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Tremors of violence: Muslim survivors of ethnic strife in western India
Robinson, Rowena (b.1967)
2005, Paperback

an ethnographic study of muslim survivors of ethnic strife in mumbai and two other major cities of gujarat.
The sinking of INS Khukri: survivors' stories
Cardozo, Ian
2006, Hardcover

this book brings fresh insights into the hellish ordeal by including the heartfelt accounts of the survivors and of the members of their families. the ins khukri sank in 1971 with 200 people on board during the war between india and pakistan.
Women survivors of violence: genesis and growth of a state support system
Dave, Anjali
2015, Hardcover

in the 1980s, a field project, violence against women (vaw), was developed for the welfare of the women. the book traces the 29-years long journey of this institution, and provides a deeply personal account of the effectiveness of it in partnership between an academic institute, the police system, and the violated woman.
Soul survivors: Apa Tani / Konyak / Tibetan nomads
Malhotra, Anu
2018, Hardcover

the book is a pictorial catalogue of the three unique cultures which anu had shot while filming her documentaries in 2000-01, and during her journey in tibet in 2002. the essays by anu also narrate the customs, costumes etc. of these cultures.