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The king and the corpse: tales of the soul's conquest of evil, ed. by Joseph Campbell, New York, 1948
Zimmer, Heinrich (1890-1943)
1993, Hardcover

beginning with a tale from the arabian nights, this theme unfolds in legends from irish paganism, medieval christianity, the arthurian cycle, and early hinduism.
Vishnu on freud's desk: a reader in psychoanalysis and Hinduism
Vaidyanathan, TG et al. (ed.)
1999, N

with a foreword by sudhir kakar, this volume includes both classical and new essays by: william b. parsons, christiane hartnack, a.k. ramanujan, paul courtright, gananath obeyesekere, g.m. carstairs, stanley kurtz, sudhir kakar, j.m. masson, robert goldman, wendy doniger, ashis nandy, sarah caldwell, alfred collins and prakash desai, alan roland, and b.k. ramanujan.
Freedom of expression: secular theocracy versus liberal democracy, comp. and ed. by Sita Ram Goel
1998, Hardcover

the concept of secularism as known to the modern west is dreaded, derided and denounced in the strongest terms by the foundational doctrines of christianity and islam. both of these doctrines prescribe theocracy under which the state serves as the secular arm of the church or the ummah, and society is regimented by the sacred canon or the shariat. it is, therefore, intriguing t ...
Genesis and evolution of the Rama Katha in Indian art, thought, literature and culture (from the earliest period to themodern times), 3 vols (Set)
Nagar, Shantilal (b.1927)
1999, Hardcover
Ganesa: unravelling an anigma
1999, Hardcover

this work is the most comprehensive, fully documented in original sources, textual, artistic, and profusely illustrated. it traces the origin and development of pauranika ganesa, from pre-pauranika vinayaka, a vighnakarta, into pauranika ganesa, a vighaharta analyses his distintive features and studies his representation in art both in india and in the other countries of asia.
Sri Sankat mochan Hanuman charit manas: the holy lake containing the acts of Sri Hanuman (Goswami Tulasidas Ji's devised
1998, N

), comp. by mishr harivansh lal sundd, script ed. by d.k. sundd et al a tale of mind\'s itinerary glimpsing the spectacles of sports of sankat mochan hanuman from the celestial abode of bhagwaan shiv at kailash mansarovar to his terrestrial abode at the site of sankat mochal temple at kashi while partaking the sports of sri ram beginning from and terminating at ayodhya, the sri ...
The making of modern Hinduism
Sondhi, ML et al. (ed.)
1999, N

this collection of essays covering a span of three decades of writing cover several important themes: the matrix of peace and confluct, religious and philosophical thinking, renewal and renaissance, the gandhian discourse, the emerging role of women and humanism in the arts
History of the Hindu religious endowments in Andhra Pradesh
Kumari, Koutha Nirmala
1998, N

the book presents an account of the origin of temples and mutts, their endowments made by the devotees to meet the expenses for conduct of worship, and the events and situations in hindu temples of telugu speaking areas of madras presidency till the creation of the seperte hindu religious and charitable endowments department for andhra pradesh in 1953.
Pseudo-secularism: Christian missions and Hindu resistance
Goel, Sita Ram
1998, Paperback

(this book forms the introduction to a bulkier publication, vindicated by time: the niyogi committee report on christian missionary activities, which carries a report of the complete niyogi committee report published in 1956.) the constitution of independent india adopted in january 1950 made things quite smooth for the christian missions. they surged forward with renewed vigou ...
BJP and the evolution of Hindu nationalism: from peripheryto centre
Ghosh, Partha S
1999, Hardcover

the study attempts to assess the future of political hinduism in general and the bjp in particular together with critically gauging the ideological and intellectual depths of the phenomenon.
Arya Samaj and regeneration of India
Sharma, JB (b.1962) et al
1999, Hardcover

collection of already published articles by various scholars.
Socio-religious system of the Parsis
Sharma, JB (b.1962) et al.
1999, Hardcover

collection of already published articles by various scholars
The glory of Sikhism
Sharma, JB (b.1962) et al.
1999, Hardcover

collection of already published articles by various scholars.
Buddhism: its various manifestations
Madan, GR (b.1923)
1999, Hardcover

contains twenty articles which have been contributed by scholars who are prominent figures in their own field.
Encyclopaedia of political parties: Post-Independence India, Vols. 62-74, ed. by O.P. Ralhan (Set)
1999, Hardcover

vols. 62-64: communist party of india. vols. 65-68: communist party of india(marxist). vols. 69-71: all india kishan sabha. vols. 72-73: the janata party. vol. 74: akhil bharat hindu mahasabha.
India's secularism: new name for national subversion, original in Hindi by Sita Ram Goel, tr. into English by Yashpal Sharma
1999, Paperback

the ideology secularism had taken shape during the european enlightenment (18-19 centuries). pandit jawaharlal nehru who had never used the term in his pre-independence writings or speeches, simply picked up a prestigious world form the western political parlance and made it mean the opposite of what it meant in the west. the outcome of this perversion proved disastrous for the ...
Encyclopaedia of political parties: Post-Independence India, Vols.75-86, ed. by O.P. Ralhan (Set)
2000, Hardcover

vol.75: constitution of bjp. vol.76: bjp: election manifestoes. vol.77: bjp and hindutva. vol.78: dreams of a strong and prosperous india. vol.79: bjp\'s white paper on ayodhya and the rama temple movement. vol.80: bjp: economic resolutions (1980-1995). vol.81: bjp: plenary sessions and general secretary national reports. vol.82: bjp: national council meeting (1981-1998) vol.83 ...
The great masters: profiles in Hindustani classical vocal music
Nadkarni, Mohan
1999, Hardcover

highlights the life and work of some of the leading vocal artists of hindustani music and puts into perspective their valuable contribution to this field and fills a lacuna in the area of musical biographies.
Hindustani grammar self-taught, 4 parts: a simplified grammar, exercises and examination papers, the vernacular and keyand English-Hindustani dictionary by C.A. Thimm, 3rd rev..
1999, Hardcover

...edition by shams\'ul `ulma sayyid `all bilgrami, london, 1916.
Purifying the earthly body of god: religion and ecology in Hindu India
Nelson, Lance E (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Myths and deities: some aspects of Hindu iconographic traditions
Satyanarayana Rao, Gangavelli (b.1939)
1993, Hardcover
The Baburnama: memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor, tr., ed. and annotated by Wheeler M. Thackston
1996, Hardcover

contents: part 1: fergana and transoxiana. part 2: kabul. part 3:hindustan.
Rgveda-darsana, Volume 5: Vishnu-suktani (Part 1) by S.K. Ramachandra Rao, ed. by K.N.Somayaji
1999, Hardcover
The Skanda-Purana, Part 14, tr. and annotated by G.V. Tagare
1999, Hardcover
Language and cultural history of India
Srinivasan, CG
2004, Hardcover

the author justifies the existence of a structure of hindu society and a part played by the brahmin community in political unification and development of common language in india.
Classical Hindu thought: an introduction
Sharma, Arvind
2000, Hardcover

this book is divided into sections dealing with key concepts, such as karma, dharma, maya, moksa and varna; the main gods and goddesses of the hindu pantheon, devi, siva, brahma, visnu and texts such as the purusarthas and vedas. it also deals with different systems of yoga: jnana-yoga, bhakti-yoga and karma-yoga.
The yoga-Vasishtha Maharamayana of Valmiki, 4 Vols. in 7 Parts(bound in 4), tr. from the original Sanskrit by Vihari-LalaMitra (Set)
1999, Hardcover

vol.1: containing the vairagya, mumukshu, prakarnas and the utpatti khanda to chapter l. vol.2:(in 2 pts): containing utpatti khanda sthiti prakarana and upasama khanda to chapter liii. vol.3: (in 2 pts): containing upasana khanda and nirvana khanda. vol.4: (in 2 pts):containing the nirvana-prakarana, uttaradha.
Vastu-Sastra, 2 vols (Set)
Shukla, DN
1993, Hardcover

vol. 1: hindu science of architecture: engineering, town planning, civil architecture, palace architecture, temple architecture and an anthology of vastu-laksanas. isbn 8121506115 vol. 2: hindu canons of iconography and painting: with an anthology of pratima-laksana and citra-laksana as well as an outline history of indian painting, archaeological and literary. isbn 8121506123
On Hinduism: reviews and reflections, foreword by David Frawley
Swarup, Ram (1920-1998)
2000, Paperback

there are two major groups of religions in the world today. first are the conversion-based monotheistic creeds of christianity and islam. second are the pluralistic dharmic traditions of india, of which hinduism is the oldest and the largest. chinese taoism and japanese shinto have an affinity with dharmic traditions. so also the indigenous religious traditions of pre-christian ...
The prolonged partition and its pogroms: testimonies on violence against Hindus in East Bengal 1946-64, foreword by Koenraad Elst
Kamra, AJ
2000, Hardcover

a.j. karma grew up in quetta and karachi, currently in pakistan, until partition in 1947 when his family moved to delhi. he graduated from bombay university and spent most of his life working within the united nations in various countries. after retirements, he began to pursue his strong interest in the history of the indian subcontinent. he spent many years collecting material ...