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The philosophy of Sanskrit grammar: a critical study of Karaka
Barthakuria, Apurba Chandra
1997, Hardcover

study of cases(karaka) in sanskrit grammar.
Misra, Madhusudan
1998, Hardcover
The anga, pada, bha and samhita rules in the Astadhyayi by Niranjan Pati
1999, Hardcover

study of the astadhyayi of panini, basic work on sanskrit grammar.
A comprehensive etymological dictionary of the Tamil language, Vol.1, part III
1997, Hardcover
Learn Japanese, 2 parts, by Yuku Fukuroi, ed. by Shu Hikosaka et al (Set)
1996-97, Hardcover

intended for the beginners for learning the japanese language through tamil with english explanation and translation in english for the benefit of the non-tamils.
A course in advanced Hindi, 2 pts. (bound in one) by Sheela Verma
2007, Hardcover
Post-Paninian systems of Sanskrit grammar by Ranjit Singh Saini
1999, Hardcover
Prabha: Sanskrit grammar and alamkara
Joshi, MN
1998, Paperback
A guide to Panini: an English summary of Panini's aphorisms on Sanskrit grammer, Bangalore, 1887
Vencatavaradiengar, S
1998, Hardcover
Introductory course in spoken Punjabi: a microwave approachto language teaching by U.S. Bahri
1998, Hardcover
Literary theories in Tamil, with special reference to Tolkappiyam by Indra Manuel
1997, Hardcover

chiefly on tolkappiyam, ancient tamil grammar.
Comprehensive English-Hindi dictionary, updated, simple meanings and usage by Bhola Nath Tiwari et al
2006, Hardcover
Teach yourself Panjabi: based on modernmost linguistic, pedalgogical and psychological methodologies by Hardev Bahri
1997, Hardcover
Punjabi-Sanskrit-Pathmala, 2 vols. by Sivakumara Misra et al (Set)
1996, Hardcover

study and teaching of sanskrit and punjabi language
An intensive course in Sindhi by K. Lekhwani
1987, Hardcover
Panini's grammatik, Vols.1-2 bound in one, Sanskrit text with German translation
Bohtlingk, Otto
1998, Hardcover

this was bohtlingk\'s first publication which appeared in 1839-40 in two volumes. the first one contains panini\'s sutras accompanied by a german translation and notes and the second one contains the dhatupatha and ganapatha along with other useful indices.
English-Tibetan colloquial dictionary by C.A. Bell, 2nd edition
1998, Hardcover
Sanskrit-Woterbuch: Nach Den Petersburger Worterbuchen Bearbeitet (in German language), by Carl Cappeller, Strassburg, 1887
1998, Hardcover
Sanskrit proverbs: Sanakrit Lokoktulu (trilingual), Madras,1868 (Printed in the Devanagari and Telugu characters)
Carr, MW
2004, Hardcover
Handbook of colloquial Tibetan: a practical guide to the language of Central Tibet by Graham Sandberg, Calcutta, 1894
1999, Hardcover
Tamil self-taught (Thimm's system) with English phonetic pronunciation by Don Martin De Zilva Wickremasinghe, 2nd rev. edition, London, 1912
2004, Hardcover
Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary, Vol. 4, by J.S. Negi
1997, Hardcover
A Dictionary of Indian Literature, Vol.1: beginnings 1850
Mukherjee, Sujit
1999, N

this volume aspires to be a handy reference work for users whose interest is not limited to one or two indian language literatures but spreads over sanskrit, tamil, pali and the prakrits as well as to asamiya, bangla, gujarati, hindi, kannada, kashmiri, maithili, malayalam, manipuri, marathi, oriya, panjabi, rajasthani, sindhi, telugu and urdu.
Dictionary of Tibetan materia medica, comp. by Pasang Yonten Arya, tr. from the Tibetan and ed. by Yonten Gyatso
1998, Hardcover
Carey's dictionary of the Bengali language (Bengali-English) in which the words are traced to their origin and their various meanings give, 2 vols. by W. Carey, Serampore, 1826 (Set)
1993, Hardcover
A dictionary of the Pali language, London, 1875
Childers, Robert Caesar
2003, Hardcover
An Urdu manual of the phonetic inductive of direct method, with a progressive introduction to the constructions of the Urdu language by Thomas F. Cummings, Sialkot, 1916
1993, Hardcover

of the urdu language, sialkot, 1916.
Encyclopaedic dictionary of Buddhism, 3 vols., by Samir Nath (Set)
1998, Hardcover

this book subjectively and objectively selects the topics, phrases, idioms, history, development, sects, philosophy and many other untouched aspects of buddhism, and in sharp, succinct and lucidly explains them, at many a place themes are elaborately discussed.
Students English-Tibetan colloquial dictionary, by C.A. Bell
1997, Hardcover

the object of this book is to provide a practical hand book for those who wish to acquire a speedy knowledge of colloquial tibetan.
A dictionary of Chinese Buddhist terms, with Sanskrit and English equivalents and Sanskrit-Pali index, comp. by W.E. Soothill et al
1996, Hardcover