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The heart of Buddhism: being an anthology of Buddhist verses, tr. and ed. by K.J. Saunders, Rangoon, 1913
1998, Paperback
Reunderstanding Indian philosophy: some glimpses
Barlingay, Surendra Sheodas (1919-1997)
1998, Hardcover

within its anthropological context the author establishes a epistemological, metaphysical and axiological significance of the indian philosophy offering the reader a unique insight in the subject.
Between two fires: towards an understanding of Jawaharlal Nehru's foreign policy, 2 Vols
Singh, Iqbal (b.1912)
1998, N
India under Atal Behari Vajpayee: the BJP era
Thakur, CP et al.
1999, N
Religion as emancipatory identity: a Buddhist movement among the Tamils under colonialism
Aloysius, G
1998, Paperback
Understanding women's health issues: a reader
Lingam, Lakshmi (ed.)
1998, Paperback

a comprehensive collection of essays by noted social scientists, demographers and health activists on womern\'s health status in india
Atisa and Tibet: life and works of Dipamkara Srijnana in relation to the history and religion of Tibet with Tibetan sources, tr. under Lama Chimpa, Calcutta, 1987
Chattopadhyaya, Alaka
1996, Hardcover
Irrigation systems under Vijayanagara empire
Kotraiah, CTM
1995, N
Translation and understanding
Chaudhuri, Sukanta
1999, N

contents: (i) translation and cultural encounter (ii) the translator as sceptic (iii) translation and creation (iv) translation and multilingualism.
Under the painted eyes: a story of Nepal, The Gurkha King, The Great Mountains Weep, The Rising Mist
Mahler, Ferd (b.1921)
1999, Paperback

three novels of under the painted eyes are set in the shadow of the great himalayan mountains and against the background tapestry of nepal\'s fascinating history and rich culture.
Understanding Himalayas
Sharma, Kadambari (ed.)
1999, N
The globe trotter in India; two hunderd years ago (Gemelli Carer) and other Indian studies, London, 1895
Macmillan, Michael
1993, Hardcover
The Gurkhas: an ethnology; compiled under the orders of theGovt. of India
Morris, CJ
1993, N
Kashmir underground
Sahni, Sati
1999, Hardcover

the book presents a picture of the underground movement in kashmir.
Court life under the Vijayanagar rulers
Patil, Madhao P (b.1953)
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) brief political history of vijayanagar rulers (ii) court administration (iii) court patronage (iv) court intrigues (v) court intertainment (vi) visitors and muslim impact.
The nobility under Akbar and Jahangir: a study of family groups
Husain, Afzal
1999, Hardcover

the work makes a detailed study of the structure of the mughal nobility and the role played by the nobles during the reign of akbar and jahangir in the light of an in-depth investigation of the fluctuating fortunes nine leading families.
Underground shrine: queen's step-well at Patan
Sadani, Jaikrishandas
1998, Paperback
Mountain environment: understanding the change
Pirazizy, AA
1993, N
Pakistan under Musharraf
Mohan, Sulakshan
2000, Hardcover
Adi Purana, text with Hindi tr. by Shyam Sunder Lal Tripathi
1999, Hardcover
Nepal under Amsuvarma (golden period)
Joshi, Shankar Lal (1940- )
1993, N
Understanding development: people, markets and the state inmixed economies
Sachs, Ignacy
2000, Hardcover
Kargil blunder: Pakistan's plight, India's victory
Bahl, Y (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Confronting colonialism: resistance and modernization underHaider Ali and Tipu Sultan
Habib, Irfan (ed.)
1999, Paperback

the essays, devoted to the history of mysore under haidar ali and tipu sultan, include presentations made at the annual proceedings of the indian history congress since pre-independence days, as well as papers published in various journals and periodicals.
Kashmir saga, a bundle of blunders
Saklani, DD
1999, Hardcover
Down and out: labouring under global capitalism, photographs by Ravi Agarwal, design by Brinda Datta
Breman, Jan et al.
2000, Hardcover

the book looks at the condition of workers in the informal sector in and around surat, which was the site of the author\'s research.
The Chakra handbook: from basic understanding to practical application, USA, 1991
Sharamon, Shalila et al.
2010, Hardcover

a comprehensive guide to harmonizing the energy centres with music, colours, gemstones, scents, breathing techniques, reflex zone message, aspects of nature and meditation.
Understanding yoga through body knowledge
Telang, Sulochana D
2000, Paperback

this book establishes a link between the yogic and modern medical sciences and is the first attempt of its kind.
Land, power and market; a Bihar district under colonial rule, 1860-1947
Pouchepadass, Jacques
2000, Hardcover

perhaps the only comprehensive analysis of the roots of agricultural stagnation in bihar. also studies ecological, technical, demographic and the economic factors. the result is a rigorous, systematic and coherent study of rural, economic and social structure with a well-defined regional and chronological frame work.
Understanding greying people of India
Bali, Arun P (ed.)
1999, Hardcover