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Talking poems: conversations with poets
De Souza, Eunice
1999, N

in this book of conversations with eminent indian poets writing in english, the first of its kind, nissim ezekiel, arun kolatkar, kamala das, keki daruwalla, mamta kalia, adil jussawalla, gieve patel, arvind krishna mehrotra, imtiaz dharker and melanie silgardo provoke, analyse, meditate. the book includes biographical notes on the poets as well as brief discussions of their wo ...
Amrtamandakini: Dr. G.B. Palsule felicitation volume, ed. by Saroja Bhate (in English and Sanskrit)
1998, Paperback

contains forty-two articles covering diverse indological areas and discipline, such as linguistics, dharmashastras, sanskrit literature, classical as well as modern etc. to felicitate dr. g.b. palsule, an indologist and scholar in the field of sanskrit philology.
Tiruppavai of Sri Andal: the science and art of living, with a brief introd. to Panchapakshi horary system by R. Ravi..
1999, Paperback

naidu, english tr. of the original in tamil by sri goda devi (tamil text with sanskrit+english tr.)
The impermanence of lies, tr. from the original Bengali, introd. by Mahasweta Devi
Devi, Jyotimoyee (1894-1988)
1998, Paperback

the remarkable collection of short stories spans forty years of the writing career of jyotirmoyee devi and appears for the first time in an english translation from the original bengali.
Tamil poetry through the ages, Vol.1: Ettuttokai: the eightanthologies, English rendering by S.M. Ponniah
Hikosaka, Shu et al. (ed.)
1997, N
The valorous virgins, tr. by S. Mark Joseph
Kumar, K Jaya et al. (ed.)
1996, Hardcover

this is the english translation of pennaraciyar katai. both the tamil and its english version find place side by side, along with an introduction in english.
Children's fiction in English in India: trends and motifs
Srinivasan, Prema
1998, N

it provides us with a map of the territory, and gives us an idea of the general direction iin which chindren\'s literature has grown in india.
The day breaks O! India, poems by Korean poetess Choyi Kimang-Shik, in original Korean and translation in Hindi by Divik Ramesh and English by Jin Sup Kim
1999, Hardcover
Toru Dutt: a literary profile
Dwivedi, A.N.
2011, Hardcover

on toru dutt (1856-1877), a distinguished author of indian english literature.
Arun Joshi: the existentialist element in his novels
Pandey, Mukteshwar (b.1942)
1998, N

arun joshi has been an outstanding indian english novelist, who has impressed us immensely with his thoughtful utterances, masterly treatment of existential themes, and skilful weaving of fictional techniques.
Sundar Kanda, tr. by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and Shree Maa
1998, Paperback

the sundar kanda from the tulasidasa ramayana is presented in the original hindi, bengali, a romanized phonetic transliteration, and a complete english translation.
The Samdesarasaka of Abdul Rahman, tr. by C.M. Mayrhofer
1998, Hardcover

this is a massage poem (dutakavya) in the tradition set by kalidasa\'s famous poem meghaduta, composed in apabhramsa by a muslim poet of the thirteenth century
Modern English literature: the real and the imagined, the people world of Ted hughes
Usha, Vt
1998, N
The critiques: reading literatures and cultures
Rama, RP (ed.)
1997, N

the volume includes studies in modern indian poetry in english, major twentieth century british and australian literary texts, and an essay on the shakespearean offshoots.
Meghaduta of Kalidasa, Vol. 2, with verse tr. in twelve European languages: German, Italian, French, Swedish, Hungarian, Danish, Spanish Dutch, Croation, Czech, Fortguese, English
Sancheti, AL et al. (ed.)
1998, Hardcover
Painting the house: poems
Padhi, Bibhu (b.1951)
1999, Paperback

painting the house is the fourth collection of poems from a poet who has now been published in magazines and periodicals throughout the english-speaking world.
Gems of speech: selected Sanskrit subhashitas, comp. by Manhar Jai
1998, Hardcover

sanskrit gnomic poetry with english translation.
The poems of Suradasa
Bahadur, Krishna P (b.1924)
1999, Hardcover

the english translation of some of the verse of his surasagara endeavours to provide the reader with a representative selection from the various sections of this work in english verse along with the transliterated version of the text.
Recent Indian literature in English: a cultural perspective
Pandey, Mithilesh K (b.1967) (ed.)
1999, N
Concise encyclopaedia of English literature, tr. by V.F. Boyson et al
Legouis, Emile
1998, N
The English novel
Saintsbury, George (1845-1933)
1998, N
Commonwealth English literature
Bhatnagar, Manmohan K (ed.)
1999, N

it seeks to put together the body of writing-poetry, fiction, novella -in india, sri lanka, the west indies, africa, canada and australia to discover how despite its seeming divergence and dissimilarities, it falls into a broad pattern with regard to the choise of themes and formal strategies.
Indian writings in English, Vols.3-4 (Set)
Bhatnagar, Manmohan K (ed.)
1999, N

isbn-8171568416 (vol.3) isbn-8171568424 (vol.4)
Critical essays on post-colonial literature, revised and enlarged third edition
Das, Bijay Kumar
2012, Hardcover

it attempts to analyze post-comlonial poetry, caribbean poetry, indian english poetry canadian fiction, indian english fiction, short-story and drama. this is well researched and useful book for teachers and students of english literature and research in this field, in india and abroad.
Post-colonial Indian English writing
Singh, RA et al. (ed.)
1997, N
Partition of India: literary responses
Chakravarty, SR et al. (ed.)
1998, N

the book contains twelve articles covering the indian english, hindi, urdu, panjabi, sindhi, pashtu and bengali literatures.
The fiction of Shashi Deshpande
Pathak, RS (ed.)
1998, N

the winner of the sahitya academi award for the best indian novel of 1982-83 and the nanjangud thirumalamba award in 1991, shashi deshpande is one of the greatest indian novelists writing in english. in this first ever complete evaluation of her fictional art and concerns scholars have shed light on her works and achievements from various angles.
Modern Indian novel in English
Pathak, RS
1999, N

the present book contains in-depth analysis of important aspects of modern indian novels written in english. the papers contained in it concentrate mainly on less familiar but crucial aspects of the fictional art of some major writers.
Canadian studies: new perspectives
Ramachandran Nair, N et al. (ed.)
1998, N

a volume of twenty six essays mostly selected from the papers presented at three seminars on canadian studies held at the department of english, tellicherry centre, university of calicut.
Critical essays on Indian women writing in English
Ratnam, AS (b.1943) (ed.)
1999, N
Bahina Bai and her abhangas, tr. into English verse with anintrod. by Krishna P. Bahadur
1998, Hardcover
India and the romantic imagination
Drew, John
1998, Paperback

this book argues for an indian influence on the western imagination in general, and on english romantic poetry in particular
Memsahibs abroad: writings by women travellers in nineteenth century India
Ghose, Indira (ed.)
1998, N

it is a body of writings from which emerge the variety among englishwomen in india, the obsessions and fantasies of the colonial mind, and the experience of those who lived as the private half of the rulers of india.
The fire and the rain, a play translated into English from Kannada
Karnad, Girish
1998, Paperback
The short Oxford history of English literature, rev. ed., Oxford, 1994
Sanders, Andrew
1999, Paperback
Saguna: the first autobiographical novel in English by an Indian woman, ed. by Chandani Lokuge
Satthianadhan, Krupabai (1862-1894)
1998, N

an insightful psychological study of two women of different generations, as well as an invaluable social document of its times.
Kamala: the story of a Hindu life; ed. by Chandani Lokuge
Satthinadhan, Krupabai (1852-94)
1998, Hardcover

published in 1894, the poignant story of kamala\'s experiences as a child-wife, mother and widow is one of the earliest instances, in women\'s fiction in english, of the indian woman as the protagonist.
Declaring love in four languages
Singh, Khushwant (b.1915) et al.
1997, N

a selection of the finest love poems in english, hindi, urdu and punjabi.
Best loved Indian stories, Vol.1
Srinivasan, Indira et al. (ed.)
1999, Paperback

this volume, the first of two, represents the best english stories written by indians in the twentieth century.
Ferry crossing: short stories from Goa (Set)
Shertty, Manohar (ed.)
1998, N

included here are the finest short stories from goa written ni konkani, marathi, portguese, and english, all remarkable for their freshness and many marked by sparkling humour and contagious light heartedness.
History-fiction interface in Indian English novel: Mulk RajAnand, Nayantara Sahgal, Salman Rushdie, Shashi Tharoor,O.V. Vijayan
Dhar, TN
1999, N

study of the indian english novelists involvement with history.
American literature and Indian English literature; studies in cultural contiguity
John, Varghese et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Literary theory and F.R. Leavis: language, criticism and culture: Organic community in F.R. Leavis, with foreword byVishwanathan
Sridhar, M
1999, N

this book places the contribution of f.r. leavis, one of the most controversial and influential critics of this century, in the context of the rise of english studies as a university discipline in england and subsequent development in criticism and theory
Indian renaissance and Indian English poetry
Saha, Subhas Chandra (b.1946)
1998, N
Medieval Indian literature: an anthology, Vol.1: Surveys and selections (Assamese, Bengali, Dogri), ed. by K. Ayyappa...
1997, Hardcover

paniker et al the medieval age in indian history (ad.1100-1800) forms a vital fountainhead of indian cultural heritage. this work to be completed in three volumes is an attempt to present a historical and critical survey of the literature of twenty-one indian languages written during this period. it also presents selections from nearly 700 authors rendered into english by over ...
Non-fictional Indian prose in English (1960-1990), ed. withan introd. by Shyamala A. Narayan
1998, N
Kayar (coir), English tr. from Malayalam by N. Sreekantan Nair
Pillai, Thakazhi Sivasankara (b.1912)
1997, N

a novel of epic magnitude, unfolds the history of kuttanadad over two centuries mainly through the tragic and tragi-comic narratives of several families through several generations, tracing its evolution from a feudal society to its present state.
Kavyagangapravahah: vimsatitamasatake Samskrtakavyasangraharupah (in Sanskrit), comp. and ed. by Shri Ram Velanakar w3ith introd. in English
1996, Hardcover

anthology of twentieth century sanskrit poetry.
Rajnagar, English tr. by Kalpana Bardhan
Majumdar, Amiya Bhushan (b.1918)
1997, N

this novel, its heart an interwoven set of three different and equisite love stories, is a sophisticated account of the subterranean power politics of transition in colonial rule.
A movement for literature, English tr. from the Tamil original by Venkat Swaminathan
Subramaniam, Ka Naa (1912-1988)
1998, Paperback

originally published as illakkayathukku oru iyakkam in tamil, discussed a wide range of literary works and writers from various nations and periods, including world epics and ancient as well as contemporary classics. it is a sahitya akademi award winning tamil li literary treatise.