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Leaves of life, tr. by P.A. Lad
Dalvi, Jayawant (1925-1995)
1998, Paperback

fiction based on biographial memoirs, this book captures a byone of fedual loyalities in a small konkani village. lad\'s translation on the marathi original retains the strains of rural dialects and idioms.
Sketches from my past: encounters with India's oppressed, atranslation of Mahadevi Varma's Ateet ke chalchitra by Neera Kuckreja Sohoni, Boston, 1994
Varma, Mahadevi (b.1907-1987)
1999, N

in this dramatically powerful collection of real-life portraits of oppressed women and other deprived members of indian society, mahadevi varma weaves her memoirs around other people\'s lives rather than her own.
One world one family
Das, Gana Nath
1998, Hardcover

the author has put in his personal experiences in rich account of the countries, peoples and civilisations of different nations, he had chance to see himself.
Political prisoners in India
Singh, Ujjwal Kumar
1998, N

based on official documents, prison memoirs and interviews, this work argues that \'political prisonerhood\' is historically constructed and manifests the intricacies of power relationships at particular hisltorical moments.
The Lalitavistara: memoirs of the early life of Sakya Sinha, (Chapters I-XIV), English tranl. by R.L. Mitra
1998, Hardcover
Blood and tears
Suchdeva, Hari Krishan (b.1924)
1996, Paperback

memoirs of a retired army officer narrating the gory events of partition of indian and his personal suffering.
Beyond boundaries: a memoir
Paul, Swraj (b.1931)
1999, Paperback
On the brink: travels in the wilds of India
Menon, Vivek
1999, N

author\'s reminiscences about the animals in the sanctuaries of india.
Memoirs of the Zoological survey of India: Vol.16 No.1: Taxonomic studies on some of the Indian non-mulberry silk-moths(Lepidoptera: Saturniidae: Satruniinae) by G.S. Arora et al
1979, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.16 No.2: Monograph on Holothuria (Metriatyla) scabra by M. Mary Bai Jaeger
1980, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.16 No.3: Oriental Aphidoidea: Key to the genera and synoptic list by B.K.Agarwala et al
1985, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.16 No.4: Littoral Harpacticoida(Crustacea: Copepoda) from the Andaman andNicobar Islands by J.B.J. Wells et al
1987, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.17 No.1: Review of the genera of family Rhizophagidae(Clavicornia: Coleoptera) of the world by T. Sengupta
1988, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.17 No.2: Monograph on Nichollsia Khasiensis (Crustacea: Isopoda.Phreatoicoidea: Nichollsidae) by Chopra and Tiwari
1989, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.17 No.3: A taxonomic review of the genus Aphis Linnaeus (Homoptera: Aphididae) in India by L.K. Ghosh
1990, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.17 No.4: Sipunculans of Indian Coasts by B.P. Haldar
1991, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.18 No.1: A Taxonomic Review of Indian Tetranychidae (Acari: Prostigmata)with descriptions of known species and keys to Genera and ..
1994, Hardcover

species by s.k.gupta et al
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.18 No.2: Anuran (Amphibia) Fauna of Northeast India by S.K. Chandra
1994, Hardcover
Outside CBI
1999, Hardcover

memoirs of a former director of cbi, india.
Freedom on trial: memories of a freedom fighter
Toofan, Brijmohan
1999, Hardcover
A journey to disillusionment
Mazari, Sherbaz Khan
1999, Hardcover

memoirs of a leading opposition figure in pakistan during bhutto and zia eras and also throws light on the history of that period
Out of place: a memoir
Said, Edward W (b.1935)
1999, Hardcover
Timepass: the memoirs of Protima Bedi, with Pooja Bedi Ebrahim
Bedi, Protima
1999, Hardcover

an autobiographical account of protima bedi(1949-98) a former model in bombay and an accomplished dancer.
The Baburnama: memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor, tr., ed. and annotated by Wheeler M. Thackston
1996, Hardcover

contents: part 1: fergana and transoxiana. part 2: kabul. part 3:hindustan.
Mad dogs and an Englishwomen: the memoirs of Crystal Rogers,
Rogers, Crystal (1906-1996)
2000, Paperback
Memoirs of a bygone era
Deo, PK
2000, Paperback
Fred's foibles
Freemantle, FL
2000, Hardcover
From purdah to people; memoirs of Padma Shri Rani Laxmi Kumari Chundawat
Taft, Frances (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

in this book, a remarkable woman who is also a gifted story-teller, recounts the reminiscences of her adventurous life.
Thirty years in a red house: a memoir of childhood and youth in communist China, foreword by Ross Terrill, Amherst, 1998
Di, Zhu Xiao
2000, Paperback
Reversing the gaze: Amar Singh's diary, a colonial subject's narrative of imperial India, ed. and comm. by Susanne Hoeber Rudolph et al
2000, Hardcover

these selections, from the years 1898 to 1905, aare the work of the young amar singh. he records his sense of discovery and surprise at diverse sites: the jodhpur court, the women\'s quarters of the jaipur haveli, lord curzon\'s imperial cadet corps, the british expeditionary force in china.