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Manaviki: A Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, Vol.III(2) - IV(1), (Jan.-Dec.), 2012, (Special issue on 150th anniversary celebrations of Archaeological Survey of India,...
2012, Paperback

...ed. by ravindra nath singh et al.
Methodological studies inthe history of religions with special reference to Hinduism and Buddhism
Raman, NSS
1998, N

contents: (i) religious studies in india and the west: challanges and responses (ii) basic issues in the methodology of the study of indian religions (iii) understanding hinduism: amethodological critique (iv) a critique of the methodologies of the study of theravada and mahayana buddhism.
Cultural heritage of Gujarat
1996, Hardcover

contents: (i) etiology and geneses of garaba (ii) antiquity and beginning of rasa (iii) development of rasa through the ages (iv) rasa in present days (v) origin and development of garaba (vi) rasa-garaba in sculptures and paintings (vii) rasa-garaba in relation to religious and social changes.
Tolkappiyam and Astadhyayi
Meenakshi, (K. 1933)
1997, N

comparative study of tamil and sanskrit grammar based on tolkappiyar\'s tolkappiyam and panini\'s astadhyayi.
Samkrta-siksana-sarani of Ram Sastri, (in Skt.), 2nd ed.
1998, N
Gandhi and his ashramas
Thomson, Mark
1993, N

study on the views of mahatma gandhi 1869-1948, indian statesman, on rural development propagated in his asharmas.
Some topics in the development OIA, MIA, NIA, ed. by Jitendra B. Shah
Bhayani, HC
1997, Paperback
Reconstructed grammar of the Setubandha (exhaustive study of vowels only)
Roy, Suchitra
1998, Hardcover
A precis of semitic linguistic, tr. into English by PranabeshSinha Ray
Bockelmann, C
1999, Hardcover

the book discusses, in a lucid manner, all the information necessary for a biginner, the geographical position, the history of the different semitic languages and about the comparative grammar of these languages.
Brhchhabdakusumakarah, with 384 sabdarupa, tippani of Siddhantakaumudi including samaskarak and lokokti, comp. and...
1999, Hardcover

ed. by harekanta misra
Generative phonology, ed. by Bina Srivastava
Srivastava, RN (1976-1992)
1999, Hardcover

generative pholology examines various issues of phonology from the perspective of the generative model of hindi phonology related to schwa deletion, semoi-vowel formation, nasal formation and nasalization etc.
Hindi linguistics, ed. by Bina Srivastava et al
Srivastava, RN (1976-1992)
1998, N
Language theory and language structure, ed. by Bina Srivastava
Srivastava, RN (1976-1992)
1998, N
Recent research in Paninian studies
Cardona, George (b.1936)
1999, N

this volume also, includes three indexes; an index of names , an index of primary sources, and an index of primary sources for panini
Recent research in Paninian studies
Cardona, George
1999, N
Language shifts among the scheduled tribes in India: a geographical study
Ishtiaq, M et al.
1999, Hardcover
Idioms in Kasika: a study of idiomatic examples supplied inthe Kasikas Vrtti
Dash, Radha Madhab
1998, N

a scientific study of sanskrit expressions called idioms which are supplied in the kasika vrtti illustrating the working of the sutras of panini.
Prakrta vyakaranam of Salila Nayak, Skt. text, with fivecommentaries 'Subodhini, Sanjivani, Prakrtamanjari, Manorama, Ambika'
1997, Hardcover

study of prakrtaprakasa of vararuci, with five commentaries, on prakrta grammar.
Dhatvartha-vicara: mimamsa tatha vyakarana ke paripreksya mem (in Sanskrit and Hindi)
Jain, Manju (b.1968)
1997, N

study of the verbs in sanskrit grammar and mimamsa philosophy.
Sabda Vidya saurabham: Vyakaranasastriyah nibandhah (in Sanskrit)
Bhatta, Gangadhara
1999, N

research papers on sanskrit grammar.
Vaiyakarana Siddhanta Kaumudi of Bhattoji Diksita, Karakaprakarana, with 'Arthaprakasika' Hindi-Sanskrit comm......
1998, N

by arkanatha caudhury, preface by hinda kesara portion deals with case and case ending in sanskrit grammar.
Malayala sahitya darppanam = Advanced course reader in Malayalam
Saratchandran Nair, V
1996, N
The economy of modern India, 1860-1970
1993, N
Artificial intelligence and natural language processing
Jayaraman, RK et al. (ed.)
1997, N

a collections of papers all of which share a common concern, namely, their interest in natural language processing (nlp).
Topics in Hindi linguistics,Vol.4
Kaul, Omkar N (ed.)
1999, N
Language culture and cognition
Manjali, Franson D (ed.)
1998, N

the eleven articles appearing in this volume, written by scholars in linguistics, semiotics, psychology, and mathematics adequately represent some of the emerging research trends in the 1990\'s.
Literary translation
Gupta, RS (ed.)
1999, N

focussing almost exclusively on literary translation, the volume brings together though-provoking and well-researched papers by linguists, semioticians and translatologists-providing diverse perspectives on the process and product of translation
Studies in Indian sociolinguistics
Gupta, RS et al. (ed.)
1998, N
Language, testimony and meaning
Bhattacharya, Sibajiban
1998, Hardcover

this book contains an elaborate discussion of different western and indian theories of language, a comparative study of epistemology of authority, and navya-nyaya theories of meaning of words, and of sentences of different moods-indicative, imperative, optative, and also of ought-sentences.
Vaiyakaranabhusanasara of Kaunda Bhatta: an analytical study
Rathore, Sandhya
1998, N

the present study is a critical examination of kaunda bhatta\'s arguments. it brings out the relevance of paninian grammar in understanding the modern theories of meaning, semantics and syntax.