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Freedom of expression: secular theocracy versus liberal democracy, comp. and ed. by Sita Ram Goel
1998, Hardcover

the concept of secularism as known to the modern west is dreaded, derided and denounced in the strongest terms by the foundational doctrines of christianity and islam. both of these doctrines prescribe theocracy under which the state serves as the secular arm of the church or the ummah, and society is regimented by the sacred canon or the shariat. it is, therefore, intriguing t ...
The masterpiece library of Islam, 8 vols. (Set)
Irving, Washington et al.
2002, Hardcover

vol.1: mohammed and islam by washington irving. isbn 8173051372 $ 14.50 vol.2: outlines of islam by t.p. hughes, ed. and rev. ed., introd. by syed ameer ali. isbn 8173051380 $ 10.50 vol.3: islam: beliefs and institutions by h. lammens, tr. from the french by e. denison ross. isbn 8173051399 $13.00 vol.4: selections from the quran by m. abdul fazl. isbn 8173051402 $ 18.50 vol ...
Women in Islamic culture and society: a study of family, feminism and franchise
Sikri, Rehana
1999, Hardcover

the present publication represents a modest attempt to profile the various critical issues that engender widespread debate and discussion in the context of women in islamic culture and society, the subjects of marriage, divorce, succession, dower and custody of children. particular focus is on women in non-islamic society, with ample references drawn from israel and environs.
Islam, photographs by Thomas L. Kelley et al
Kidwai, Azra
1998, Hardcover

the book traces the story of islam from its birth to its expansion and development, details its customs and traditions and the amazing arts. illustrated with over a hundred pictures and line drawings from all over the world.
Indian archaeology 1986-87: a review
Joshi, MC (ed.)
1992, Paperback

apart from the material on different aspects of archaeology in the country, it also includes information on investigations of the pre-islamic remains in the maldives and conservation of angkor vat temple in cambodia.
The role of Islam in Indonesian politics, foreword by Akhtarul Wasey
Muhammad, Sya\'ban H (b.1962)
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) background: islam in indonesia. (ii) political process in the post-independence period. (iii) islamic political groups under `new order\'. (iv) emasculation of political parties and pancasila. (v) abdurrahman wahid\'s vision of islamic society. (vi) association of indonesian muslim intellectuals.
Some aspects of Indo-Islamic architecture
Parihar, Subhash (b.1953)
1999, Hardcover
India's secularism: new name for national subversion, original in Hindi by Sita Ram Goel, tr. into English by Yashpal Sharma
1999, Paperback

the ideology secularism had taken shape during the european enlightenment (18-19 centuries). pandit jawaharlal nehru who had never used the term in his pre-independence writings or speeches, simply picked up a prestigious world form the western political parlance and made it mean the opposite of what it meant in the west. the outcome of this perversion proved disastrous for the ...
Theory and practice of Muslim state in India
Lal, KS
1999, Paperback

the theory part is traced to the quran, the hadis and the sunnah of the prophet; the practice part to the principal activities of muslim rulers in india as narrated by their chroniclers. muslim state in india has not ceased to exist even in modern times and indian muslims on account of islamic laws and separate identity almost form a separate state within the indian state.
Chief Justice Cornelius of Pakistan: an analysis with letters and speeches, foreword by Nasim Hasan Shah
Braibanti, Ralph
1999, Hardcover

this work is an important contribution to pakistani studies, islamics, and comparative politics and partly a biography of pakistan\'s most noted non-muslim jurist.
Islamic architecture of the Indian sub-continent, photographs by Federico Borromeo
Alfieri, Bianca Maria
2000, Hardcover
The rock art of Arabia: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, the Emiratesand Yemen
Nayeem, Muhammed Abdul (b.1938)
2000, Hardcover

the work presents for the first time a comprehensive study of the rock art of the entire arabian peninsula, covering five states where it has been recorded.
On Hinduism: reviews and reflections, foreword by David Frawley
Swarup, Ram (1920-1998)
2000, Paperback

there are two major groups of religions in the world today. first are the conversion-based monotheistic creeds of christianity and islam. second are the pluralistic dharmic traditions of india, of which hinduism is the oldest and the largest. chinese taoism and japanese shinto have an affinity with dharmic traditions. so also the indigenous religious traditions of pre-christian ...
The prolonged partition and its pogroms: testimonies on violence against Hindus in East Bengal 1946-64, foreword by Koenraad Elst
Kamra, AJ
2000, Hardcover

a.j. karma grew up in quetta and karachi, currently in pakistan, until partition in 1947 when his family moved to delhi. he graduated from bombay university and spent most of his life working within the united nations in various countries. after retirements, he began to pursue his strong interest in the history of the indian subcontinent. he spent many years collecting material ...
Arabic, Persian and Urdu inscriptions of Central India: a topographical list
Rahim, Syed Abdur
2000, Hardcover
Mughal Painting: an interplay of indigenous and foreign traditions
Srivastava, Ashok Kumar (b.1956)
2000, Hardcover

the present work is based on an extensive and critical study of the original mughal paintings supported by contemporary historical literature and provides fresh perspective for the interpretation and analysis of the painter\'s art under the mughals.
The architecture of Lucknow and its dependencies, 1722-1856: a descriptive inventory and an analysis of Nawabi types
Tandan, Banmali
2001, Hardcover
Mughal architecture of Delhi: a study of mosques and tombs (1556-1627 A.D.)
Sharma, Praduman Kumar (b.1960)
2000, Hardcover

it covers all the mosques and tombs constructed in delhi during the period of akbar and jahangir (1556-1627 a.d.).
The Pakistan trap, compiled and edited by Rajeev Sharma
2001, Hardcover

the book is a compendium of articles that discuss the indo-pak relations from all angles--diplomatic, military, political, isi-instigated terrorism, islamic fundamentalism, the nuclear issue and the attempted \'intelligence encirclement\' of india.
Intimate worlds: Indian paintings from the Alvin O. Bellak collection with contributions by B.N. Goswami et al
Mason, Darielle
2001, Hardcover

the paintings, all reproduced in full color and accompained by a detailed scholarly examination, span the period from before the rise of islamic mughal rule in northern india during the 1500s to the heyday of the british raj in the late 19th century.
The Ulama of Firangi Mahall and Islamic culture in South Asia
Robinson, Francis
2001, Hardcover

based in large part on this important body of islamic scholars\' writings, records and private papers, it addresses a variety of issues: the establishment of specific traditions of scholarship and mysticism in eighteenth-century awadh, the place of these traditions in perso-islamic culture from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, the traditions and values of the farangi ...
Indian art
Mitter, Partha
2001, Hardcover

a lively new survey of over 2000 years of indian art and architecture, viz the hindu, buddhist, islamic, colonial and contemporary periods, incorporating discussion of modern bangladesh and pakistan.
Mughal art and imperial ideology: collected essays
Koch, Ebba
2001, Hardcover

the eleven studies in this book offer a fresh and unique interpretation of mughal art and architecture and its heterogeneous sources--central asian timurid, indian, persian, and european--fused creatively to express an imperial ideology of universal aspirations.
Jahangir: a connoisseur of Mughal art
Srivastava, Sanjeev P
2001, Hardcover

the present study based on authentic primary sources attempts to present the artistic heritage of jahangir\'s ancestors followed by his own innovations known as muraqqas in miniature painting which stand out as rare specimens of mughal painting in the entire range of art history.
Monuments of India, Vol.1: Delhi, Agra, Khajuraho, Jaipur: the golden ring
Daljeet et al.
2002, Hardcover
Wailing beauty: the perishing art of Nawabi Lucknow, photographs by Saiyed Anwer Abbas, epilogue by O.P. Agrawal
Abbas, Saiyed Anwer (b.1939)
2002, Hardcover

the book deals with structures elaborately embellished with stucco and painted art work, mirror mosaic, glass paintings and exquisite calligraphy which is rare, and this is illustrated in this book with 123 coloured pictures. the text provides information on the location, architectural and archaeological status and the speciality of the art work and structures, along with their ...
History of Mughal architecture, Vol.3: The transitional phase of colour and design, Jehangir, 1605-1627 A.D.
Nath, R (b.1933)
1994, Hardcover
Shah-i-Hamedan: Mir Saiyid Ali Hamedani: his life and works, ed. by S.M. Waseen, organised by Department of History andCulture, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in collaboration...
2003, Hardcover

...with the culture house, islamic republic of iran, new delhi.;;;saiyid ali hamedani (d.786 a.d./1385 a.d.) popularly known as shah-i-hamedan, was pioneer among the saints of the kubrawi silsilah (order), which he introduced and popularized in india particularly in its kashmir region.
Making sense of history: society, culture and politics
Hasan, Mushirul (b.1949)
2003, Hardcover

making sense of history is a historian\'s exploration of the past and present. some articles, essays and interviews supplement his scholarly publications, but most reflect professor hasan\'s present-day concerns. thus, he writes on 11 september, on palestine and on pogrom in gujarat. he dwells on the rise and hindu nationalism and islamic fundamentalism and critically evaluates ...
Peerless images: Persian painting and its sources
Sims, Eleanor et al.
2002, Hardcover

this magnificent book is the first survey of the figural arts of the iranian world from prehistoric times to the early twentieth century ever to consider themes, rather than styles.