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Amrtamandakini: Dr. G.B. Palsule felicitation volume, ed. by Saroja Bhate (in English and Sanskrit)
1998, Paperback

contains forty-two articles covering diverse indological areas and discipline, such as linguistics, dharmashastras, sanskrit literature, classical as well as modern etc. to felicitate dr. g.b. palsule, an indologist and scholar in the field of sanskrit philology.
The Niti and Vairagya Satakas of Bhartrhari, ed. with a comm. in Sanskrit, an English translation and notes by M.R. Kale
2013, Hardcover
Devalasmriti-reconstruction and critical study, Vol.2: Critial study and appendices, by Mukund Lalji Wadekar
1997, Hardcover

this is the second volume, containing a detailed critical study of the text, highlighting the distinctive features by comparing it with other smrtis.
Bhaktisutras of Narada, tr. by Nandalal Sinha, 2nd rev. edition
1998, Hardcover
A companion to Dharmasastra
Banerji, Sures Chandra (b.1971)
1997, Hardcover

listed here, alphabetically, are the major authors with their biographical sketches. and, these besides, the titles, together with descriptive details of their thematic contents, dates/probable dates of their composition, published editions and commentaries their upon. also included here are as many as 12 appendices which, in their totality, embody dharmasastra-based informatio ...
Manusmrti, Skt. text with English tr. of M.N. Dutt, index of slokas and critical notes, introd. by R.N. Sharma
1998, Hardcover
Visnusmrti, with the comm. Kesavavaijayanti of Nandapandita, 2 Vols., ed. by V. Krishnamacharya (Set)
1996, Hardcover
Manusmrti with the `Manubhasya' of Medhatithi, text, English tr. notes by Ganganath Jha, 10 vols., Kolkatta, 1920-39 (Set)
1999, Hardcover

the present work is divided into three sets (i) sanskrit text (ii) english translation and (iii) notes, and each volume contains seperate index. this work has been characterized as a large repertory of opinion on the meaning of the smriti and on some fundamental questions of dharma and law.
Tristhalisetuh by Bhattojidiksita, Tirthendusekhara by Nagesa Bhatta, Kasi Mokasvicara by Suresvaracarya, Skt.text, foreword by Mandan Mishra, ed. by Suryanarayana Sukla, 2nd ed
1997, Hardcover

foreword by mandan mishra, ed. by suryanarayana sukla, 2nd ed
Vaisnavagamavimarsah, Skt. text, ed. by Brajavallabha Dvivedi, preface by Mandana Misra
1997, Hardcover

research papers discussing the significance and tradition of vaishnava canonical texts
Manusmrti (II & III chapters), with Skt. text, English translation, introduction, explanatory notes and ed. by RabindraKumar Panda
1999, Hardcover
A brief history of Dharmasastra
Banerji, SC (b.1917)
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) introduction (ii) political, social and religious background (iii) evolution of dharmasastra (iv) selected topics of dharmasastra (v) ethics in dharmasastra (vi) purana and smrti (vii) tantra and smrti (viii) interrelation among different schools of navya-smrti (ix) society reflected in dharmasastra (x) rationalism, tolerance and germs of socialism in dharmasastra ...
Dharmasindhu of Kasinatha Upadhyaya with 'The Dharmadipika'Hindi comm. by Vasistha Datta Misra and The 'Sudha' gloss by Sudama Misra Sastri and an introd. in Hindi by...
2000, Hardcover

...sadasiva sastri musalgaonkar, 3rd edition.
Manusmrti = Word index to Manusmrti, by Gian Devi Gupta
1999, Hardcover
Kalatattvavivecanam of Raghunath Bhatta, Vol.1, ed. by Harivamsa Kumar Pandey, with introd. and foreword by Mandan Mishra, 2nd edition
1998, Hardcover

treatise on the proper time for hindu religious observances.
History of Dharmasastra, 5 vols. (in 8 parts), ancient and mediaeval religions and civil law in India (Set)
Kane, PV
1990-97, Hardcover

reprint of the second revised and enlarged edition of 1990.
Dharmasutras: the law codes of Apastamba, Gautama, Baudhayana, and Vasistha, tr. from the original Sanskrit and ed. byPatrick Olivelle
1999, Paperback
Dharmakosa, Vol.5, Part II: Varnasramadharmakanda, ed. by Govindshastri Kelkar
2000, Hardcover
Baudhayanadharmasutram with Vivarana Sanskrit commentary ofGovindaswami, ed. by Narendra Kumar Acarya
1999, Hardcover

a work on ancient hindu law with commentary in hindi and sanskrit.
Bharataratna Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. Pandurang Vaman Kane's history of Dharma-Sastra in essence, by S.G. Moghe
2000, Hardcover

distributed by bhandarkar oriental research institute, poona.
Manu-Smriti, with nine commentaries by Medhatithi, Sarvajnanarayana, Kulluka, Raghavendra, Nandava, Ramachandra, Manirama, Govindaraja and Bharuchi, Vol.IV, part II: Adhyaya-8,...
1990, Hardcover

...ed. by jayantakrishna harikrishna dave.
Dharam Sutras: the law codes of Apastamba, Gautama, Baudhayana and Vasistha, annotated text and English tr. by Patrick Olivelle
2003, Hardcover

the dharmasutras are the four surviving works of the ancient indian expert tradition on th subject of dharma, or the rules of behaviour a community recognizes as binding on its members. written in a pithy and aphoristic style and representing the culmination of a long tradition of scholarship, the dharmasutras record intense disputes and divergent views on a variety of religiou ...
Durgasaptasati, ed. with an introd. text, English tr., English transliteration of the text, Argala, Kilaka, Kavaca, Saptaslikidurga, Devisukta and an index, by Dipak Kumar Sharma
2010, Hardcover
Balambhatti, being a commentary by Balambhatta Payagunde onthe Mitaksara of Sri Vijnaneswara on the Yajnavalkya-Smrti,3 vols., ed. by J.R. Gharpure, with a preface in English... (Set)
2000, Hardcover albrecht wezler. vol.1: acaradhyaya. vol.2: vyavaharadhyaya. vol.3: prayascittadhyaya.
Bhartihari's Vairagya shatakam and shringara shatakam, Skt.text, transliteration and English translation, by Ravi Shankar
2000, Paperback
Manava-dharmasastrasya-Manusmrteh-Manavarsabhasyam by Manu,with commentary in Hindi Manavarsabhasyam, Vol. 1
2000, Hardcover

classical work on ancient hindu law, with manavarsabhasya.
The laws of Manu, tr. by G. Buhler
2001, Paperback
Manu's code of life, 2 vols (Set)
Das, Bhagwan
1993, Hardcover
Yajnavalkyasmrti, text with Hindi translation and Mitaksaranusara Sudha Hindi comm. by Thaneshchandra Upreti
2001, Hardcover
Krtyasarasamuccayah by Amrit Nath Sarma, with Vimala--Sanskrit-Hindi-Maithili comm. by Amrit Nath Jha and Jagadish Chandra Mishra
2000, Hardcover

treatise with interpretations, on hinduism rituals.