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Regional security in South Asia: the ethno-sectarian dimensions
Jetly, Nancy (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

this volume brings together contributions by some of the most distinguished scholars and policy-makers from within and outside south asia, looking at the internal dynamics of regional security in south asia in abroad and comprehensive framework.
A history of the Pakistan army: wars and insurrections, 2nd edition with a new chapter on the Kargil issue
Cloughley, Brian
2004, Paperback
Kargil blunder: Pakistan's plight, India's victory
Bahl, Y (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Pakistan's insurgency vs. India's security: tackling militancy in Kashmir
Bloeria, Sudhir S
2000, Hardcover

the book is about successful tackling of militancy, restoring peace, winning the confidence of the local population and establishing efficacy of the civil administration.
Restructuring national security
Joshi, Ashok
2000, Hardcover

on security concerns of the indian sub-continent with a fucus of india.
Air power in the new millennium
Singh, NB
2000, Hardcover

deals with defence and security in south asia and the future role of new technology air power in the indian sub-continent.
India's defence spending: assessing future needs
Singh, Jasjit
2000, Hardcover

contents: (i) defence in the past (ii) defence expenditure trends (iii) defence decision making and resource allocation (iv) manpower optimisation (v) quest for self-reliance- ajay singh (vi) challanges of defence in future (vii) the nuclear arsenal (viii) towards credible affordable defence.
Indian defence yearbook 2000, ed. by R.K Jasbir Singh
2000, Hardcover

contents: (i) the new millennium (ii) special focus: the kargil conflict (iii) national security and foreign relations (iv) force multiplier technologies (v) force profiles and modernisation (vi) organisation of the armed forces (vii) weapon systems and equipment (viii) defence research and developoment, production and supplies (ix) administration matters and miscellaneous.
Asian security in the 21st century
Singh, Jasjit (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
In the line of duty: a soldier remembers
Harbakhsh Singh (b.1913)
2000, Hardcover
Transition to triumph: history of the Indian Navy, 1965-1975
Hiranandani, GM
2000, Hardcover
Armed forces in British India
Pruthi, Rajkumar et al
1998, Hardcover
Witness to surrender, Karachi, 1977
Salik, Siddiq
2000, Hardcover
The armageddon factor: nuclear weapons in the India-Pakistan context
Badri-Maharaj, Sanjay (b.1973)
2000, Hardcover
India's nuclear security
Thomas, Raju GC et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

bringing together original essays by a diverse group of scholars, this volume discusses a number of important issues such as: 1. the political condiderations that caused india and pakistan to go nuclear. 2. the type of nuclear doctrine that is likely to emerge and its implications for the safety of nuclear weapons, the potential for an arms race in the region, and the likelihoo ...
Weapons of peace: the secret story of India's quest to be anuclear power
Chengappa, Raj
2000, Hardcover
A military history of ancient India
Sandhu, Gurcharn Singh
2000, Hardcover
Field Marshal KM Cariappa: a biographical sketch
Khanduri, Chandra B
2000, Hardcover
Of some consequence: a soldier remembers
Sundarji, Krishnaswami (b.1928)
2000, Hardcover
Emerging China and India's policy options
Kurian, Nimmi
2012, Hardcover

the book examines the implications of the comprehensive transformation china is undergoing and based on it, chalks out a viable indian policy response towards china.
History of the Army Dental Corps and Military Dentistry
Kochhar, PC (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Kashmir and Indo-Pak relations
Nanda, Ravi (b.1931)
2001, Hardcover
The Rajputana rifles
2000, Hardcover

it briefly recounts the events of the past, and the soldierly inheritances of the regiment, to then retain focus on the years since independence.
The Indian navy and Southeast Asia
Naidu, GVC
2000, Hardcover
Southeast Asia security in the coming millennium
Ghosh Suchita et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

selected papers delivered at a national seminar in 1998.
Kargil 1999: Pakistan's fourth war for Kashmir
Jasjit Singh (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

contributed articles on pakistan\'s conflicts with india on kashmir issue, the latest of which is the war in kargil
With honour and glory: wars fought by India 1947-1999
Singh, Jagjit
2001, Hardcover

the author has carried out an in-depth analysis of the country\'s strengths and weaknesses affecting its national security, a study he undertook when the kargil war was in full fury.
Democracies at loggerheads: security aspects of US-India relations
Subramanyam Raju, A
2001, Hardcover

this study examines the us presence in the indian ocean region and its impact on india\'s security; us military assistance to pakistan and india\'s response, and us nuclear policy towards india and the latter\'s response.
Asia's new dawn: the challenges to peace and security
Singh, Jasjit (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

contributed papers of international conference held at new delhi.
My years at sea: Vice Admiral (Retd) SH Sarma
2001, Hardcover

the author has traced events and anecdotes that have remained in his memory spanning a period beginning from indian navy\'s infancy to a time when it is a force to be reckoned with.