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Amrtamandakini: Dr. G.B. Palsule felicitation volume, ed. by Saroja Bhate (in English and Sanskrit)
1998, Paperback

contains forty-two articles covering diverse indological areas and discipline, such as linguistics, dharmashastras, sanskrit literature, classical as well as modern etc. to felicitate dr. g.b. palsule, an indologist and scholar in the field of sanskrit philology.
Modern fiction and criticism
Prakash, R
1999, N

contents: (i) the making of a critic (ii) the twenties: criticism ans cultural transformation (iii) the critic and the creative mind (iv)the creative will: wyndham lewis on art (v) criticism in practice: lewis on contemporary novelists (vi) lewis on eliot\'s impersonal theory of poerty.
Modern Indian novel in English
Pathak, RS
1999, N

the present book contains in-depth analysis of important aspects of modern indian novels written in english. the papers contained in it concentrate mainly on less familiar but crucial aspects of the fictional art of some major writers.
Ayurveda and aromatherapy: the earth essential guide to ancient wisdom and modern healing, U.S.A., 1995
Miller, Light et al.
2012, Hardcover
Political modernization in the Gulf
Ansari, Shahid Jamal
1998, N

contents: (i) poliical modernization: a conceptual framework (ii) education and political modernization (iii) political participation and political change in the arab gulf states (iv) development administration and bureaucracy in the arab gulf (v) regional intergration and pan-arabism (vi) conclusions.
Awaken Bharata: a call for India's rebirth, with a forewordby Ram Swarup
Frawley, David (Vamadeva Shastri)
2012, Paperback

the theme of the present book is the need for a resurgent hinduism, particularly on an intellectual level: a new hindu intelligentsia to meet the challenge of the media and computer age and the burgeoning information revolution. such a new hindu intelligentsia requires both a critique of anti-hindu forces, which are numerous and well-funded, and a self-examination among hindus, ...
Freedom of expression: secular theocracy versus liberal democracy, comp. and ed. by Sita Ram Goel
1998, Hardcover

the concept of secularism as known to the modern west is dreaded, derided and denounced in the strongest terms by the foundational doctrines of christianity and islam. both of these doctrines prescribe theocracy under which the state serves as the secular arm of the church or the ummah, and society is regimented by the sacred canon or the shariat. it is, therefore, intriguing t ...
Genesis and evolution of the Rama Katha in Indian art, thought, literature and culture (from the earliest period to themodern times), 3 vols (Set)
Nagar, Shantilal (b.1927)
1999, Hardcover
The making of modern Hinduism
Sondhi, ML et al. (ed.)
1999, N

this collection of essays covering a span of three decades of writing cover several important themes: the matrix of peace and confluct, religious and philosophical thinking, renewal and renaissance, the gandhian discourse, the emerging role of women and humanism in the arts
Pratityasamutpada (45 essays in Hindi, English and Sanskrit), ed. by R.S. Tripathi
1986, Hardcover

this is a collection of essays on pratityasamutpada, presented by scholars who participated in the all india seminar organized by the institute in 1981. scholars reflect on the department origination theory, the pivot of the buddha doctrine, through traditional, modern and western views. forty five articles are included in this volume out of which 9 are in hindi, 13 are in engl ...
Dalits in modern India: vision and values
Michael, SM (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

this volume explores the social, economic, political and cultural content of the dalit articulatin and its relevance for the nation, both today and in the future.
History through personalities: footprints, handprints and fingerprints on the sands of time
Ramalingam, P
1996, Paperback

provides valuable information and understanding about the great men and women, whose lives, ideas and deeds and achievements been portrayed in the book, starting from ancient to the modern times.
Handbook of Indian art: a chronicle of paintings and sculptures
Khosa, Sunil
1998, Hardcover

contents:- (i) ancient india (ii) early india (iii) classical india (iv) medieval india (v) mughal period (vi) rajput period (vii) modern period.
Peasants, artisan and entrepreneurs: economy of Marwar in the seventeenth century
Bhadani, BL
1999, N

the study examines different aspects of the economy of marwar during the 17th century, with the help of rajasthani and persian texts and documents, european and indian travellers\' accounts and modern records.
Woven on the loom of time: many faiths and one divine purpose
Bryant, M Darrol
1999, Hardcover

the essays study different dimensions of the modern autonomous individual existence such as the pre-selfconscious self and the mind’s ‘insane’ aspects. they discuss artistic, especially aesthetic, experience, and ethics and moral philosophy.
Artisan of the Paradise: a study of Kashmir art and artisans from ancient to modern times
Dhar, DN
1999, Hardcover
Eclipse: a celestial shadow play
Shylaja, BS et al.
1999, Paperback

it traces the history of eclipses from ancient records, mythology and folklore, right up to the modern day, state-of-the-art astronomical research.
India's secularism: new name for national subversion, original in Hindi by Sita Ram Goel, tr. into English by Yashpal Sharma
1999, Paperback

the ideology secularism had taken shape during the european enlightenment (18-19 centuries). pandit jawaharlal nehru who had never used the term in his pre-independence writings or speeches, simply picked up a prestigious world form the western political parlance and made it mean the opposite of what it meant in the west. the outcome of this perversion proved disastrous for the ...
Theory and practice of Muslim state in India
Lal, KS
1999, Paperback

the theory part is traced to the quran, the hadis and the sunnah of the prophet; the practice part to the principal activities of muslim rulers in india as narrated by their chroniclers. muslim state in india has not ceased to exist even in modern times and indian muslims on account of islamic laws and separate identity almost form a separate state within the indian state.
Towards freedom: documents on the movement for Independencein India 1938, 3 Parts, with a preface by Sarvapalli Gopal (Set)
Chatterji, Basudev (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) british india: political cross-currents (ii) economic nationalism (iii) nation building (iv) provincial autonomy at work (v) provincial ministries (vi) indian states (vii) struggle for responsible government in india states.
Independence years: the selected Indian and Commonwealth papers of Nicholas Mansergh, foreword by Sarvapelli Gopal
Mansergh, Diana (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

this volume consists of a series of articles and lectures that offer a historical commentary on the events leading to india\'s independence and subsequent developments.
The partition in retrospect
Singh, Amrik (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

contents: (i) towards partition (ii) the punjab tangle (iii) the division of bengal (iv) perspective on partition (v) the partition and beyond.
The Bhagavadgita for our times
Lipner, Julius J (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

a collection of seven essays exploring the meaning and symbolism of this challenging ancient text to reveal how it is still relevant in addressing the problems of the modern world, in terms of dharma (duty), kama (desire), artha(wealth) and moksa(freedom).
Independence and partition: the erosion of colonial power in India
Mahajan, Sucheta (b.1958)
2000, Hardcover
The Martyr: Bhagat Singh experiments in revolution
Nayar, Kuldip
2000, Hardcover
Treasures of Indian art: Germany's tribute to India'a cultural heritage, ed. by Saryu Doshi
Gadebusch, Raffael Dedo et al.
1998, Hardcover

reproduction of treasures displayed at an exhibition at national museum, new delhi, indian museum, calcutta and national gallery of modern art at mumbai on the occasion of india\'s 50 years of independence.
India ink:letters from India 1953-61 by Martha McKee Keehn and the Keehn collection of modern Indian art
2000, Hardcover
On Hinduism: reviews and reflections, foreword by David Frawley
Swarup, Ram (1920-1998)
2000, Paperback

there are two major groups of religions in the world today. first are the conversion-based monotheistic creeds of christianity and islam. second are the pluralistic dharmic traditions of india, of which hinduism is the oldest and the largest. chinese taoism and japanese shinto have an affinity with dharmic traditions. so also the indigenous religious traditions of pre-christian ...
Meditations: yogas, gods, religions, foreword by David Frawley
Ram Swarup
2000, Hardcover

the exploration of consciousness is an ancient and unique specialization of hindu spirituality which sees consciousness as the very ground and being of the entire universe. consciousness is the key word for the hindu mind and meditation is the main methodology to develop it. there is a new interest in spirituality today, evidenced by the popularity of yoga and meditation worldw ...
Resurgent Bengal: Rammohun, Bankimchandra, Rabindranath
Datta, Bhabatosh (b.1925)
2000, Hardcover

these articles written on different occasions over decades contain a general understanding of the historic phenomenon.