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Protecting the cultural heritage (National Legislations andInternational Conventions)
Biswas, Sachindra Sekhar (b.1938)
1999, Hardcover

it provides for the first time a complete view of antiquarian laws of india and those in the international field as promugated by the unesco and agreed by the world community
Outlines of Muhammadan law, 4th ed
Fyzee, Asaf Ali
1999, Paperback
Unrestrained killings and the law: a comparative analysis of the laws of provocation and excessive self-defence in ...
Yeo, Stanley
1998, N

india, england and australia.
The classical law of India, tr. from the French by J. Duncan M.Derrett, California, 1973
Lingat, Robert (1892-1972)
1998, Paperback

an authoritative text on the concept of the dharma in indian legal history.
The politics of Indian's English linguistic colonialism andthe expanding English empire
Krishnaswamy, N et al.
1998, N

the book includes examples of indian english, from newspaper advertisements and official letters to fiction and poetry, which are examined in the wide context of the politics of language.
Mulk Raj Anand: the Raj and the Writer
Vijayasree, C (b.1953)
1998, N

mulk raj anand is one of the major voices of modern india. this book locates his fictional work in the contex of colonial and postcolonial politics and studies the dialectic relationship that exists between the texts and contexts in which these texts are produced.
The Sri Lankan political scene
Warnapala, WA Wiswa
1993, N
New social movements in the South: empowering the people
Wignaraja, Ponna (ed.)
1993, Hardcover
Gender politics in American fiction
Devees, CJ
1999, N
A mosaic of encounters (India and USA: literature, society and politics);
Mutalik-Desai, AA et al. (ed.)
1999, N
Arundhati Roy's The god of small things: critique and commentary
Sharma, RS et al.
1998, N

this a collection of acadmic writings, lectures, reportage, and editorial comments on the politics and history of bengal.
Rajnagar, English tr. by Kalpana Bardhan
Majumdar, Amiya Bhushan (b.1918)
1997, N

this novel, its heart an interwoven set of three different and equisite love stories, is a sophisticated account of the subterranean power politics of transition in colonial rule.
Flames of the Chinar: an autobiography; abridged and trans.from the Urdu by Khushwant Singh
Abdullah, Sheikh Mohammad
1993, Hardcover
Nehru socialism: colonialism, capitalism and ideology in the making of the state policy
Acharya, Jagabandhu
1993, Hardcover
The secret politics of our desires: innocence, calpability and Indian popular cinema
Nandy, Ashis (ed.)
1998, N

this collection of essays aims to create a sharper awareness of popular awareness of popular indian films as a possible souece for an alternative, non-formal frame of political and social analysis
A general theory of international relations
Bandyopadhyaya, Jayantanuja (1933- )
1993, N
Anatomy of modern society: exerpts from Max & Engels; ed. with an introd
Bapuji, BR (ed.)
1993, Hardcover
Chattopadhyay, Santi Nath
1998, N

brings to light the views of different scholars and thinkers in indian and abroad for a proper evalution of the concept of freedom in examining the potent creativity of man, manifested in multidimensional states in freedom.
Cultural traditions and idea of secularization
Chandel, Bhuven et al. (ed.)
1998, Paperback
Nepal-India: democracy in the making of mutual trust
Bhattarai, Dinesh et al
1993, N
Reason revisited: in relation to science, secularism anddemocracy
Subbaram, KV (b.1942)
1998, N

this collection of essays is concerned with human reason as a source of knowledge and its relationship with science, secularism and democracy. it pleads for the application of the scientific temper in indian society in its search for solutions to the problems it is faced with, in particular, in endeavours towards nation-building.
The essential writings of Sri Aurobindo
Heehs, Peter (ed.)
1998, N

this volume includes writings covering more than fifty years (1893-1950) of aurobindo\'s life, arranged in six sections according to his main areas of interest; politics, the indian tradition social and political theory, philosophy, yoga, poetry and poetics.
India: political and society: today and tommorrow: essays in honour of Professor Amal Kumar Mukhopadhyay
Gupta, Sobhanlal Datta (ed.)
1998, N
Documents of the Communist Movement in India, Vol.27 (1975-1977)
1998, Hardcover
Documents of the Communist Movement in India, Vol.28 (1978-79)
1998, Hardcover
Documents of the Communist Movement in India, Vol.21 (1984-1986)
1998, Hardcover
Documents of the Communist Movement in India, Vol.25 (1994-1996)
1998, Hardcover
Documents of the Communist Movement in India, Vol.20 (1982-1983)
1998, Hardcover
Documents of the Communist Movement in India, Vol.24 (1992-1993)
1998, Hardcover
Documents of the Communist Movement in India, Vol.16 (1973-1974)
1998, Hardcover