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The heart of Buddhism: being an anthology of Buddhist verses, tr. and ed. by K.J. Saunders, Rangoon, 1913
1998, Paperback
Overview of Buddhist tantra: general presentation of the classes of tantra, captivating the minds of the fortunate ones:rgyud sde spyi'i rnam par, bzhag pa skal bzang gi yid 'phrog
Dragpa, Panchen Sonam
1996, Paperback

...ces bya ba bzhungs so, english tr. by martin j. boord and losang norbu tsonawa.
A millennium of Buddhist logic, Vol.1
Wayman, Alex
1999, Hardcover

this first volume is in two parts: part i (introductory) has asanga\'s rules of debate, dharmakirti\'s nyayabindu with kamalasila\'s commentary, and santipa\'s treatise on \'inner pervation. part ii, devoted to the dignaga-dharmakirti system, has five sets of eleven verses, then a study of bu-ston\'s commentary on dharmakirti\'s pramanaviniscaya, and finally tsong-kha-pa\'s mun ...
Buddhist art of India and Nepal (in English)
1987, Hardcover

....this is a monograph of a lecture delivered in by krishna deva. the lecture traces with compelling evidence, the establishment and development of buddhist arts in india and nepal. it throws light on the various schools of buddhist arts and their successive impacts
Lupta Bauddha vacana samgraha, Part 1 (the source material of rare texts in Sanskrit), ed. by Vrajavallabha Dwivedi
1990, Hardcover

this text if designed to furnish scholars with materials of rare and conspicuous import. the materials publish in the text are the lost bauddha vacana in sanskrit extracted from tantric texts such as sekoddesa tika, jnanasiddhi and similat published or processed texts.
Durlabha Bauddha grantha parichaya, Part 2 (in Sanskrit), ed. by Janardan Shastri Pandey et al
1997, Hardcover
Sampadana ke siddhanta aura upadana: principles of editing and instrumentation, (a collection of research papers in Englgsh and Hindi), ed. into Hindi by V.V. Dwivedi, ed. into...
1990, Hardcover

...english by n.h. samtani this is an outcome of a seven-day workshop on manuscriptology and textual editing organised by the rare buddhist research project of the institute in 1988. it contains 21 research papers out of which 11 articles are in hindi and 10 in english each followed by notes on exchange of views and discussion n the subject
Sramanavidya: studies in Buddhism (Prof. Jagannath Upadhyaya Commemorative), Vol.1 (a collection off 31 articles in English), ed. by N.H. Samtani
1988, Hardcover

this volume was released on the first punya tithi of the late prof. jagannath upadhyaya on 15th september 1987 to commemorate his contributions in the revival of buddhism in india and establishment of central institute of higher tibetan studies. the present volume contains articles by eminent scholars on various buddhist thoughts.
The Yogins of Ladakh: a pilgrimage among the hermits of the Buddhist Himalayas
Crook, John et al
2006, Hardcover

the book explores tibetan buddhism from within the view point of its most exemplary practitioners the hermits of the himalayas, particularly the yogins of ladakh
The Buddhist pilgrimage
Forbes, Duncan
1999, Hardcover

the story of the historical buddha\'s life on earth, to each of the eight places of traditional pilgrimage, which are hallowed by the buddha\'s birth, enlightenment, decease and other significant events.
Buddhism as/in performance: analysis of meditation and theatrical practice
George, David ER (b.1939)
1999, Hardcover

it explores the art and concept of performance in varied buddhist traditions — chinese, japanese, sri lankan and others. it explains theatrical performances representing hinayana, mahayana and vajrayana cultures, with extensive endnotes and bibliographical references.
Buddhist art in India, tr. from the Handbuch by Agnes C. Gibson, rev. and enlarged by Jas Burgess, London, 1901
Grunwedel, Albert (1856-1935)
1999, Hardcover
Buddhist culture
Sharma, JB (b.1962) et al.
1999, Hardcover

collection of articles by various authors.
Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography, Vol. 1: Abarokiteishubara--Amoghavajra
Lokesh Chandra
1999, Hardcover
The sculptural heritage of Tibet-Buddhist art in the Nyingjei Lam collection
Weldon, David et al
1999, Hardcover
Eleven-headed Avalokitesvara: Chenresigs, Kuan-Yin or Kannon Bodhisattva: its origin and iconography
Neville, Tove E
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) introduction. (ii) the origins of eleven headed avalokitesvara. (iii) iconography of eleven headed avalokistesvara: examples from india, cambodia, nepal and tibet. (iv) background for the eleven-headed kuan-yin in china. (v) iconography of eleven-headed avalokitesvara as kuan-yin in china, kuan eum in korea and kannon in japan.
Buddhist tantra and Buddhist art
Mishra, Tej Narain (b.1945)
2000, Hardcover

it deals with the development and fundamental aspects of buddhist tantrism and its impact on paintings and the sculptural art of india. it discusses concepts and schools of tantrism citing buddhist tantric works.
Five hundred Buddhist deities
Tachikawa, Musashi et al.
2000, Hardcover

an enlarged reproduction of five hundred buddhist deities of narthang.
Glimpses of Sri Lankan Buddhism
Ahir, DC
2000, Hardcover

contents: (i) historical survey. (ii) pali canon and commentaries. (iii) the sinhala sangha. (iv) buddhist shrines, art and architecture. (v) buddhist ceremonies and festivals. (vi) india-sri lanka cultural interaction in the past. (vii) sri lanka\'s contribution to buddhist revival in india. (viii) sri lanka\'s contribution to world buddhism.
Dictionary of Buddhist iconography, Vol. 2:
Lokesh Chandra
2000, Hardcover
Meditations: yogas, gods, religions, foreword by David Frawley
Ram Swarup
2000, Hardcover

the exploration of consciousness is an ancient and unique specialization of hindu spirituality which sees consciousness as the very ground and being of the entire universe. consciousness is the key word for the hindu mind and meditation is the main methodology to develop it. there is a new interest in spirituality today, evidenced by the popularity of yoga and meditation worldw ...
Thailand: political history and Buddhist cultural influences, 2 Vols (Set)
Hazra, Kanai Lal
2000, Hardcover

the book comprehensively studies aspects of thai political life, religion, art and literature emphasising the role of buddhism in influencing the thai culture. it analyses buddhist art styles pertaining to sculpture, stucco decoration and paintings in different periods of history and surveys schools of art and stupa-building.
Buddhist art in India and Sri Lanka (3rd century BC to 6th century AD): a critical study, with a foreword by R.C. Sharma
Dabral, Virendra Kumar
2000, Hardcover

the book is a comprehensive study of the evolution and development of buddhist visual art in india and sri lanka, taking into consideration their diverse forms and the impact of regional trends on them. it examines architecture, sculpture, painting, and use of symbols like the lotus and sri lanka devil masks.
Buddhist art in India, rev. and enlarged by Burgess, Edinburgh, 1901
Grunwedel, Albert
2000, Hardcover
The Bodhisattva warriors: the origin, inner philosophy, historyand symbolism of the Buddhist martial art within India and China, York Beach, 1994
Tomio, Shifu Nagaboshi
2000, Paperback

this unique study of the genesis and development of the earliest form of buddhist self-defence practiced by chuan fa monks and mystics shows both the philosophical and physical basis of the skills developed and passed on to subsequent generations.
The Buddhists: encyclopaedia of Buddhism, 5 vols.: A-Z, comp. and ed. by Subodh Kapoor (Set)
2001, Hardcover

the work is alphabetically organised covering over 450 subjects and areas connected with all aspects of buddhist history, theology, and philosophy as well as anthropology, mythology, folklore, psychology, economics, politics, sociology and its arts.
Nagarjuna's verses on the great vehicle and the heart of dependent origination, New York, 2000
Jamieson, R Craig
2001, Hardcover

the volume presents a critical study with english translations of the renowned buddhist scholar nagarjuna’s works, mahayanavimsika, pratiya-samutpadahrdayakarika and pratiasamutpada-hrdayavyakhyana — a prose work. while the translations are easy to understand, the comment-aries incorporate study of rare manuscripts like the dunhuang manu-scripts (eighth-ninth centuries) to ...
Art and architecture of the Gaya and Bodh Gaya
Kumar, Anjani (b.1962)
1992, Hardcover

presents a study of archaeological sites and artistic as well as architectural material remains from old gaya district in bihar. based primarily on archaeological evidences, it focuses mainly on religious structures, stone sculptures, bronze statuettes and terracota figurines.
Buddhist heritage of Orissa
Patnaik, Sunil Kumar
2000, Hardcover
Antiquities of northern Tibet: pre-Buddhist archaeological discoveries on the high plateau: findings of the Changthang Circuit Expedition, 1999
Bellezza, John Vincent
2001, Hardcover

this pioneering research lays the groundwork for pre-buddhist studies in tibet by providing the requisite data needed to forge ahead in our understanding of prehistoric and protohistoric tibet.
Three hundred and sixty Buddhist deities, comp. by Musashi Tchikawa et al
2001, Hardcover

this book contains an important collection of line drawings of tibetan buddhist deities.
Iconography of the Buddhist sculpture of Orissa, 2 vols (Set)
Donaldson, Thomas Eugene
2001, Hardcover

particular emphasis in this book is placed on the reciprocal influence between brahmanical and buddhist art in orissa, both religions expanding at the same time in regard to the proliferation of deities and their variant forms, and each apparently competing with the other for patronage and converts. volume 1 contains text and volume 2 contains plates.
Indian art
Mitter, Partha
2001, Hardcover

a lively new survey of over 2000 years of indian art and architecture, viz the hindu, buddhist, islamic, colonial and contemporary periods, incorporating discussion of modern bangladesh and pakistan.
Luptabauddhavacanasangrahah (in Sanskrit), Part 2, ed. by Banarasi Lal
2001, Hardcover
Iconography of Buddhist and Brahmanical sculptures in the Dacca Museum, Dacca, 1929
Bhattasali, Nalini Kanta
2001, Hardcover

the present work is practically an iconographical survey of east bengal-- of what was anciently known as vanga and samatata. the nucleus of the series described is of course the collection in the dacca museum obtained mostly from places within the limits of these two ancient and far-famed seats of civilization and culture.
Mudras in Japan
Lokesh Chandra et al.
2001, Hardcover

this book is a collection of symbolic hand postures used in the rituals of japanese esoteric buddhism of the shingon denomination.
The Tibetan iconography of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and other deities: a unique pantheon
Lokesh Chandra and FW Bunce
2002, Hardcover

the book studies the 360 icons of the chu fo p’u-sa sheng hsiang tsan pantheon — referring to a rare set of woodcuts distinct among buddhist pantheons. it analyses the unique features of this pantheon, pointing out the significance of each figure in the mythological/theological framework and minutely describing the iconography of the images.
Buddhist western Himalaya, Part 1: a politico-religious history
Handa, OC (b.1936)
2001, Hardcover

contents: (i) retrospection. (ii) geo-ethnographic mosaic. (iii) political history (early period). (iv) political history (later period). (v) religious history. (vi) apostles of buddhism in tibet.
Imaging wisdom: seeing and knowing in the art of Indian Buddhism, UK, 1999
Kinnard, Jacob N
2001, Hardcover

on the buddhist visual practices surrounding the visual representation of a single, central concept, prajna (wisdom), in medieval north india.
The iconography of Tibetan lamaism
Gordon, Antoinette K
1998, Hardcover
Women and the nation's narrative: gender and nationalism intwentieth century Sri Lanka
De Mel, Neloufer
2001, Hardcover

the book explores the development of nationalism in sri lanka during the past century, particularly within the dominant sinhala buddhist and militant tamil movements.
Essays on Buddhist, Hindu, Jain iconography and epigraphy, ed. by Enamul Haque
Bhattacharya, Gouriswar (b.1924)
2000, Hardcover
The Buddhist cave paintings of Bagh
Pande, Anupa
2002, Hardcover

the buddhist cave paintings at bagh are renowned for their heritage of art. however, unlike ajanta, they have not received adequate scholarly attention so far. the work has essayed the task of identifying the paintings in detail, thus it has interpreted fully the meaning of the main panel of paintings which had once adorned the verandah of cave 4 and which has long puzzled art ...
Iconography of the Derge Kanjur and Tanjur, foreword by Lokesh Chandra, New Delhi, 1978
Kolmas, Josef
2002, Hardcover

the author presents in this volume an impressive array of xylographed sketches of buddhas and bodhisattvas in their serenity, gods and goddesses in their charm, teachers and historic personages who appear in the 316 volumes of the tibetan canon xylographed at derge.
Numbers: their iconographic consideration in Buddhist and Hindu practices
Bunce, Fredrick W (b.1935)
2002, Hardcover

the book highlights the true iconographic import of numbers/ numerology in hindu and buddhist practices — bringing out, in detail, the unique properties of each iconographically significant number: ranged between ‘one’ (1) and ‘one thousand and twenty four’ (1024).
Art of Bengal: the sculptures of the Mahananda-Karatoya valley, Vol.1
Bhattacharya, Malaysankar
2002, Hardcover

this book represents a brief examination of some aspects of the sculptural art of bengal in general and northern bengal in particular during the 2nd-12th century-- and deals with the brahmanical pantheon while the second volume will cover buddhist and jaina sculptures.
Indian contribution to the development of Far Eastern Buddhist iconography
Bhattacharyya, AK
2002, Hardcover

the present work deals with major mahayana deities including some of the female concepts that were given forms in east asia under saktism in india and tibet. these include individual deities as described in sadhanas, dharmapala and a few interesting japanese godheads etc.
Barabudur: archaeological description, 5 vols., (Text in 2 vols. and Plates in 3 vols.) (Set)
1986, Hardcover

on the buddhist temple complex of barabudur in java, indonesia, built in 9th century a.d. which is the most splendid creation of the hindu-javan culture.
Mithuna in Buddhist art: with special reference to Amaravati and Nagarjunakonda
Piratti, Sudha (b.1971)
2002, Hardcover
The iconography of Avalokitesvara in mainland south-east Asia, foreword by Lalit M. Gujral
Chutiwongs, Nandana
2002, Hardcover

the book offers a deep insight into the religious life of ancient southeast asia, which had provided the backdrop to the veneration of avalokitesvara, the buddhist personification of compassion.