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Tantric Buddhism: centennial tribute to Dr. Benoytosh Bhattacharyya
Bhattacharyya, NN et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

this volume contains informative and analytical papers by eminent scholars on different aspects of tantric buddhism and tantras in general. this volume is presented as a tribute to an outstanding pioneer in the field of tantric buddhist studies, dr. benoytosh bhattacharyya (1897-1964).
An introduction to Buddhism and tantric meditation
The Dalai Lama
1997, Paperback
Tantric healing, in the Kathmandu Valley: a comparative study of Hindu and Buddhist spiritual healing traditions in...
Dietrich, Angela
1998, Paperback

urban nepalese society
Tantric visions of the divine feminine: the ten mahavidyas
Kinsley, David
2016, Paperback

deals with a group of ten hindu tantra goddesses, the mahavidyas, who embody habits, attributes, or identities usually considered repulsive or socially subversive. the author not only describes the eccentric qualities of each of the goddesses, but seeks to interpret the mahavidyas as a group and to explain their important for understanding tantra and the hindu tradition.
Passionate enlightenment: women in tantric Buddhism, Princeton, 1994
Shaw, Miranda
2008, Hardcover
History of the tantric religion: an historical, ritualisticand philosophical study, 2nd rev. edition
Bhattacharya, NN
2005, Hardcover
Meditations of a Tibetan tantric Abbot, tr. and ed. by Jeffrey Hopkins et al
Lekden, Kensur
1998, Paperback

the book presents, with intimate detail of the oral tradition, the main practices of the mahayana buddhist path.
Tantric grounds and paths: how to begin, progress on, and complete the Vajrayana path, UK, 1994
Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang
2000, Paperback
Tantric Buddhism: an obscure aspect of the cultural heritage of India with special reference to Orissa
Moharana, Surendra Kumar (b.1947)
2001, Hardcover

this book is an exhaustive study on tantric buddhism touching upon all aspects of the religion as it evolved through centuries.
God Shiva, devi and tantric cult: to be traced to Vedas, Upanishadas, and the Indus valley civilisation
Gogai, PK
2001, Hardcover
Religious tantricism, 3 vols (Set)
2001, Hardcover

a comprehensive analysis of origin and development of tantra in indian religions and its impact on neighbouring countries. deals with hindu, buddhist, jaina, tibetan and chinese tantras.
Tantric art of Orissa
Singh Deo, Jitamitra Prasad
2001, Hardcover

contents: (i) definition of tantra. (ii) yoga of sexual transformation. (iii) evolution of tantra in orissa (historical perspective). (iv) tantric art of orissa. (v) tantric yoga of sexual transformation was re-discovered in orissa, which is the land of kamakala.
Introduction to Buddhist tantric systems, with original text and annotation by F.D. Lessing et al
1998, Hardcover
Tantrabhidhana: a tantric lexicon
Bhattacharyya, NN
2002, Hardcover

the present work, though non-technical in nature is comprehensive, and apart from dealing with the tantric terms and concepts pertaining to various forms of religious system, also contains entries on extra-religious contents of tantrism such as chemical and medical sciences.
The Tibetan tantric vision
Della Santina, Krishna Ghosh (b.1949)
2003, Hardcover

it presents a study of tibetan tantricism beginning with an account of the historical, religious and cultural evolution of tibetan buddhism and delving into the intricacies of practice of the religion.
Monk, householder, and tantric priest: Newar Buddhism and its hierarchy of ritual
1994, Paperback

contents: (i) caste and religous affiliation (ii) the relation of hinduism and buddhism (iii) basic notions of newar buddhism (iv) basic rituals of newar buddhism (v) the disciples way (vi) the great way (vii) the great way (part ii): guthis (viii) the diamond way (ix) the diamond way: the regular cult (x) the uses of tantra (xi) social and religious hierarchies.
Some tantric esotericism of Orissa
Deo, Jitamitra Prasad Singh (b.1946)
2003, Hardcover
Buddhist tantricism
2004, Hardcover

an investigation of the theoretical and practical situations of two important texts which fall between the tattvasamgrahatantra and the hevajra-tantra, that is, the guhyasamaja-tantra and the sarvabuddha-samayogadakinimaya samvara-tantra.
Mother of the universe: visions of the goddess and tantric hymns of enlightenment
Hixon, Lex
2004, Paperback
Indian esoteric Buddhism: A social history of the tantric movement
Davidson, Ronald M
2004, Paperback
Tantric Hedonism of Mahanadi valley: Uddiyana Pitha
Singh Deo, Jitamitra Prasad (b.1946)
2004, Hardcover

in the present book, the yogic development in the mahanadi valley which evolved erotic mysticism has been dealt with. based on intensive research in the field area and studying a range of archaeological findings and comparing them with historical details, the work examines the evolution of tantric cults, particularly the lajja gauri cult in the valley, and interprets in depth t ...
The tantric ritual of Japan: feeding the gods: the Shingon fireritual
Payne, Richard Karl
2017, Hardcover

this is the first book to describe in details the fire rites of japanese tantrism, called in japanese goma, from sanskrit homa. the shingon goma is a living contemporary ritual whose origins go back to vedic india and to indo-european antiquity.
Chinnamasta: the aweful Buddhist and Hindu tantric goddess
Benard, Elisabeth Anne
2013, Hardcover

this is the first monograph which examines the rare buddhist and hindu tantric goddesses, chinnamasta, her rituals, her names and her forms and their symbolism by comparing and contresting her sadhana.
Para-trisika-vivarana of Abhinavagupta: the secret of tantric mysticism, English transl. with notes and running exposition by Jaideva Singh, Sanskrit text corrected, notes on...
2005, Hardcover

...technical points and charts dictated by swami lakshmanjee, ed. by bettina baumer, delhi, 2002.
Tantric revisionings: new understandings of Tibetan Buddhism and Indian religion
Samuel, Geoffrey (ed.)
2005, Hardcover

the book presents stimulating new perspectives on hindu and buddhist religion, particularly their tantric versions, in india, tibet or in modern western societies.
Tattwa Shuddhi: the tantric practice of inner purification
2003, Paperback

this comprehensive text contains the theory of the tattwas and detailed instructions for the practice, including the tantric tools of yantra, mantra and mandala.
Swara yoga: the tantric science of brain breathing, including the original Sanskrit text of the Shiva Swarodaya with English translation
Muktibodhananda, Swami
2008, Paperback

in this book the theory behind swara yoga is discussed, including the topics of prana, nadis and chakras. in the practice section the techniques of swara yoga are given in detail.
The tantric practices in Sri-Vidya, 2nd rev. edition
Ramchandra Rao, SK
2005, Paperback

the book besides giving details of the design, philosophical framework and relevant details of the cakra, also contains text and translation of sarada-catussatika, a poetical work prepared in srngeri.
Man as microcosm in tantric Hinduism
Cairns, Grace E
2005, Paperback
Bauddha Tantra Vanmaya: Buddhist tantric literature, Vol.1
Lal, Banarsi (ed.)
2005, Hardcover