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The classical law of India, tr. from the French by J. Duncan M.Derrett, California, 1973
Lingat, Robert (1892-1972)
1998, Paperback

an authoritative text on the concept of the dharma in indian legal history.
Indian medicinal plants: a compendium of 500 species, 5 vols (Set)
Warrier, PK et al. (ed.)
2003, Hardcover

the work draws on classical text current research as well as the oral medicinal knowledge of tribal groups has been updated by scholars.
Aptamimamsa of Samantabhadra: critique of an authority, along with English tr., introd., notes and Akalanka's Sanskrit commentary 'Astasati' by Nagin J. Shah
1999, Hardcover
Collected works of Dr. Benoytosh Bhattacharyya, 2 Vols., ed. and comp. by A.K. Bhattacharyya (Set)
1998, N

vol.1: on the vedas, hinduism, yoga, sakti, cult, tantra, mantra etc. (jainism and buddhism) vol.2: research on alternative medicine.
Defination of valid knowledge, Vol.2: Prama-Lakshana-Siddhanta
Bandyopadhyay, Nandita
1998, Hardcover
Adi Sankara's vision of reality (a discovery of truths Hitherto unknown), foreword by M.P. Veerendrakumar
Panoli, V
1999, Hardcover
A primer of Indian logic, according to Annambhatta's Tarkasamgraha, 4th ed
Sastri, S Kuppuswami
1998, Hardcover
Concept of Sri Andal's Tiruppavai (English and Tamil) (Tamil in roman, Tamil and Telugu scripts)
Padmanabhan, Chenni
1995, N

critically interpretation of tiruppavai, hymn to krishna, hindu deity, by antal vaishnavite poet
Philosophy of Hindu Sadhana, foreword by Sarbapalli Radhakrishnan, Calcutta, 1932
Brahma, Nalini Kanta
1999, Paperback
Sankaracarya's concept of relation
Grant, Sara
1999, Hardcover
Encyclopedia of Indian philosophies, Vol.8: Buddhist philosophy from 100 to 350 A.D, ed. by Karl H. Potter
2002, Hardcover
Classical Indian ethical thought: a philosophical study of Hindu, Jaina and Bauddha morals
Tiwari, Kedar Nath (b.1936)
1998, Hardcover
A course in Indian philosophy, 2nd edition
Warder, AK
2009, Hardcover
Concept of sentence analysis in Nyaya philosophy
Sharma, Punita
1998, Hardcover

it is a comprehensive study of the language of old nyaya\'s texts to navya-nyaya in historical perspective
Influence of Nyaya philosophy on Sanskrit
Prajapati, Sweta (b.1969)
1998, N
Saivism and the phallic world, 2 vols., New Delhi, 1975 (Set)
Bhattacharya, Brajamadhava (b.1910)
1993, Hardcover
Reunderstanding Indian philosophy: some glimpses
Barlingay, Surendra Sheodas (1919-1997)
1998, Hardcover

the book discusses the problems raised by the classical systems like carvaka, jain, buddhism, nyaya, vaisesika, samkhya, yoga, purva mimamsa and vedanta. it establishes epistemological, metaphysical and axiological significance of indian philosophy, offering a unique insight.
Brahma-Vada: doctrine of Sri Vallabhacarya
Tagare, Ganesh Vasudeo (b.1911)
1998, Hardcover

highlighting the tenets of sri vallabha’s brahma-vada, the book spells out his views of ultimate reality (brahman/krsna), individual soul (jivatman) and the phenomenal world (jagat) and his concepts of aksara brahman and pusti bhakti.
The philosophy of life
Dubey, SP (b.1944) (ed.)
1998, Hardcover

a collection of addresses delivered by eminent philosophers as general presidents in the annual sessions of the indian philosophical congress.
Semantic powers: meaning and the means of knowing in classical Indian philosophy, ed. by J.J. Campbell et al
Ganeri, Jonardon
1999, Hardcover

the author finds this account in the work of certain indian philosophers of language, those belonging to the late classical school of navya-nyaya. he presents a detailed analysis of their theories, paying particular attention to the influential seventeenth-century philosopher gadadhara.
Mantramahodadhi of Mahidhara with his own 'Nauka' comm., transl. into English by a board of scholars
1998, Hardcover
Logic, language and reality: Indian philosophy and contemporary issues
Matilal, Bimal Krishna
2008, Hardcover

contents: (i) logic and dialectic in ancient and medieval india. (ii) problems of philosophical logic in navyanyaya. (iii) problems of knowledge and perception. (iv) ontological problems. (v) interaction of grammar and philosophy.
A history of pre-Buddhistic Indian philosophy
Barua, Benimadhab
1998, Hardcover
Classical Samkhya: an interpretation of its history and meaning
Larson, Gerald James
2005, Paperback
Mimamsa Sutras of Jaimini, tr. by Mohan Lal Sandal, Allahabad, 1925
1999, Paperback

it discusses the sacred rites and the rewards accuring from their performance.
Classical Indian metaphysics: refutations of realism and the emergence of `new logic'
Phillips, Stephen H
1997, Hardcover

contents: (i) early indian idealism and mysticism (ii) early systematic realism (iii) sriharsa (iv) new logic (v) annotated translation of selected passages within selected texts.
Fundamentals of Visistadvaita Vedanta: a study based on Vedanta Desika's Tattva-mukta-kalapa
Srinivasa Chari, SM
1998, Hardcover
The Nyaya-Sutras of Gautama, with the bhasya of Vatsyayana and the Vartika of Uddyotakara, 4 vols., transl. into English with notes from Vachaspati Mishra's Nyaya-Vartika-Tatparyatika, (Set)
1999, Hardcover

...udayana\'s parishuddi and raghuttama\'s bhasyachandra by ganganatha jha.
Indian philosophy and religion: a reader's guide, USA, 1990
Padhi, Bibhu (b.1951) et al.
2005, Hardcover

the book presents a comprehensive account of the six indian classical systems and the carvakas, and of their texts and their exponents. unfolding a panorama of the hindu divinities, it also discusses jainism and buddhism as religions and philosophies.
Jaina literature and philosophy: a critical approach
Jain, Sagarmal et al. (ed)
1998, Hardcover