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Medicine in medieval India: 11th to 18th centuries.
Bagchi, Asoke K
1997, N

contents: (i) mythical medicine and its propagation (ii) ayurveda (iii) eminent medical men of the post-vedic ages (iv) the arabs and ayurveda (v) unani medicine in india (vi) medicine during the mughal dynasty (vii) the entry of portuguese medicine in india (viii) the entry of english medicine in india.
The political structure of early medieval south India
Veluthat, Kesavan (1951- )
1993, N

attempts to analyse the power structure in four early medieval kingdoms of south india, namley the pallavas, pandayas, cera and cola.
The forest of thieves and the magic garden: an anthology of medieval Jain stories, selected, translated and with an an introdction by Phyllis Granoff
1998, Paperback
Medieval Indian literature: an anthology, Vol.1: Surveys and selections (Assamese, Bengali, Dogri), ed. by K. Ayyappa...
1997, Hardcover

paniker et al the medieval age in indian history (ad.1100-1800) forms a vital fountainhead of indian cultural heritage. this work to be completed in three volumes is an attempt to present a historical and critical survey of the literature of twenty-one indian languages written during this period. it also presents selections from nearly 700 authors rendered into english by over ...
The king and the corpse: tales of the soul's conquest of evil, ed. by Joseph Campbell, New York, 1948
Zimmer, Heinrich (1890-1943)
1993, Hardcover

beginning with a tale from the arabian nights, this theme unfolds in legends from irish paganism, medieval christianity, the arthurian cycle, and early hinduism.
A history of philosophy, 3 vols., tr. from German into English (Set)
Erdmann, Johann Eduard
1999, Hardcover

vol.1: ancient and medieval philosophy. vol.2: modern philosophy. vol.3: german philosophy since hegel.
Encyclopaedic dictionary of medieval India: Mirat-ul-Istilah, tr. by Tansneem Ahmad, foreword by Z.A. Desai
1993, Hardcover
Jagannatha Pandita on Alankaras
Achuthan, Mavelikara (b.1926)
1998, N

contents: (i) jagannath and his works (ii) jagannath-the rhetorician (iii) concept of alankara in prominantrhetoricians (iv) the world of upama (v) the horizon of atisayokti (vi) the lesser known medieval figures (vii) eight minor alankaras (viii) critical evalution.
From concessions to confrontation: the politics of an Indian untouchable community
Gokhale, Jayashree
1993, N

vol. 1: ancient heritage. viii, 300p., isbn 8171171184 rs. 325 vol. 2: classical heritage viii, 436 isbn 8171171168 rs. 450 vol. 3: foundations of heritage viii 311p. isbn 8171171176 rs.350 vol. 4: medieval heritage. viii, 415p., isbn 817117115x rs. 450 vol. 5: modern heritage. viii, 391p. isbn 8171171192 rs. 425
Handbook of Indian art: a chronicle of paintings and sculptures
Khosa, Sunil
1998, Hardcover

contents:- (i) ancient india (ii) early india (iii) classical india (iv) medieval india (v) mughal period (vi) rajput period (vii) modern period.
The life and times of Shaikh Farid-u'd-din Ganj-i-Shakar, with a foreword by Sir Hamilton Gibb, rev. and enl. edition
Nizami, KA
1998, Hardcover

biography of a medieval mystic popularly known as baba farid(1175-1265)
Encyclopaedia of Indian history: ancient medieval, modern, 4 Vols., by Prakash Chander (Set)
1999, Hardcover
Srimad Bhagavata and medieval Hindi poets
Madan, Sada Nand (b.1930)
1999, Hardcover
Al-Hind: the making of the Indo-Islamic world, 2 vols., Leiden, 1990 (Set)
Wink, Andre
1999, Paperback

vol.1: early medieval indian and the expansion of islam: 7th centuries. vol.2: the slave kings and the islamic conquest: 11th-13th centuries.
Medieval Indian literature: an anthology Vol.3: Selection(Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi)
Paniker, K Ayyappa (b.1930) (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Hemu: Napoleon of medieval India, foreword by P.N. Chopra
Bhardwaj, KK (b.1933)
2000, Hardcover

contents: (i) from obsecurity to prime ministership (ii) an invincible victor (iii) agra and delhi (iv) panipat (v) hindutava (vi) appendices i. himu-a forgotten hero by dr. r.c. majumdar ii. abul fazl\'s account of the second battle of panipat. iii: principal battles of medieval india.
Living without silver: The monetary history of early medieval north India
Deyell, John S
1999, Paperback
Encyclopaedia of Status and empowerment of women in India, 4 Vols., ed. by Raj Kumar Pruthi et al (Set)
1999, Hardcover

vol.1: status and position of women in ancient, medieval and modern india. vol.2: indian women: present status and future prospects. vol.3: women in law and politics. vo..4: education, employment and employment of women.
Baharistan-i-Shahi: a chronicle of medieval Kashmir
1991, N
Medieval Indian literature: an anthology, Vol.2: selectionsed. by K.A. Paniker
1999, Hardcover

this volume contains selections from gujarati and hindi, kannada, kashmiri and konkani.
Indian art of the Gupta age: from pre-classical roots to the emergence of medieval trends
Goyal, SR et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

contains articles of prof. fredrick m. asher, walter m. spink, b.g. gokhale, p.k. agrawala, (the late) k.d. bajpai, m.k. dhavalikar, s.n. chaturvedi and dr. s.p. gupta on indian art of the gupta age.
The feudal order: state, society and ideology in early medievalIndia
Jha, Dwijendra Narayan (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

a collection of articles by eminent historians with an unquestionable grasp of the primary sources, the work underlines the heuristic value of the fedual construction for a meaningful understanding of historical processes at work in early medieval india.
The state in medieval kashmir
Hangloo, RL
2000, Hardcover
The making of Indo-Persian culture: Indian and French studies
Alam, Muzaffar et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

the sixteen essays that make up this volume were originally presented at a seminar `the evolution of medieval indian culture: the indo-persian context\', held at jawaharlal nehru university, new delhi on 14-16 february 1994.
Foreign trade in early medieval India
Brajesh Krishna
2000, Hardcover
Faces of the feminine in ancient, medieval and modern India
Bose, Mandakranta (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Mughal-Iranian relations: during sixteenth century
Barzegar, Karim Najafi (b.1962)
2000, Hardcover
Marathas in Panipat, 1761
2000, Hardcover

the three battles of panipat were fought in 1526, 1556 and 1761. this work deals with the third battle fought between ahmad shah durrani and the marathas.
Encyclopaedia of architecture in the Indian subcontinent, 2vols., by E.B. Havell (Set)
2004, Hardcover

vol.1: ancient and early medieval. vol.2: medieval and later (from the first muhammadan invasion onwards). this book is a scholarly account of the glories of india\'s architectural heritage and deals with the entire subcontinent including pakistan, nepal, bangladesh and sri lanka.
Harvesting water and rationalization of agriculture in north medieval India (thirteenth-sixteenth centuries)
Verma, HC
2001, Hardcover

the book seeks to comprehend and evaluate the general views associated with watering of agricultural fields in medieval india against the backdrop of a commonly accepted notion that wells formed the most widely distributed common source of irrigation in those days, and that there was no \'canal\' in the same way we understand them today.