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Dpal ldan shangs pa Bka'-rgyud kyi 'don Cha nyer mkho, collection of litrugical texts in use in the shangs pa Bka'-rgyud lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, 3 vols (Set)
1996, Hardcover
Gzun chen bcu gsum gyi mchan 'grel commentaries expanding the texts of the chief Indic Buddhist Sastras in their Tibetan (Set)
Gzhan-dga\' Gzhan-phan chos-kyi snan-ba
1997, N

translations, 6 vols. reproduced from a set of the bri-gun prints, from the library of nyi-ma lcan-ra rin-po che
Jigs-Med Gling-pa, Rig-'Dzin (1729-1798)A comprehensive collection of liturgical texts for the practices of the Longchen Nying thig(Klon-chen snying-Thig)...
1993, N

tradition. a comprehensive collection of texts which represent the liturgical tradition of the longchen nyingthig as it is practical today. it contains the main sadhanas of \'jigme lingpa\'s revelations.
Chos Spyod Kyi Rim Pa Thar Lam Rab Gsal, arrangement of theliturgical texts in use or o'rgyan smin grol gling nges ...
1994, N

don dga\' tshal gling monastery in tibet traced from the original wooden block carved at smin grel gling
Mkhar Chu Bdud 'joms Gling gi 'Don Cha'i Skor: a collectionof liturgical texts in use at the Nyingma monastery of.....
1994, N

bdud \'joms gling in lodrak karchu (lho-brag mkhar-chu) area of southern tibet
Nyams chag sdig sgrib thams cad bshags pa'i rgyal po na ragdang sprugs: a collection of liturgical texts used for confession and repair of breaches of Samaya pledges in .....
1997, N

vajrayana practice
Rig 'dzin srog sgrub kyi 'don chog nyer mkho 'ga' zhig: miscellaneous liturgical texts for the practice of the Rig .....
1997, N

dzin srog sgrub cycle of teachings revealed by lha-btsun nam-mkha\'i jigs-med 1597-1650 the rig \'dzin srog sgrub cycle revealed by the famed lha btsun nam mkha\'i \'jigs med. this manuscript gathers a few miscellaneous texts related to the preparation of sacramental substances (ndud rtsi chos sman), the offering of fire ceremony (sbyin sreg), the bestowing of longevity empower ...
Sikh predictions (based on all relevant texts)
Kohli, Surinder Singh
1998, Hardcover

a book of prophecies made hundreds of years ago to predict the forthcoming events that are going to take place in ad 1999 and after throughout the world.
Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra: one of the most importanttexts of Mahayana Buddhism, in which almost all its principal tenets are presented, including the teaching of Zen, ...
Suzuki, DT
1999, Hardcover

london, 1930
DHIH: Journal of Rare Buddhist Texts Research Project, Vol.27, ed. by S. Rinpoche et al
1998, Paperback
DHIH: Journal of Rare Buddhist Texts Research Project, Vol.23, ed. by S. Rinpoche and Janardan Pandey
1997, Paperback
DHIH: Journal of Rare Buddhist Texts Research Project, Vol.24, ed. by S. Rinpoche
1997, Paperback
Bauddha laghugrantha samgraha: a collection of minor Buddhist texts (Sanskrit and Tibetan), ed. by Janardan Pandey
1997, Hardcover
Lupta Bauddha vacana samgraha, Part 1 (the source material of rare texts in Sanskrit), ed. by Vrajavallabha Dwivedi
1990, Hardcover

this text if designed to furnish scholars with materials of rare and conspicuous import. the materials publish in the text are the lost bauddha vacana in sanskrit extracted from tantric texts such as sekoddesa tika, jnanasiddhi and similat published or processed texts.
Namakam, Camakam-Purusasuktam (Yajur Veda and Rg Veda), Sanskrit and English rendering, texts for recitation and...
1997, Paperback

dhyana slokas for prayer listed by kalluri suryanarayana
Pre-Dinnaga Buddhist texts on logic from Chinese sources, tr. with an introd., notes and indices by Giuseppe Tucci
1998, Paperback
Chanting the names of Manjusri: the Manjusri-nama-samgiti, Skt. and Tibetan texts, transl. with annotation and introd. by Alex Wayman, USA, 1985
2006, Hardcover

this book sets the english translation of this important text alongside the complete original sanskrit, with its tibetan translation.
Sgrub thabs kun btus: A collection of Sadhanas and related texts of the Vajrayana traditions of Tibet, 14 vols (Set)
Jam dbyang blo gter dbang po
2002, Hardcover

reproduced by photomechanical process from sde-dge xlography edition of 1902
Brahmasutrasankarabhasyam, Skt. texts with eleven commentaries, Part 3, ed. by Yogeshwar Dutta Sarma
1998, Hardcover
Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra: one of the most importanttexts of Mahayana Buddhism, in which almost all its principal tenets are presented, including the teaching of Zen
Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro
1998, Hardcover
Social anthropology in India: some fascinating and unexplored dimensions, English translation of illustrated texts.....
Sahay, Keshari N (b.1935)
1999, N

in various indic and persian languages
Aspects of Buddhist Sanskrit,(Proceedings of an International Symposium on the Language of Sanskrit Buddhist Texts, October 1-5, 1991)
Mishra, Kameshwar Nath (ed.)
1993, Paperback
Chos nyid nam mkha'i klong mdzod kyi cha lag ma gcig khros ma nag mo'i 'don cha'i chos mtshan kha shas: A few liturgicaltexts for the wrathful black Varahi practice according..
1999, Hardcover

to the revelations of terchen dudjom lingpa(sgas gter che bdud \'joms gling pa, 1935-1903) arranged by his immediate re-embodiment jidgral yeshe dorje(jigs bral ye shes rdo rje 1904-1987).
Chos spyod ngag 'don gyi rim pa bklags chog tu bkod pa: A compilation of liturgical texts and daily prayers commenly used in the rnying ma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism
1999, Hardcover
Bka' brgyad thugs kyi me long las yang gsang 'dus Pa'i las byang bar chad kun sel sogs 'don cha 'ga: A collection of litrugical texts for the practice of the bka. brgyud thugs..
Rig \'dzin Padma Gkling Pa. (1450-1521)
1999, Hardcover

kyi me long cycle of teachings.
Pad gling bla ma nor bu gya mtsho'i las byang dang ma ning sogs sru;ng ma gzhi bdag bcas nag 'gros bklags chog mar bsrigs pa : A arrangement of liturgical texts for the practice..
Rig \'dzin Padma gling pa( 1450-1521)
1999, Hardcover

of the bla ma nor bu rgya mtsho cycle and related dharma protectors
Sakuntala: texts, readings, histories
Thapar, Romila
2010, Paperback

this book attempts to explore some of the links between culture, history and gender, and between literature and history, through reading variant versions of the narrative of sakuntala.
DHIH: Journal of Rare Buddhist Texts Research Project, Vol.28, ed. by S. Rinpoche et al
1999, Paperback
An illustrated Ardha-Magadhi dictionary, with Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi and English equivalents, reference to the texts and copious quatations, 5 vols., by Shatavadhani Jain Muni... (Set)
2016, Hardcover

...ratanchandraji maharaj, introd. by a.c. woolner.
Sahityadarpanam, 4 Vols., Sanskrit texts, with the comms.'Vivrti', 'Vivrtipoorti','Vijnapriya', Locanam, 'Kusumpratima' Vimala','Lakshmi', 'Ruchira', ed. by Yogeshvardutta ... (Set)
1999-00, Hardcover

....sarma parashar.