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Innermost Asia: detailed report of excavations in Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, Tibet, and China etc., 5 vols
Aurel Stein, M

detailed report of exploration in central asian afghanistan, iran, tibet and china etc.
ASI: Annual report of Indian epigraphy, 1887-1905, 1906-10,1911-14, 1915-17, 1918-21, 1922-25, 1926-29, 1930-34, 1935-38, 1939-44, 1945-52, 1953-56, 1957-59, 1960-61, 1962-63, ... (Set)

1964-65, 1966-67, 1969-70, 1971-72, 1973-74, 1974-75, 1975-76, 1976-77, 1977-78, 1978-79, 1979-80, 1983-84, 1984-85, 1986-87, 1987-88, 1992-93, 1993-94, 1994-95 and 1995-96. subject index to reports from 1887-1936. rs. 35.00 subject index to reports from 1936-1972. rs. 135.00
ASI: Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum

vol. 1: inscriptions of asoka, ed. by e. hultzsch (rep. 1991) rs. 300.00 vol. 2 part 1: kharoshthi inscriptions, ed. by sten know (rep. 1991) rs. 225.00 vol. 2 part 2: bharhut inscriptions. rs. 335.00 vol. 3: inscriptions of early gupta kings, ed. by d.r. bhandarkar et al., 1982 (revised ed.). rs. 180.00 vol. 4 parts 1-2: inscriptions of the kalachuri-chedi era, ed. by u.v. mir ...
ASI: Dynastic list of copper plate inscriptions noticed in annual reports on Indian epigraphy from 1887-1969
1986, Hardcover
ASI: Topographical list of inscriptions copied from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu, 1939-72
1986, Hardcover
Brahmi script: development in north-western India and Central Asia, 2 vols (Set)
Sharma, Ram (b.1930)
2002, Hardcover
Numerals in Orissan inscriptions
Acharya, Subrata Kumar (b.1962)
2002, Hardcover

the book aims at discussing different systems of numeration prevalent in early orissa.
Anegondi inscriptions
2002, Paperback

anegondi is now an average village situated on the northern bank of the river tungabhadra in gangavathi taluk, raichur district, karnataka state, just opposite the world renowned archaeological site at hampi, the vijayanagara capital.
Inscriptions of the early Pandyas: from c.300 B.C. to 984 A.D
Krishnan, KG (b.1923)
2002, Hardcover
Archaeological of the Indian cave theatre: a study of Ramgarh hill, of Chhattisgarh
Shukla, HL (b.1939)
2002, Hardcover
Early Jaina inscriptions of Rajasthan
Sharma, Krishna Gopal
1993, Hardcover
Glossary of Tamil inscriptions, Vol.2
2003, Hardcover
Bharatiya abhilekh aur itihaas (in Hindi)= History and Indian epigraphy
Rajpurohit, Bhagawatilal (b.1943)
2003, Hardcover
South Indian inscriptions, Vol.XXVII, ed. by M.D. Sampath et al
2001, Hardcover
Travancore Archaeological Series, Vol.5, Parts 1-3, compiled by A.S. Ramanatha
1999, Hardcover

there are eighty two inscriptions in this volume.
Travancore Archaeological Series, Vol.4, Parts 1-2, compiled by K.V. Subrahmanya Aiyar
1999, Hardcover

this most important inscription in this volume is the copperplates of sri vallabhan kodai, are earliest inscription dated in kollam era issued by the kings of venad. there are altogether forty six inscriptions in this volume.
Studies in epigraphy, Vol.1
Deshpande, Brahmanand
2002, Hardcover

on source materials of the history of maharashtra.
Epigraphy, numismatics and other aspects in Karnataka: papers presented at the National Seminar on Archaeology, 1985
Devaraj, DV et al. (ed.)
1995, Hardcover

this volume contains papers on epigraphy, numismatics, religion, education, agriculture, irrigation etc.
Cultural study of Hoysala inscriptions
Gopal, R (b.1963)
2000, Hardcover

the hoysalas, an important dynasty of south india issued over three thousand inscriptions which are replete with data onsocial and cultural life in early medieval period. the author has examined these epigraphs in detail to offer to historians a comprehensive picture of jainism, srivaishnavism, saivism, system of education, music and dance, the inscriptional poets, the role of ...
Early Tamil epigraphy: from the earliest times to the sixthcentury A.D
Mahadevan, Iravatham (b.1930)
2003, Hardcover

the study is based mainly on the cave inscriptions of tamil nadu in tamil-brahmi and early vatteluttu scripts.
Inscriptions of Bengal: containing inscriptions of the Candras, the Varmans and the Senas, and Isvaraghosa and Damodara, ed. with tr. and notes by Nandi Gopal Majumdar, intord....
2003, Hardcover debarchana sarkar.
Epigraphia Zeylanica: being lithic and other inscriptions of Ceylon, 4 vols.: 1904-1934, London, 1912-34 (Set)
Wickremasinghe, Don Martino De Zilva
1994, Hardcover

vol.1: 332p., (30)pls. vol.2: 348p., (39)pls.(6 folded). vol.3: 380p., (38)pls. vol.4: 220p., (21)pls.(2 folded).
Inscriptions of the Vijayanagara rulers: inscriptions of the rulers of the Sangama dynasty (1336-1485), Vol.1 in 5 parts, ed. by Shrinivas Ritti and B.R. Gopal (Set)
2004, Hardcover
Pratishtha-lekh-sangrah, Part 2: prachin shilalekhon evam murtilekhon ka sangrah, comp. and ed. by M. Vinayasagar
2003, Paperback
Inventory of monuments and sites of national importance, Vol.1, Part 3: Delhi circle (01 to 154)
Joshi, Jagat Pati et al.
2004, Hardcover
Madhyabharat mein utkirnan evam lekhan taknik: udbhav evam vikas (in Hindi)
Parihar, Dines Nandini
2004, Hardcover
Studies in Indian Epigraphy (Bharatiya Purabhilekha Patrika), Vol.30, 2004, ed. by M.D. Sampath et al
2004, Paperback
Ancient Indian inscriptions: recent finds and new interpretations
Goyal, SR
2005, Hardcover

the present work studies some old inscriptions and epigraphical problems with a new approach and makes cogent suggestions for the consideration of learned scholars.
First collections of Tibetan historical inscriptions on rock and stone Ladakh Himalaya, by A.H. Francke et al
2003, Hardcover
Uttaramerur: Legendes, histoire, monuments, Avec le Pancavaradaksetra mahatmya edite par K. Srinivasacharya,(in French and Sanskrit)
Gros, Francois et al.
1970, Hardcover

the book is first a resurvey of the famous inscriptions of uttaramerur, around the sabha of the village and its functioning.