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The politics of Indian's English linguistic colonialism andthe expanding English empire
Krishnaswamy, N et al.
1998, N

the book includes examples of indian english, from newspaper advertisements and official letters to fiction and poetry, which are examined in the wide context of the politics of language.
Tamil poetry through the ages, Vol.1: Ettuttokai: the eightanthologies, English rendering by S.M. Ponniah
Hikosaka, Shu et al. (ed.)
1997, N
Mysticism of love in Saiva Tirumurais
Sasivalli, VC (b.1939)
1995, N

on tirumurai anthology of tamil saivite devotional poetry.
Literature and ideology: essays in interpretation: festschrift for Jasbir Jain
Singh, Veena (ed.)
1998, N

the book contains twenty-three essays by distinguished critics on fiction, poetry translation and biography covering both theoretical and comparative approaches, from india and abroad.
The critiques: reading literatures and cultures
Rama, RP (ed.)
1997, N

the volume includes studies in modern indian poetry in english, major twentieth century british and australian literary texts, and an essay on the shakespearean offshoots.
Gems of speech: selected Sanskrit subhashitas, comp. by Manhar Jai
1998, Hardcover

sanskrit gnomic poetry with english translation.
Commonwealth English literature
Bhatnagar, Manmohan K (ed.)
1999, N

it seeks to put together the body of writing-poetry, fiction, novella -in india, sri lanka, the west indies, africa, canada and australia to discover how despite its seeming divergence and dissimilarities, it falls into a broad pattern with regard to the choise of themes and formal strategies.
Critical essays on post-colonial literature, revised and enlarged third edition
Das, Bijay Kumar
2012, Hardcover

it attempts to analyze post-comlonial poetry, caribbean poetry, indian english poetry canadian fiction, indian english fiction, short-story and drama. this is well researched and useful book for teachers and students of english literature and research in this field, in india and abroad.
Thomas Hardy's poetry and existentialsm
Patil, Mallikarjun
1999, N

the book is a scholarly work which throws ample light on hardy, a poet-thinker and analysis his views on man, nature, society, god and universe.
Margaret Atwood: the shape-shifter
Vevaina, Coomi S et al. (ed.)
1998, N

the collection of essays on the novels, short fiction and poetry of canada\'s best known writer margaret atwood.
Roaring recitals: five Nepali poets--Gopal Prasad Rimal, Bhupi Sherchan, Banira Giri, Shailendra Sakar and Bimal Nibha,ed. and translated from the Nepali and Yuyutsu R.D.
1999, N
India and the romantic imagination
Drew, John
1998, Paperback

this book argues for an indian influence on the western imagination in general, and on english romantic poetry in particular
The return of Sarasvati: four Hindi poets, tr. by David Rubin
1998, N

the period in hindi literature known as \'chayavad\' marked a first blossoming of poetry in modern hindi, which, for its originality, depth and technical resourcefulness, still remains unsurpassed in the language. this book provides a sampling of four major poets of this revival, jayashankar prasad, nirala, sumitranandan pant and mahadevi varma.
The Ayodhya Cantos: poems
Nair, Rukmini Bhaya
1999, N

in this impressive collection of poems, the author, weaves together complex strands of mythology, history and contemporary reality to produce poetry that is richly allusive, lyrical and uncompromising. an immensely enriching read, the book reveals an accomplished poet at work.
Indian renaissance and Indian English poetry
Saha, Subhas Chandra (b.1946)
1998, N
Freedom and fissures: an antology of Sindhi partition poetry, tr. from the Sindhi original by Anju Makhija et al
1998, Paperback
Kavyagangapravahah: vimsatitamasatake Samskrtakavyasangraharupah (in Sanskrit), comp. and ed. by Shri Ram Velanakar w3ith introd. in English
1996, Hardcover

anthology of twentieth century sanskrit poetry.
An outline history of English literature
Hudson, William Henry
1999, N

the book has a wide coverage and studies all the famous writers of english literature in the field of poetry, fiction, essay etc. the writers covered among others,include geofferey chaucerr, william shakespeare, milton, john dryden, alexander pope, samuel johnson, william wordsworth and alfred tennyson.
Mahadevi Varma and the chhayavad age of modern Hindi poetry, California, 1983
Schomer, Karine
1998, Paperback
Ko vai rasah of Pullela Ramacandruduh, Skt. text, with preface in English by Mandan Misra
1997, Hardcover

on aesthetics in hindu philosophy and sanskrit poetry.
The poetry of Emily Dickinson: major themes and paradoxicalvision
Agrawal, RK
1993, N
The mantra of vision: an overview of Sri Aurobindo's aesthetics
Murali, S (b.1959)
1997, N

contents:(i) the premises of sri aurobindo\'s aesthetics (ii) the nature and essence of poetry (iii) overhead poetry and overmental aesthesis (iv) poetics of the mantra (v) poetry and becoming (vi) savitri (vii) conclusion.
The essential writings of Sri Aurobindo
Heehs, Peter (ed.)
1998, N

this volume includes writings covering more than fifty years (1893-1950) of aurobindo\'s life, arranged in six sections according to his main areas of interest; politics, the indian tradition social and political theory, philosophy, yoga, poetry and poetics.
The visionary and mytic poetry of Khams-smyon Dharma-Senggebeing the text of Khams smyon dharma senge ge'i nyams mgur..
1970, N

chu zla\'i gar \'phreng reproduced from the edition prepared by \'chi-med rdo -rje (padma-rgya-mtsho)
Subhasita-ratna-bhandagaram or gems of Sanskrit poetry: being a collection of Witty, epigrammatic, instructive and descriptive verses with their sources, enl. and re-edited ......
1998, Hardcover

......with sources etc. by narayana ram acharya ``kavyatirtha
Ancient Roman literature, 2 vols (Set)
Chaitanya, Krishna
1997, Paperback

vol.1: poetry, isbn-8125012303 vol.2: drama, the novel and literature of thought, isbn-8125012311]
The tree of tongues: an anthology of modern Indian poetry
Ramakrishnan, EV (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Songs of love and other poems, foreword by V.R. Krishna Iyer
Joseph, EX
1999, Hardcover
The collected essays of A.K. Ramanujan
Dharwadker, Vinay et al. (ed.)
2004, Paperback

pioneering translator of ancient tamil poetry into english and perhaps modern india\'s finest english-language poet, a.k. ramanujan(1929-93) has also been recognized as one of the world\' most profound scholar of south asian language and culture. over a period of four decades, ramanujan wrote a series of essays on literature and culture that embody a wide range of experience an ...
The African poetry and drama
Agarwalla, Shyam S (b.1943) (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

the present volume represents as fully as possible, first the poets, secondly the playwrights, and thirdly all regions of africa and the diaspora. particularly emphasis is placed on nigerian gender poetry, yoruba theatre, eastern african traditionalism, african-american movement and african-canadian writing.