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Mathematics in history, culture, philosophy and science: from ancient times to modern age
Tiwari, Sarju (1934- )
1992, N
The economy of modern India, 1860-1970
1993, N
Vaiyakaranabhusanasara of Kaunda Bhatta: an analytical study
Rathore, Sandhya
1998, N

the present study is a critical examination of kaunda bhatta\'s arguments. it brings out the relevance of paninian grammar in understanding the modern theories of meaning, semantics and syntax.
Teach yourself Panjabi: based on modernmost linguistic, pedalgogical and psychological methodologies by Hardev Bahri
1997, Hardcover
Amrtamandakini: Dr. G.B. Palsule felicitation volume, ed. by Saroja Bhate (in English and Sanskrit)
1998, Paperback

contains forty-two articles covering diverse indological areas and discipline, such as linguistics, dharmashastras, sanskrit literature, classical as well as modern etc. to felicitate dr. g.b. palsule, an indologist and scholar in the field of sanskrit philology.
Linguistic theory, language contact and modern Hindustani: the three sides of a linguistic theory
Singh, Rajendra
1998, Hardcover
Indian literature: positions and propositions
Satchidanandan, k (b.1946)
1999, N

the essays in this volume revaluate concepts and movements like modernism, dalit literature, nativism and feminism and offer close readings of the texts of a number of indian writers including premchand, mirza ghalib, mahasweta devi, ramakanta rath, kamala das, chandrasekhara kambar and ayyappa paniker.
Mulk Raj Anand: the Raj and the Writer
Vijayasree, C (b.1953)
1998, N

mulk raj anand is one of the major voices of modern india. this book locates his fictional work in the contex of colonial and postcolonial politics and studies the dialectic relationship that exists between the texts and contexts in which these texts are produced.
Outline of Hindi literature
Mishr, Ram Prasad
1998, N

contents: (i) the period of transition (800-1300 a.d.) (ii) the period of renaissance (1300-1600 a.d.) (iii) the period of classicism (1600-1800 a.d.) (iv) the period ofmodern consciousness (since 1800 a.d.) (i) the age of reformation (1800-1900 a.d.) (ii) the age of idealism (1900-20 a.d.) (iii) the age of romaniticism (1920-40 a.d.) (iv) the age of realism (since 1940 a.d.)
Modern fiction and criticism
Prakash, R
1999, N

contents: (i) the making of a critic (ii) the twenties: criticism ans cultural transformation (iii) the critic and the creative mind (iv)the creative will: wyndham lewis on art (v) criticism in practice: lewis on contemporary novelists (vi) lewis on eliot\'s impersonal theory of poerty.
Modern English literature: the real and the imagined, the people world of Ted hughes
Usha, Vt
1998, N
The critiques: reading literatures and cultures
Rama, RP (ed.)
1997, N

the volume includes studies in modern indian poetry in english, major twentieth century british and australian literary texts, and an essay on the shakespearean offshoots.
Folklore in modern India
Handoo, Jawaharlal
1998, N

this volume is the result of the papers presented is some of the general sessions of the xith congress of the international society for folk narrative research (isfnr). hosted by the central institute of indian language in mysore in january 1995.
Modern Indian novel in English
Pathak, RS
1999, N

the present book contains in-depth analysis of important aspects of modern indian novels written in english. the papers contained in it concentrate mainly on less familiar but crucial aspects of the fictional art of some major writers.
Women in Indo-Anglian fiction: tradition and modernity
Jain, Naresh K (ed.)
1998, N

the writers studied are r.k. narayan, raja rao, bhabani bhattacharya, kamala markandaya, ruth prawer jhabvala, rama mehta, arun joshi, salman rushdie, nayantara sahgal, anita desai, gita mehta, bharati mukherjee and shama futehally.
Of clowns and gods, Brahmans and Babus: humour in South Asian literatures
Oesterheld, Christina et al. (ed.)
1999, N

the book contains a broad spectrum of essays on the subject in modern and pre-modern, in classical and folk, and in written and oral literatures from almost all corners of the subcontinent.
The return of Sarasvati: four Hindi poets, tr. by David Rubin
1998, N

the period in hindi literature known as \'chayavad\' marked a first blossoming of poetry in modern hindi, which, for its originality, depth and technical resourcefulness, still remains unsurpassed in the language. this book provides a sampling of four major poets of this revival, jayashankar prasad, nirala, sumitranandan pant and mahadevi varma.
Little kingdoms: a travel adventure
Sundarji, Vikram (b.1957)
1998, Paperback

alive with wit and iconodastic insight, this book is a pleasantly self-depreciating account of a modern man\'s search for himself and his god in an ancient land.
Desert shadows, tr. from the Malayalam by K.M. Sherrif
1998, Paperback

a powerful story about one man\'s refusal to give in to the barrenness of modern life.
A poem at the right moment: remembered verses from Pre-modern South India, collected and tr. by Velcheru Narayanan
1999, Paperback
Mahadevi Varma and the chhayavad age of modern Hindi poetry, California, 1983
Schomer, Karine
1998, Paperback
Unani: the science of Graeco-Arabic medicine.
Ahmad, Jamil et al.
1998, N

heavily illustrated, this book gives the reader a glimpse of an old science the value of which the modern world seems to be just waking up to
Ayurveda and aromatherapy: the earth essential guide to ancient wisdom and modern healing, U.S.A., 1995
Miller, Light et al.
2012, Hardcover
Ayurveda revolutionized: integrating ancient and modern Ayurveda, foreword by David Frawley
Tarabilda, Edward F
1998, Hardcover
Anatomy of modern society: exerpts from Max & Engels; ed. with an introd
Bapuji, BR (ed.)
1993, Hardcover
Perspectives in contemporary philosophy
Chakravarty, Dilip Kumar (ed.)
1998, N
The oneness/otherness mystery: the synthesis of science and mysticism
Bhattacharya, Sutapas (b.1964)
1999, Hardcover

it intends to resolve the central problems of eastern and western philosophy, the question of the meaning of the mystical union and the question, which has arisen in the modern west, of the relationship between consciousness and the so-called \'physical world\'.
Sree Narayana Guru: a critical study, transl. into English by K. Sadanandan, foreword by Saswathikananda Swamigal
Jayakumar, Vijayalayam
2017, Paperback

it is a holistic, at once compelling account of a saint-reformer of modern kerala: sree narayana guru (1856-1928). veritably a versatile genuis: a sage, philosopher, poet and social revolutionary, all rolled into one, gurudeva was a perfect, though largely inscrutable, human being who, like svami ramakrsna paramahamsa, created new tracts of his own in the realm of indian philos ...
Facets of recent Indian philosophy, Vols.2&3 (Set)
Balasubramanian, R (ed.)
1994, Hardcover

contributed research papers presented at the annual sessions of the indian philosophical congress.
T.M.P. Mahadevan
Balasubramanian, R et al. (ed.)
1998, Hardcover

this monograph is a comprehensive study and interpretation of the writings of mahadevan who was both an academic and a spiritual man.