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Indian costumes: in the collection of the Calico Museum of Textiles, (18th to mid 20th century mostly from North and Western India), with a supplement on patterns and technical....
Goswamy, B.N. et al.
2010, Hardcover

...notes by tarla p. dundh, 3rd edn. this volume, the fifth in the series of calico museum catalogues which aims at covering the entire collection of the museum, provides an historical outline of indian costumes, and serves as a catalogue of all the stitched garments in this sumptuous collection.
Sanchi: a cultural story
1997, Paperback

contents: (1) historical perspective. (2) architecture. (3) costume. (4) coiffuer and head-dresses. (5) personal ornaments (6) furniture (7) arma and armour (8) musical instruments (9) conveyances (10) royal insignia (11) domectic vessels and house-hold objects.
The science of Bharat Natyam
Vaidyanathan, Saroja
2000, Hardcover

this is an authentic explanation of the origin of the art and its elements like adavu (footwork), hasta (hand gestures), bheda (movements of the head, the neck and the eyes), abhinaya (expressions), tala (rhythm), costume and jewellery, musical instruments used for bharata natyam and arangetram (maiden performance) with sketches, diagrams, tables and photographic illustrations.
Rajputs: their emergence and heritage
2000, Hardcover

contents include: origin of the rajputs; assimilation of the rajputs; resistance to invasions; jaipur and its literary heritage; costumes in medieval rajasthan; the mughal impact; agriculture in medieval rajasthan; emergence of rajputs: 12th-16th centuries; growth of feudalism; religion (800-1000 a.d.); early rajput administration; rajput struggle for survival: 1200-1315 a.d.; ...
Sunga art: cultural reflections, foreword by M.K. Dhavalikar
Hegde, Rajaram
2002, Hardcover

this work unravels the details of the material culture of 2nd and 1st century b.c. india in different headings like architecture, costume and textile, personal ornaments, coiffure and head gear, vessels and household materials, arms and armour, conveyance, musical instruments, etc.
Costume, textiles and jewellery of India: traditions in Rajasthan
Bhandari, Vandana
2004, Hardcover

this book unveils the eloquent world of traditional indian attire and adornment.
Textiles and costumes from the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum
Singh, Chandramani
2001, Hardcover
Indian classical dances: `ekam sat viprah bahudaa vadanti'
Narayan, Shovana
2005, Hardcover

this book is a comprehensive work on the eight recognized classical dance forms essaying the historical evolution and influences, characteristic identifying features, techniques and also the format of presentation in an evening\'s programme of each style. it also details the repertoire, texts utilized, accompanying music and musical instruments, costumes and make-up so characte ...
Let's know India: the land of wonders
Dogra, Ramesh Chander et al.
2006, Hardcover

this book will provide interesting aspects of indian art and architecture, music, films, dances, monuments, food, costumes, wild life etc.
Shoberi, Frederic (ed.)
2006, Hardcover

it is an in-depth analysis of hindu society, politics and religion, and offers a detailed and systematic study of character, manners, habits and costumes of the hindu way of life as the author encountered in the early colonial period.
Costume, cioffure and ornaments in the temple sculpture of Northern Andhra
Padma, B Sree
1991, Hardcover

costumes of the rulers of mewar: with patterns and construction techniques
Mughal patkas, Ashavali saris and Indo-Iranian metal-groundfragments in the collections of The Calico Museum of Textiles and The Sarabhai Foundation
Jain, Rahul
2008, Hardcover

this volume extends the technical overview of mughal patkas in our previous publication, indian costumes ii: patkas: a costume accessory in the collection of the calico museum of textiles, 2002. it illustrates in greater detail the basic principles of construction of what are among the most technically and aesthetically remarkable silks ever woven in india.
Indian controversies: essays on religion in politics
Shourie, Arun
2008, Paperback

indian costumes
Classical dances and costumes of India: with an introduction by Ram Gopal and foreword by Arnold Haskell Dy.
Ambrose, Kay
2010, Hardcover
The art of costume design, foreword by Lord Richard Attenborough
Athaiya, Bhanu Rajopadhye
2010, Hardcover

this is a classic work on the pioneering vision of a person who shaped the landmarks of indian film costumes, set the fashion trend of the 1960s and 70s, and won indian cinema the highest acclaim in the international arena.
Ancient and Medieval Indian Costume, 2 vols. (Set)
Alkazi, Roshen
2006-08, Hardcover

vol.i: ancient indian costume, xii,222p., vol.ii: medieval indian costume: india and central asia, xii,334p., india between 321bc and 850ad was one of the world\'s great civilisations. this book surveys the evolution of costume through the history and art of ancient india.
Bamiyan, hariti and kindred iconics
Sharma, Nirmala
2011, Hardcover

the book begins with the sunyata of bamiyan, discusses its international nexus, the tragic history of its destruction where hazara tribals once lit an occasional lamp to the glory of their ancestors, its influence on the buddhist sculptural tradition, the failure of all efforts to prevent iconoclasm, or the positive comment of an afghan: interest in afghanistan\'s past gives ho ...
Circus girl, photographs by Saibal Das, text by Nola Rae
2010, Hardcover

in this book, the photographer captures beautiful and unusual images of circus girls, photographs which evoke this sense of darkness and resignation that underlies the otherworldly feats they perform under the big top. internationally renowned mime nole rae provides a haunting accompanying text that poetically comments on the transient wandering of the circus performers who oft ...
The costume of Hindostan, elucidated by sixty coloured engravings; with descriptions in English and French, taken in the years 1798 and 1799
Solvyns, Balt
2012, Hardcover
Moda Goa: history and style, photographs by Mark Sequeira et al
Rodricks, Wendell
2012, Hardcover

in this book of tribute to goa, wendell rodricks studies the factors that shaped goa\'s distinctive garment style. from buddhist drapes that carried forward the elaborate style of later hindu costume to the fine brocade coats of the muslim tughlaq rulers; from the portuguese invaders who had to improvise their traditional renaissance dress to suit the hot konkan climate to the ...
Indian costume, coiffure and ornament
Sahay, Sachidanand
1975, Hardcover
Little people of Asia
Miller, Olive Thorne
2012, Hardcover

this book with full of sketches, describes about the little people from the various communities of various regions covering most of the parts of asia. this illustrated publication details about their day-to-day life, cultural and religious activities, their costume and habitats.
Tibet: Buddhas Gods Saints (African, Asian & Oceanic Art)
Algar, Maria Angela et al
2001, Hardcover

the tibet collection, housed since 1998 in the museum der kulturen in basel is the most important of its kind in europe. collected over a period of 30 years, it includes thangkas (scrolls for meditation), cultic sculptures, ritual and everyday items of monastic life, temple furniture and textiles, dance costumes, masks, books and musical instruments. this volume illustrates and ...
Military costume and accoutrements in ancient India
Thapliyal, Uma Prasad
2012, Hardcover

the study of military costume and accoutrements in ancient india have not engaged the desired attention of scholars. even important treatise on warfare have simply glossed over the subject. this volume tries to explore the relationship between military costume and warfare through the ages.
Female attire in miniature painting, with special reference of Rajasthan
Bharti, Shalini
2012, Hardcover
Costumes and textiles of Awadh: from the era of Nawabs to modern times
Swarup, Sushama
2012, Hardcover

this book takes a fascinating journey, connecting dates and events to the evolution of costumes, textiles, colours, motifs and ornamentations from the eighteenth century up to present-day india. it recaptures the ambience of the nawabi era and the british raj in awadh, and makes them relevant for contemporary times.
Dance of the weave
Blasko, Briana
2013, Hardcover

the photographs you see in this book are the result of an extensive journey that the artist undertook across the length and breadth of india over a period of five years. she visited dance schools and festivals-from the uttar kamalabari satra monastery on the majuli river-island in the brahmaputra river in assam, which teaches sattriya dance, to the c.v.n. kalarigurukulam in cal ...
Tibetan costume and ornaments, comp. by Information Office of the PRC State Council, text by An Xu Li Yong., tr. by Cui Yonglu et al.
2000, Hardcover
Woven textiles of Varanasi
Jaitly, Jaya
2014, Hardcover
Unfolding: contemporary Indian textiles
Baxter, Maggie
2015, Hardcover

the book is a timely and vital examination of how the rich and diverse textile craft traditions of india have been adopted/adapted in the 21st century. the author looks at `new interpretations made within the current cultural landscape by designers who dare to take steps into the unknown\'. traditional techniques and motifs are reworked in a typical, up-to-date ways, creating a ...