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Ramayan: international perspective
Vyas, Lallan Prasad (ed.)
1998, N
Sundar Kanda, tr. by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and Shree Maa
1998, Paperback

the sundar kanda from the tulasidasa ramayana is presented in the original hindi, bengali, a romanized phonetic transliteration, and a complete english translation.
A movement for literature, English tr. from the Tamil original by Venkat Swaminathan
Subramaniam, Ka Naa (1912-1988)
1998, Paperback

originally published as illakkayathukku oru iyakkam in tamil, discussed a wide range of literary works and writers from various nations and periods, including world epics and ancient as well as contemporary classics. it is a sahitya akademi award winning tamil li literary treatise.
The Ramayana of Valmiki: an epic of ancient India, Vol.5: Sundarrakanda, introd., transl. and annotated by Robert P. Goldman
1999, Hardcover

goldman et al
Ramayanas of Kampan and Eluttacchan by P. Padmanabhan Thampi, with a foreword by K.A. Paniker
1996, N

contents (i) kampan and eluttacchan (ii) main story variation i (iii) main story variation ii (iv) the episodes (v) religious elements (hymns, sermons, etc.) (vi) characterization (vii) conclusion.
Vanmayi, panorama of indological researches: Dr. Krishna Kant Chaturvedi felicitation Volume
Tripathi, Radha Vallabh (ed.)
1999, N

contains 37 articles offering new vistas in various discipline under sanskrit studies-veda, epics and puranas, grammar, literature & culture
Classical Hindu mythology: a reader in the Sanskrit Puranas, ed. and tr. by Cornelia Dimmitt and J.A.B. van Buitenen
1998, Hardcover

the mahapuranas embody the received tradition of hindu mythology. this anthology contains fresh translations of these myths, only a few of which have ever been available in english before, thus providing a rich new portion of hindu mythology.
On the meaning of the Mahabharata
Sukthankar, VS (1887-1943)
2016, Hardcover

collection of four lectures delivered in 1943 under the auspices of the university of bombay.
The Great epic of India: character and origin of the Mahabharata
Hopkins, E Washburn
1993, Hardcover
Sri Ramkirtimahakavayam (based on Thai Ramkatha) by Satyavrat Sastri, preface by Sirinthorn, Hindi tr. by Mithilesh Kumari Mishra
1998, Hardcover
Sanskrit Ramayanas other than Valmiki's the adbhuta, adhyatma, and ananda ramayanas
Raghhavan, V
1998, N
Genesis and evolution of the Rama Katha in Indian art, thought, literature and culture (from the earliest period to themodern times), 3 vols (Set)
Nagar, Shantilal (b.1927)
1999, Hardcover
The holy Sundarakanda (Shriramcharitmanas), fully illustrated, original text (Awadhi and English script) Hindi and English tr. by N.P. Bhat et al
1998, Hardcover
Religion in social flux: as seen in the main Purana-s
1998, Hardcover

contents: (i) cosmogony, cosmology and philosophy in the puranas (ii) varna system in the puranas (iii) asrama system in the puranas (iv) puranic deities: trinity in the purana-s (v) some other divinities in the purana-s (vi) vows (vrata-s), giving away gifts (dana) and pilgrimage (tirtha yatra-s) (vii) miscellaneous.
The oracles of Rama: an adaptation of Rama Ajna Prashna of Goswami Tulasidas, with comm. by David Frawley
1999, Hardcover
Balakanda: Ramayana as literature and cultural history
Raman, Varadaraja V
1998, N

this erudite and engrossing narration of the ramayana\'s balakanda diverts from the linear recounting of events and delves into the intricacies of hindu mythology revealing various facets of this extremely rich epic.
Mahabharata: the story of the great war
Besant, Annie
1992, Paperback
Arrow of the blue-skinned god: retracing the Ramayana through India
Blank, Jonah
1998, Paperback

the author retraces the blue-skinned god\'s steps and draws back the veil on the mysteries and riches of india through a retelling of the epic.
Ramayana of Valmiki, 4 vols., Skt. text and English tr. according to M.N. Dutt, ed. and rev. by Ravi Prakash Arya, introd. by Ramashraya Sharma (Set)
1998, Hardcover

vol.1: bala-kanda, ayodhya-kanda vol.2: aranya-kanda, kiskindha-kanda, sundara-kanda vol.3: yuddha-kanda vol.4: uttara-kanda
The Yoga-Vasistha of Valmiki, 4 vols., Sanskrit text and English transl. according to Vihari Lal Mitra, edited and rev. with an intord. by Ravi Prakash Arya (Set)
1998, Hardcover

vol.1: vairagya-prakarana, mumuksu-prakarana, utpatti-prakarana. vol.2: sthiti-prakarana, upasama-prakarana. vol.3: nirvana-prakarana, purvardha. vol.4: nirvana-prakarana, uttrardha.
The Bhagavata (Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana), critical edition, Vol.4 Part 1 (Skandha X), critically ed. by K.K. Shastree, with introd. in English
1997, Hardcover
The Bhagvata (Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana), critical edition, Vol.1 (Skandha I to III), critically ed. by H.G.Shastri...
1996, N

introd. in english.
The Bhagvata (Srimada Bhavata Mahapurana), critical edition, Vol.4, Pts.II-A and II-B (bound in 1) (Skandha XI), .......
1998, N

critically ed. by k.k. shastree, with introd. in english
Srimad Bhagavatam of Vedavyas with Tatparya nirnaya of Sri Anandatirtha and Prakasika of Yadupatyacharya, Vol.1, ed. byK.T. Pandurangi, Skt. text
1997, Hardcover
Mahabharata tatparyanirnaya of Sri Madhwacarya (Sri AnandaTirtha Bhagavatpada) with the comm. of Sri Vadirajatirtha, ed. critically with an introd. and explanatory notes by...
1998, Hardcover

...vyasanakere prabhanjanacharya.
Sri Vishnu Mahapurana, 2 vols. Skt. text with Hindi tr. by Shraddha Shukla (Set)
1998, Hardcover
The Yogavasistha of Valmiki, with study, text, comm. 'Vasisthamaharamayanatatparyaprakasa' and sloka index, 3 vols., by Kanta Gupta, foreword by Karan Singh (Set)
1998, Hardcover
Purana-sahityadarsah by Brijesh Kumar Shukla, Skt. text
1998, N
Srimadbhargavopapuranam (Skt.text), critically ed. by Brjesh Kumar Sukla
1994, Hardcover

hindu mythological text; critical edition.
Vedasarasahasram (Padmapurana), with comm. by Sri Paramasivedra Saraswati, ed. by S. Krishna-murthi Sastri et al
1993, Hardcover