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Talking poems: conversations with poets
De Souza, Eunice
1999, N

in this book of conversations with eminent indian poets writing in english, the first of its kind, nissim ezekiel, arun kolatkar, kamala das, keki daruwalla, mamta kalia, adil jussawalla, gieve patel, arvind krishna mehrotra, imtiaz dharker and melanie silgardo provoke, analyse, meditate. the book includes biographical notes on the poets as well as brief discussions of their wo ...
Tamil language and literature
Sharma, Sita Ram
1998, N
Amrtamandakini: Dr. G.B. Palsule felicitation volume, ed. by Saroja Bhate (in English and Sanskrit)
1998, Paperback

contains forty-two articles covering diverse indological areas and discipline, such as linguistics, dharmashastras, sanskrit literature, classical as well as modern etc. to felicitate dr. g.b. palsule, an indologist and scholar in the field of sanskrit philology.
Sanskrit plays of Krishnachandra (Raksapurusaka, Samanvaya and Yogavilasita)
Unni, NP (ed.)
1993, Hardcover
A Vedic grammar for students, London, 1916 (2nd impression)
Macdonell, AA (1854-1930)
2005, Hardcover

projecting, with well-chosen examples, a whole mass of grammatical forms to be met with in the post-vedic sanskrit, literature, the author systematically explains the mechanics of its euphonic combinations (sandhi), declension, conjuction, nominal stem formation and compounds and a lot else-with complete insights into the syntactical arrangement of sanskrit sentence
Dying alone: a novel and ten short stories
Vaid, Krishna Baldev (1927- )
1992, N
Tiruppavai of Sri Andal: the science and art of living, with a brief introd. to Panchapakshi horary system by R. Ravi..
1999, Paperback

naidu, english tr. of the original in tamil by sri goda devi (tamil text with sanskrit+english tr.)
Where are you, my Madhav: novel, tr. by Bharati H. Dave
Dave, Harindra (b.1930)
1998, N
History revealed by the Ramayana astronomy
1998, N
Fables and folk-tales of Arunachal Pradesh, compiled by G.K. Ghosh et al
1998, Hardcover
Fables and folk-tales of Meghalaya, comp. by G.K. Ghosh et al
1998, Hardcover
Fables and folk-tales of Nagaland, comp. by G.K. Ghosh et al
1997, Hardcover
Fables and folk-tables of Mizoram.
1998, Hardcover
Fables and folk-tales of Tripura
1998, Hardcover
Our non-veg cow and other stories, introd. by Nabaneeta DevSen, tr. by Paramita Banerjee
Mahasweta Devi
2011, Paperback
The Armenian Champa tree, tr. by Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharjee
Mahasweta Devi
2011, Paperback
Bitter soil, tr. by Ipsita Chanda
Mahasweta Devi
2011, Paperback

contains four most powerful stories-salt, seed, the witch and little ones
Mr. Sapatnekar's child and four billion forgetfuls, tr. from the original Marathi by Jayant Deshpande
Sathe, Makarand (b.1957)
1998, Paperback
The tale of the talking face
Subramanyan, KG
1998, N

in the mode of his graphic fables series, which treat important issues tellingly through a combination of fable, allegory and bold imagery, this book is as much a visual treat as a comment on the principles of democracy.
Chakravyuha, pre-text and reconstructed performance text byKavita Nagpal
Thiyam, Ratan
1998, N

this volume undertakes a close study by kavita nagpal of ratan thiyam\'s theatre, its history and development, based on intensive fieldwork and interviews. it includes the complete performance text of chakravyuha along with photographs in colour and black-and-white.
Cast me out if you will: stories and memoir, tr. from the Malayalam with an introd. by Gita Krishnankutty
Antherjanam, Lalithambika
1998, Paperback
The dark sun and the women who wore a hat, tr. from the Marathiby Sukhmani Roy
Desai, Kamal
1999, Paperback
The impermanence of lies, tr. from the original Bengali, introd. by Mahasweta Devi
Devi, Jyotimoyee (1894-1988)
1998, Paperback

the remarkable collection of short stories spans forty years of the writing career of jyotirmoyee devi and appears for the first time in an english translation from the original bengali.
Kharemaster, tr. from the Marathi by Yashodhara Maitra
Shirurkar, Vibhavari
1998, Paperback

an extraordinary true story of anant khare who appeared to be an ordinary drawing teacher, living and working in a village school near pune at the turn of the century.
The stream within, short stories by contemporary Bengali women, tr. and with an introd. by swami Ganguly et al., .......
1999, Paperback

foreword by malini bhattacharya
Satya Sudha; a critical evaluation of Dr. Satya Vrat Shastri's creative works; thesis approved for the D.Litt. degree by the Kumaun University, Nainital
1993, Hardcover
Art and aesthetics of Rabindranath Tagore
Nandi, SK
1999, Hardcover
Whose father, what goes?
Kamat, Madhuri
1997, Hardcover
Knit India through literature, Vol.1: The South
1998, N

in this volume, author deals with the south and looks at kerala, karnataka, andhra pradesh and tamil nadu and their literature. in the volume are included 27 interviews and examples from the literary work of 25 of these writers.
Tamil poetry through the ages, Vol.1: Ettuttokai: the eightanthologies, English rendering by S.M. Ponniah
Hikosaka, Shu et al. (ed.)
1997, N
The valorous virgins, tr. by S. Mark Joseph
Kumar, K Jaya et al. (ed.)
1996, Hardcover

this is the english translation of pennaraciyar katai. both the tamil and its english version find place side by side, along with an introduction in english.
Mysticism of love in Saiva Tirumurais
Sasivalli, VC (b.1939)
1995, N

on tirumurai anthology of tamil saivite devotional poetry.
Children's fiction in English in India: trends and motifs
Srinivasan, Prema
1998, N

it provides us with a map of the territory, and gives us an idea of the general direction iin which chindren\'s literature has grown in india.
The day breaks O! India, poems by Korean poetess Choyi Kimang-Shik, in original Korean and translation in Hindi by Divik Ramesh and English by Jin Sup Kim
1999, Hardcover
Shashi Deshpande: a feminist study of her fiction, Gen. Ed. A.N. Dwivedi
Atrey, Mukta et al.
2011, Hardcover

a full-length feminist study of shashi deshpande, providing a culture-specific reading of her themes and technique.
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala: a study in empathy and exile
Chakravarti, Aruna (b.1939)
1998, N
Toru Dutt: a literary profile
Dwivedi, A.N.
2011, Hardcover

on toru dutt (1856-1877), a distinguished author of indian english literature.
Peace, liberty and nature
Kedar, Sony (b.1968)
1998, N
Arun Joshi: the existentialist element in his novels
Pandey, Mukteshwar (b.1942)
1998, N

arun joshi has been an outstanding indian english novelist, who has impressed us immensely with his thoughtful utterances, masterly treatment of existential themes, and skilful weaving of fictional techniques.
Poetic salute of a soldier
Sethi, Ashok (b.1942)
1998, N
South Geddavalu: she who lost and won, tr. from Kannada by C. Mimala Rao
1998, Paperback
Indian literature: positions and propositions
Satchidanandan, k (b.1946)
1999, N

the essays in this volume revaluate concepts and movements like modernism, dalit literature, nativism and feminism and offer close readings of the texts of a number of indian writers including premchand, mirza ghalib, mahasweta devi, ramakanta rath, kamala das, chandrasekhara kambar and ayyappa paniker.
Remapping culture: nobel laureates in literature (1986-1997)
Vijayasree, C et al (ed.)
1998, N

this volume, dealing with the nobel laureates in literature for the preceding twelve years, attempts a refreshing and educative study of their works and art. neither blindly laudatory nor predeterminedly hostile, it is informed by a searching scrutiny and objective evaluation of the oeuvre of these towering literary figures.
Mulk Raj Anand: the Raj and the Writer
Vijayasree, C (b.1953)
1998, N

mulk raj anand is one of the major voices of modern india. this book locates his fictional work in the contex of colonial and postcolonial politics and studies the dialectic relationship that exists between the texts and contexts in which these texts are produced.
Ramayan: international perspective
Vyas, Lallan Prasad (ed.)
1998, N
Purana-Itihasa: essays in honour of Prof. S.G. Kantawala
Nanavati, Rajendra I
1998, N
Lake of death, ed. by Ashoke Das Gupta
Jensen, Phill
1998, Paperback
Two sisters, the poems of Benju Sharma and Manju Kanchuli, tr. from Nepali by Manju Kanchuli et al
1998, Paperback
Protocol in Sri Ramcharitmanas, foreword by Karan Singh
Aggarwal, Devi Dayal (b.1933)
1998, N
Canvas of life
Gujral, Shiela
1998, Paperback