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Saguna: the first autobiographical novel in English by an Indian women, ed. by Chandni Lokuge
Satthianadhan, Krupabai (1862-94)
1999, Paperback

first published in 1895, saguna is an autobiographical novel in which a rebellious young girl, in a family recently converted to christianity, tries to come to terms with change,. more poignant is the sitauation of her mother radha, an orthodox hindu child-bride, who must reconcile herself to her new christian identity.
The king and the corpse: tales of the soul's conquest of evil, ed. by Joseph Campbell, New York, 1948
Zimmer, Heinrich (1890-1943)
1993, Hardcover

beginning with a tale from the arabian nights, this theme unfolds in legends from irish paganism, medieval christianity, the arthurian cycle, and early hinduism.
Freedom of expression: secular theocracy versus liberal democracy, comp. and ed. by Sita Ram Goel
1998, Hardcover

the concept of secularism as known to the modern west is dreaded, derided and denounced in the strongest terms by the foundational doctrines of christianity and islam. both of these doctrines prescribe theocracy under which the state serves as the secular arm of the church or the ummah, and society is regimented by the sacred canon or the shariat. it is, therefore, intriguing t ...
Religious movements in Orissa: in nineteenth century
Mishra, Bibhuti Bhusan
1998, N

three types of movements the mahima cult, indigenous and reformative in character to the jagannath cult, the western christianity, the faith of the british and the westernised hinduism, the brahmo movement have been broadly taken into the body of this work.
Identity in conflict: classical Christian faith and regligio occulta: essays in honour of Prof. Johannes Aagaard
Pandit, Motilal et al. (ed.)
1998, Hardcover
Dalits and Christianity: Subaltern religion and liberation theology in India
Clarke, Sathianathan
1998, Hardcover
We do it for Jesus: Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity, 2nd ed
Joly, E Le
1998, Paperback
Christianity and Buddhism: a comparison and a contrast, being the Donnellan lectures for the year 1889-90, London, 1890
Berry, T Sterling
1997, Hardcover
Christianity in Ceylon with an historical sketch of the brahmanical and Buddhsit superstitions, London, 1850
Tennent, James Emerson
1998, Hardcover
Conversion, continuity and change: lived Christianity in southern Goa
Robinson, Rowena
1998, N

located at the intersection of the sociology of popular religion and the dynamics of social transformation, this book examines the processess of conversion, the continuity and change in a goan catholic community. this book provides a rich analysis of the interplay between christianity and colonialism as well as the emerging disharmony of tradition in a new social context.
Struggle for justice to Dalit Christians; foreward by Prof.Saral K.Chatterji
Banerjee, Brojendra Nath (b.1936)
1992, Paperback

the christian leaders contend that when dalits convert to sikhism(1956) and buddhism (1990), they become entitled to such reservations but not when they convert to christianity.
Akbar and the Jesuits: an account of the Jesuit missions tothe court of Akbar, tr. with introd. and notes by C.H. Payne
Jarric, Pierre Du
1999, Hardcover
Hijacking of Christianity
Ajijola, Al Haj AD (b.1932)
1998, N

differences in the conception of god in islam, judaism, and christianity.
The first protestant missionary to India: Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg(1683-1719)
Singh, Brijraj
1999, Hardcover
India's secularism: new name for national subversion, original in Hindi by Sita Ram Goel, tr. into English by Yashpal Sharma
1999, Paperback

the ideology secularism had taken shape during the european enlightenment (18-19 centuries). pandit jawaharlal nehru who had never used the term in his pre-independence writings or speeches, simply picked up a prestigious world form the western political parlance and made it mean the opposite of what it meant in the west. the outcome of this perversion proved disastrous for the ...
Disputed mission: Jesuit experiments and Brahmanical knowledge in seventeenth century India
Zupanov, Ines G
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) prologue (ii) disputed cultoms: \'political\' versus \'religious\': the dialogic/ polemical mode (iii) between aristocratic analogies and demotic descriptions: the geo-ethnographic mode (iv) conversion scenarios: discussions miracles and encounters: the threatrical mode (v) utopian prefiguration and saintly signs: the self-expressive mode.
Love never faileth: on Saint Francis, Saint Paul, Saint Augustine and Mother Teresa, with introd. by Carol Lee Flinders
Easwaran, Eknath
1999, Paperback
Harvesting our souls: missionaries, their design, their claims
Shourie, Arun
2006, Paperback

for 500 years the church has heaped calumny on hindu gods and their scriptures. how does the god of their scripture measure upto their own criteria ? how does the claims of the missionaries that jesus was the son of god, that he was born to a virgin at the intercession of god, that he was crucified- stand in the face of other scripture-the quran. a book that shows up the claim ...
The authority of Jesus in the gospel of Mathew
Christudas M (b. 1953)
2000, Hardcover
Women and religion
Franzmann, Majella (b.1952)
2000, Paperback

the book provides a discussion of women\'s roles in and experiences of religion and spirituality, primarily within the five major world religions-hinduism, buddhism, judaism, christianity, and islam and also more broadly in other contexts.
The Christian clergy in India, Vol.1: social structure and social roles
Oomen, TK (b.1937) et al.
2000, Hardcover
The role of Swami Chinmayananda in revitalization of Hinduism and reinterpretation of Christianity.
Masih, Jagdhari
2000, Hardcover
Pilgrims to the light: encounters in a shared destiny
Thampu, Valson (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
On Hinduism: reviews and reflections, foreword by David Frawley
Swarup, Ram (1920-1998)
2000, Paperback

there are two major groups of religions in the world today. first are the conversion-based monotheistic creeds of christianity and islam. second are the pluralistic dharmic traditions of india, of which hinduism is the oldest and the largest. chinese taoism and japanese shinto have an affinity with dharmic traditions. so also the indigenous religious traditions of pre-christian ...
The Goa inquisition: being a quatercentenary commemoration study of the inquisition in India, 2nd reprint
Priolkar, Anant Kakba
1998, Paperback

j.c. barreto miranda, a goan historian, speaks of this holy office: the cruelties which in the name of the religion of peace and love this tribunal practised in europe, were carried to even greater excesses in india, where the inquisitors, surrounded by luxuries which could stand comparison with the regal magnificence of the great potentates of asia, saw with pride the archbish ...
Meditations: yogas, gods, religions, foreword by David Frawley
Ram Swarup
2000, Hardcover

the exploration of consciousness is an ancient and unique specialization of hindu spirituality which sees consciousness as the very ground and being of the entire universe. consciousness is the key word for the hindu mind and meditation is the main methodology to develop it. there is a new interest in spirituality today, evidenced by the popularity of yoga and meditation worldw ...
Hindu view of Christianity and Islam, 2nd edition
Ram Swarup
1995, Paperback

hitherto, scholars have looked at hinduism through the eyes of christianity and islam, but here an attempt has been made to discuss them from the viewpoint of hindu spirituality. the two prophetic religions have a long history of conflict but they also share a common spiritual perspective. almost from their birth, they have been systematic persecutors of pagan religions, cultur ...
Grace in Vaisnavism and Christianity
Philoxenos, Isaac Mar (b.1951)
2000, Hardcover
Religions of India
2000, Hardcover

contents: hindu religion and philosophy; the return of hinduism; modern hinduism; buddhism; buddha\'s work and his opponents; jainism; sikhism; the five symbols; concept of guru in sikhism; the islam; festivities and ceremonies; sects and the path; the parsi religion; the christianity.
International encyclopaedia of tribal religion, 12 vols., ed. by Subhadra M. Channa (Set)
2000, Hardcover

vol.1: basic elements of tribal religion. vol.2: symbolism in tribal religion. vol.3: witchcraft and sorcery in tribal societies. vol.4: tribal cosmology, myths and world view. vol.5: religion and society: social life and belief systems. vol.6: religious functionaries: shamans, witchdoctors and other sacred specialists. vol.7: life cycle rituals: from birth to death in society. ...