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Beyond the crisis of the European sciences, Vol.1
Sundara Rajan, R
1998, N

contents: (i) from possibility to hope: the life history of science (ii) towards new beginnings (iii) image of nature and images of the divine: in search of a new understanding (iv) language and the political: first steps towards the theory of the civitas (v) between communitas and civitas (vi) the naturalization of the human and the humanization of nature: ambiguities of moder ...
Encyclopaedia of natural history, 6 vols (Set)
Duncan, P Martin (ed.)
1990, Hardcover
The Rigveda: a historical analysis
Talageri, Shrikant G (b.1958)
2000, Hardcover

the rigveda is the oldest and most important source of material for india, indo-aryan, and even indo-european history. it is a text which has been part of a hoary and widespread living tradition thousands of years old. naturally, a text which has remained alive, as part of a living tradition, for so long cannot and should not be analysed without reference to what that tradition ...
Sketches of the natural history of Ceylon with narratives and anecdotes
Tennent, J Emerson
1999, Hardcover

illustrative of the habits and instincts of the mammalia, birds, reptiles, fishes insects, including a monograph of the elephant and a description of the modes of capturing and training it with engravings from original drawings.
Ranthambhore beyond tigers
Chaudhary, SS
2000, Hardcover

vivid account about the history of kingdom of ranthambhore, ranthambhore fort and natural history of the ranthambhore national park.
A concise descriptive catalogue of the Arabic manuscripts in the Salar Jung Museum and Library, Vol.VIII: Concerning 206 manuscripts on mathematics, astronomy,...............
2000, Paperback

astrology, medicine, natural history and alchemy, compiled by maulana a\'l-haj muhammad ashraf, with a foreword by a.k.v.s. reddy
Silent Valley-whispers of reason
Manoharan, TM et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

the articles in this volume have been presented in four parts. the first part narrates the historical evolution of silent valley national park, kerala. the second part gives glimpses of the evolution of its management strategies. the third and fourth parts deal the flora and fauna and their endemicity, rarity and diversity.
Encyclopaedia of Indian natural history, centenary publication of the Bombay Natural History Society 1883-1983, ed. by R.E. Hawkins et al
2001, Hardcover
Manimahesh Chamba Kailash
Sharma, Kamal Prasad (b.1934)
2001, Hardcover

a research monograph dealing in depth with the geographic location and natural history of the area alongwith the mythological references to siva and saivite tradition, as gleaned through the centuries-old beliefs and practices of the inhabitants of siva-bhumi or the siva-land brahmaur.
Of myths and movements: rewriting Chipko into Himalayan history
Rangan, Haripriya
2001, Hardcover

contents: (i) myth and marginalisation, (ii) passages from history to nature, (iii) naturalised himalaya, (iv) himalayan backwardness, (v) biogeography of control, (vi) development in the margins, (vii) chipko\'s movements, (viii) regional questions and sustainable development.
The universe: encyclopaedia of natural history
Pouchet, Felix-Archimede (1800-1872)
2001, Hardcover

illustrated by 270 engravings from drawings by a. faguet, mesnel and bayard.
Dawn of modern marine science in India: collection of papers on natural history
Dutta, Jyotirmoy (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

published in the journal of the asiatic society of bengal.
The dance of the sarus: essays of a wandering naturalist
Baskaran, S Theodore
2002, Paperback

the book is the outcome of the authors\' journeys and postings to different parts of the country and his unending forays into areas rich in natural history.
The book of Indian reptiles and amphibians
Daniel, JC
2002, Hardcover

the book is focused on the natural history of the species described and is an introductory volume meant for the amateur and beginner in the study of herpetology.
Glimpses of Bengal: a comprehensive, archaeological, biographical and pictorial history of Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and present day Bangladesh, 2 vols (Set)
Campbell, A Claude
2003, Hardcover

a fabulous compilation of life and time of bengal 100 and more years ago. over 115 histories and biographies with illustrations, make this journey into the past a very special one. this is the first representation of the most characteristic architectural and natural beauty of bengal.
The tiger in India: a natural history
Daniel, JC
2001, Hardcover
Inventing global ecology: tracking the biodiversity ideal in India, 1945-1997
Lewis, Michael
2003, Hardcover

a thoroughly researched and documented study of the policies, prospects and pragmatics of ecological and ethical decisions that ought to determine india\'s future.
Salim Ali: India's birdman
Dutta Gupta, Reeta
2003, Hardcover

this is the delightful story of the man whose name has become a legend in the field of indian ornithology. the driving force behind the bombay natural history society, salim ali was the most outspoken advocate of the conservation of india\'s avifauna.
Essentials of biography
Mathur, HS
2003, Hardcover

the focus of this book is on the basic characteristics and distribution patterns of plant communities, their soil and the associated animal life-- the chief components of the biosphere.
Petronia: fifty years of post-Independence ornithology in India: a centenary dedication to Dr. Salim Ali (1896-1996)
Daniel, JC et al. (ed.)
2003, Hardcover
Panorama of north-east India
Mishra, Shyam Nath
2004, Hardcover

it provides excellent illustrations of the day-to-day life of the people of north-east india, their culture, social life, natural scenic beauty as well as an insight into the mysterious historical backgrounds.
Vedic venues, Vol.2, 2013, ed. by Nicholas Kazanas et al.
2013, Hardcover

yes, we have here yet another periodical on the vedic culture, whose riches seem inexhaustible. for apart from the humility dirghatamas expresses, we meet many ideas of deep philosophical import as in 3.54.8 which states that the one rules the entire manifest multiplicity; or in 3.55 where the refrain states that single (ekam) is the great god-power (asuratvam) of the gods, and ...
Chinese sources of South Asian history in translation: datafor study of India-China relations through history, Vol.1
Ray, Haraprasad
2004, Hardcover

the present volume contains the notices, memoirs, biographies, basic annals of chinese rulers and accounts of different nature from the official and unofficial histories, and records of flora, supernatural anecdotes and sundry matters.
An introduction to historical plant geography, USA, 1950
Wulff, EV
1994, Hardcover

contents: (i) historical plant geography (ii) history of the science (iii) areas, their centers and boundaries (iv) the origin of areas (v) types of areas (vi) parallelism in the geographical distribution of plants and animals and correlation between the distribution of parasites and that of their plant hosts (vii) artificial factors in the geographical distribution of plants ( ...
New lights: on Indo-European comparative grammar
Misra, Satya Swarup
1994, Hardcover

contents: (i) indo-european primary vowels (ii) indo-european secondary vowels (iii) indo-european natural series (iv) problems regarding ie aspirates (v) problems regarding ie non-aspirates (vi) the larygeal theory (vii) origin of the cerebral sounds in sanskrit (viii) indo-european conjuncts (ix) prehistory of ie nominal endings (x) indo-european pronouns (xi) indo-european n ...
Elephas maximus: a portrait of the Indian elephant
Alter, Stephen
2004, Paperback

the author\'s search takes him from national parks where he observes elephants in the wild to the annual sonepur mela where they are bought and sold, to kota where they once played a unique role in royal festivals.
The use and abuse of nature, incorporating (a) This fissured land: an ecological history of India, (b) Ecology and equity
Gadgil, Madhav et al.
2004, Paperback
Lives in the wilderness: three classic Indian autobiographies: My India, by Jim Corbett, The tribal world of Verrier Elwin, by Verrier Elwin, The fall of a sparrow, .....
2004, Paperback

by salim ali, with an introd. by ramachandra guha
The highlands of central India: notes on the forests and wild tribes, natural history and sports
Forsyth, J
1994, Hardcover

contents: (i) the narbada valley (ii) the mahadeo hills (iii) the aboriginal tribes (iv) the lay of saint lingo (v) the teak region (vi) the tiger (vii) the higher narbada (viii) the sal forest (ix) an exploration in the far east.
State of the Indian farmer: a millennium study, 27 vols. with CD-ROM (Set)
2004, Hardcover

vol.1: an overview, by yoginder k. alagh, vol.2: land resources, by g.k. chadha et al., vol.3: water resources, by k.v. raju et al., vol.4: rural infrastructure, by sukhadeo thorat el al., vol.5: technology generation and ipr issues, by ghayur alam, vol.6: agricultural extension, by p.m. shingi et al., vol.7: agricultural credit in india, by surjit singh et al., vol.8: input ma ...