs covering the dome
Zin, Monika
2018, Hardcover

the book delivers a profound analysis of the 60 monumental slabs which covered the dome of the as yet relatively unknown stupa at kanaganahalli (karnataka), one of the greatest discoveries of the archaeological survey of india in the 20th century. the study presents a stylistic examination of the reliefs and tentatively determines their original sequence. using the prakrit insc ...
The stupa of Bharhut: a Buddhist monument ornamented with numerous sculptures illustrative of Buddhist legends and history in the third century B.C., London, 1879
Cunningham, Alexander (1814-1893)
1998, Hardcover