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Sahyadris: India's Western Ghats: a vanishing heritage
Kadur, Sandesh et al.
2005, Hardcover
Vanishing acts: new and selected poems 1985-2005
Hoskote, Ranjit
2006, Paperback

this work by ranjit hoskote winner of the sahitya akademi golden jubilee award 2004, brings together some of his best poetry, drawn from his three published collections, along with substantial body of new poems.
Vanishing temple arts: temples of Kerala and Kanyaakumaari district
Bhalla, Deepti Omchery
2006, Hardcover

contents: (i) the leading schools of music in kerala. (ii) sopaana music of kerala. (iii) the musical instruments of kerala. (iv) the thalinankas (the ancient female temple dancers) of kerala. (v) solo female dances and compositions of kerala. (vi) sthree nrithyams and their rachanas.
Empire's last casualty: Indian subcontinent's vanishing Hindu and other minorities
2008, Hardcover
Blood of the earth: the global battle for vanishing oil resources
Hiro, Dilip
2008, Paperback
The point of vanishing: a tale of truth and things imagined
Maxwell, Rashid
2012, Paperback

this is an adventure story that is spiritual, not religious. it is a journey to self-realisation-a journey that we all must make at some time in the cycle of our lives.
Beyond vanishing woods: participatory survival options forwildlife, forests and people
Pandey, Deep Narayan
1996, N

selected contents: (i) threatened life and livelihoods (ii) traditions, survival and subsistence (iii) participatory survival options (iv) forestry by people.
Contemporary essays on vanishing ethnicity, cultures and languages of Nepal: a focus on Kiranti-Koits
Rapacha, Lal-Shyakarelu
2009, Paperback
Green wars: dispatches from a vanishing world
Dutt, Bahar
2014, Paperback
The vanishing act: stories
Adhikari, Prawin
2014, Paperback
Kodaikanal: vanishing heritage of an island in the sky, ed. by Pradeep Chakravarthy et al
2015, Hardcover

the palni hills, including kodaikanal and the surrounding villages, is a very special part of the western ghats, with its own distinctive flora and bird life, especially in the upper plateau. the contributors hope that this book will contribute to enlightened management of the ecologically vulnerable and beautiful part of india.
Sahyadris: India's Western Ghats; a vanishing heritage, 2nd edn.
Kadur, Sandesh et al.
2007, Hardcover

on the malabar coast of southern india, along the arabian sea, lies a range of mountains known as the western ghats. countless species of plants and animals live here, many of which are found nowhere else on earth, and countless of which are still being discovered.
Vanishing beauty: Asian jewelry and ritual objects from the Barbara and David Kipper collection, ed. by Madhuvanti Ghose
2016, Hardcover

this book commemorates the remarkable gift of over 400 works from the collection of barbara and david kipper to the art institute of chicago. these outstanding pieces of jewelry and ritual objects offer a material record of disappearing ways of life. used as portable forms of wealth, as personal adornment, and in religious practice. they represent a broad spectrum of cultures.
The vanishing stepwells of India, foreword by Divya Gupta, INTACH
Lautman, Victoria
2017, Hardcover

somes of the finest architectural structures in india are to be found below ground: these are its ancient stepwells. the journalist victoria lautman first encountered stepwells three decades ago, and this book is a testament to her determined efforts over several years to document these fascinating but largely unknown structures before they disappear.
The vanishing: India's wildlife crisis
Bindra, Prerna Singh
2017, Hardcover