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Pakistan: Jinnah to the present day, 2 Vols (Set)
Majumdar, R (ed.)
1998, N

the present work in two volumes is a faithful account of pakistan\'s politico-social developments. recounting the rise and fall of different governments, led by different stalwarts, these volumes present a true political history of pakistan.
History of the Indian archipelago: containing an account ofthe manners, arts, languages, religions, cont..2 (Set)
Crawford, John
1993, N

institutions and commerce of its inhabitants, 3 vols., edinburgh, 1820
Federalism: comparative perspectives from India and Australia
Copland, Ian et al. (ed.)
1999, N

collection of articles by scholars of politics, law, history, literature and economics from india, australia and north america, presented in an international conference held at monash university in july 1996.
The revolt in Tibet
Moraes, Frank
1998, Paperback

this book deals with the events in tibet which led finally to the dalai lama\'s fight, and with the relations between china and tibet. it also offers a brief survey of tibet\'s history and people, together with an assessment of the impact made by the communist aggression in asia, particularly on india.
Traditional cultural ink between India and Japan: during A.D. 8th and 9th centuries
Sankarnarayan, Kalpakam et al.
1998, N

the book deals with the study of indian thought in general and of buddhism in particular.
The masterpiece library of Islam, 8 vols. (Set)
Irving, Washington et al.
2002, Hardcover

vol.1: mohammed and islam by washington irving. isbn 8173051372 $ 14.50 vol.2: outlines of islam by t.p. hughes, ed. and rev. ed., introd. by syed ameer ali. isbn 8173051380 $ 10.50 vol.3: islam: beliefs and institutions by h. lammens, tr. from the french by e. denison ross. isbn 8173051399 $13.00 vol.4: selections from the quran by m. abdul fazl. isbn 8173051402 $ 18.50 vol ...
History of the Hindu religious endowments in Andhra Pradesh
Kumari, Koutha Nirmala
1998, N

the book presents an account of the origin of temples and mutts, their endowments made by the devotees to meet the expenses for conduct of worship, and the events and situations in hindu temples of telugu speaking areas of madras presidency till the creation of the seperte hindu religious and charitable endowments department for andhra pradesh in 1953.
The history of Buddhism in India and Tibet, tr. from Tibetan byE. Obermiller, Heidelberg, 1932
1999, Hardcover

the present volume contains the translation of the 2nd part of bu-ston\'s history of buddhism, i.e. of the historical part proper.
Bhaskari, Part 3, an English tr. of the Isvarapratyabhijnavimarsini in the light of the Bhaskari with an outline of history of Saiva philosophy by Kanti Chandra Pandey, foreword...
1998, Hardcover mandan mishra, 2nd ed.
Divine Dyads: ancient civilization in Tibet, illustrations by Rebecca Claire Bellezza et al
Bellezza, John Vincent
1997, Paperback

aims to comprehensive document the cultural and religious history of a neglected but vital part of tibet, the divine dyads of the byang thang. this work marshals a wide variety of resources in expounding the history and culture of these two areas; each revolving around a mountain and lake of epic geographical and mythological proportions. the focus of this work is the developme ...
India and Tibet: a history of the relations which have subsisted between the two countries from the time of..........
Younghusband, Francis
1998, Paperback

warren hastings to 1910; with a particular account of the mission to lhasa of 1904, ed. phoebe folger
History through personalities: footprints, handprints and fingerprints on the sands of time
Ramalingam, P
1996, Paperback

provides valuable information and understanding about the great men and women, whose lives, ideas and deeds and achievements been portrayed in the book, starting from ancient to the modern times.
Blood and tears
Suchdeva, Hari Krishan (b.1924)
1996, Paperback

memoirs of a retired army officer narrating the gory events of partition of indian and his personal suffering.
Roosevelt Gandhi Churchill: America and the last phase of India's freedom struggle
Venkataramani, MS et al.
1997, Hardcover

on the basis of a wide range of primary source meterials including state department files, presidential papers, diaries of high officials, personal papers of important figures,and interview the authors artgue that the indians struggle in its last and most crucial phase, did not received any meaningful support from the roosevelt administration congress, or elite groups in the un ...
Rajasthaan ke Nath Sampraday aur Sahitya (in Hindi) ed. byMukesh Sharma
1997, N

collection of articles presented at a seminar held in march 1994 on the subject matter of the book
Peasants, artisan and entrepreneurs: economy of Marwar in the seventeenth century
Bhadani, BL
1999, N

the study examines different aspects of the economy of marwar during the 17th century, with the help of rajasthani and persian texts and documents, european and indian travellers\' accounts and modern records.
The Sikh tradition: a continuing reality (essays in history andreligion)
Bhatia, Sardar Singh et al. (ed.)
1999, N

a collection of twenty three articles selected from the past issues of the journal of religious studies published by the guru gobind singh department of religious studies, punjabi university, patiala, during last twenty eight years.
The Buddhist pilgrimage
Forbes, Duncan
1999, Hardcover

the story of the historical buddha\'s life on earth, to each of the eight places of traditional pilgrimage, which are hallowed by the buddha\'s birth, enlightenment, decease and other significant events.
Ethnicity, nationalism and integration
Danda, Ajit K (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

it refers to the emergence of centuries together. contains papers presented at a seminar held on sept. 23-24, 1995 at asiatic society, calcutta. the experts who participated included eminent anthropoligists, sociologists, political scientists and economist.
Artisan of the Paradise: a study of Kashmir art and artisans from ancient to modern times
Dhar, DN
1999, Hardcover
Thinking design
Balaram, S.
2011, Paperback

this book explores the history of traditional design and its evolution. on one hand it takes the reader through the cultural-roots of design, and, on the other, it explores new technologies and their applications in design.
Studies in Indian history
Rizvi, Syed Najmul Raza (b.1950) (ed.)
1999, N

the articles contained in the volume throw light on the different aspects of the history of the region of uttar pradesh. eleven articles are in english and thirteen are in hindi.
The Kargil war: a saga of patriotism
Sharma, Ram Nath et al.
2000, Hardcover

starting with recollection of indo-pak relations since 1947 with a chapter on kashmir problem, it carries a chronological presentation of events of operation vijay in kargil since beginning of may 6, 1999.
Eclipse: a celestial shadow play
Shylaja, BS et al.
1999, Paperback

it traces the history of eclipses from ancient records, mythology and folklore, right up to the modern day, state-of-the-art astronomical research.
Arts and crafts Jammu and Kashmir: land, people, and culture
Saraf, DN (b.1918)
1987, Hardcover

a comprehensive study providing welth of information and visual documentation on the beautiful part of india comprising jammu, kashmir and ladakh, a state of rich craft and cultural heritage.
German Jaina Sravika Dr. Charlotte Krause: her life and literature, Vol.1, comp. by Hazarimull Banthia et al., introd. by Sagarmal Jain
Pandey, Shriprakash (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

this volume is a compilation of articles and books authorised as well as edited by dr. charlotte krause, a german scholar of jainology who devoted her life for the propagation of jain religion. also contains a brief sketch of her biography.
British rule on Indian soil: North India in the first halfof the nineteenth century, tr. by Benedict Baron
Mann, Michael et al.
1999, Hardcover

this book is a study of the early british-indian economic history, particularly agrarian and environmental history, in the framework of colonial transformation of indian agriculture.
Pottery and the legacy of Sardar Gurcharan Singh, ed. by Anupa Lal, compiled by Anuradha Ravindranath, photography by Shailan Parker
1998, Hardcover

on the history of pottery in india and on the life and works of gurcharan singh, 1898.
Marwar paintings: a history of the Jodhpur style
Crill, Rosemary
1999, Hardcover
History of Indian music: with particular reference to theory and practice
Pingle, Bhavanrav A
1999, Hardcover