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Vanmayi, panorama of indological researches: Dr. Krishna Kant Chaturvedi felicitation Volume
Tripathi, Radha Vallabh (ed.)
1999, N

contains 37 articles offering new vistas in various discipline under sanskrit studies-veda, epics and puranas, grammar, literature & culture
Classical Hindu mythology: a reader in the Sanskrit Puranas, ed. and tr. by Cornelia Dimmitt and J.A.B. van Buitenen
1998, Hardcover

the mahapuranas embody the received tradition of hindu mythology. this anthology contains fresh translations of these myths, only a few of which have ever been available in english before, thus providing a rich new portion of hindu mythology.
Vimalaprabhatika of Kalkin Sripundarika on Srilaghukalacakratantra, by Srimanjusriyasa, Vol.3, Chief ed. by Samdhong Rinpoche, ed. Vrajavallabh Dwivedi et al
1994, Paperback

the vimalaprabha on the kalacakra tantra occupies a unique position in ;the buddhhist tantraism. it is not restricted just to tantraism, it also includes matters related to astronomy, ayurveda, tasasastra, non-buddhist tantras, yogatantra, vedas, puranas, dharmasastra, other systems of indian philosophy and several other subjects. this volume comprises fifth chapter (jnanapatal ...
Religion in social flux: as seen in the main Purana-s
1998, Hardcover

contents: (i) cosmogony, cosmology and philosophy in the puranas (ii) varna system in the puranas (iii) asrama system in the puranas (iv) puranic deities: trinity in the purana-s (v) some other divinities in the purana-s (vi) vows (vrata-s), giving away gifts (dana) and pilgrimage (tirtha yatra-s) (vii) miscellaneous.
A companion to Dharmasastra
Banerji, Sures Chandra (b.1971)
1997, Hardcover

listed here, alphabetically, are the major authors with their biographical sketches. and, these besides, the titles, together with descriptive details of their thematic contents, dates/probable dates of their composition, published editions and commentaries their upon. also included here are as many as 12 appendices which, in their totality, embody dharmasastra-based informatio ...
The foundation of Hinduism, Calcutta, 1955
Sinha, Jadunath
1999, Paperback

the book brings out the essentials of hinduism as expounded in the vedas, the main upanisads, the manusamhita, the ramayana, the mahabharata, the minor upanisads, the puranas, the bhagavat gita and the other gitas
Vidvanmanasahamsah: felicitation volume presented to Dr. Sivkumara Swamy on the completion of his 60th year, ed. by..
1998, Paperback

d. prahlada char et al. (english and sanskrit) felicitation volume in honour of dr. m. sivakumara swamy, a sanskrit scholar, contains several articles on sanskrit literature, vedas, puranas and allied topics
The Bhagavata (Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana), critical edition, Vol.4 Part 1 (Skandha X), critically ed. by K.K. Shastree, with introd. in English
1997, Hardcover
The Bhagvata (Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana), critical edition, Vol.1 (Skandha I to III), critically ed. by H.G.Shastri...
1996, N

introd. in english.
The Bhagvata (Srimada Bhavata Mahapurana), critical edition, Vol.4, Pts.II-A and II-B (bound in 1) (Skandha XI), .......
1998, N

critically ed. by k.k. shastree, with introd. in english
Srimad Bhagavatam of Vedavyas with Tatparya nirnaya of Sri Anandatirtha and Prakasika of Yadupatyacharya, Vol.1, ed. byK.T. Pandurangi, Skt. text
1997, Hardcover
Sri Vishnu Mahapurana, 2 vols. Skt. text with Hindi tr. by Shraddha Shukla (Set)
1998, Hardcover
Purana-sahityadarsah by Brijesh Kumar Shukla, Skt. text
1998, N
Srimadbhargavopapuranam (Skt.text), critically ed. by Brjesh Kumar Sukla
1994, Hardcover

hindu mythological text; critical edition.
Vedasarasahasram (Padmapurana), with comm. by Sri Paramasivedra Saraswati, ed. by S. Krishna-murthi Sastri et al
1993, Hardcover
Garudapuranam of Maharsi Vedavyasa, ed. with introd., indexes and textual criticism (in Hindi) by Ramshankar Bhattacharya, 2nd edition
1998, Hardcover
Agnipurana of Maharshi Vedavyasa, introd. in Hindi, indexes, notes in Sanskrit and ed. by Acharya Baladeva Upadhyaya, 2nd edition
1998, Hardcover
Visnupuranam (the critical edition), Vol.1 (1 to 3 Amsas), with an introduction in English and critically ed. by M.M. Pathak
1997, Hardcover
Kasimahatmya of Sri Sivananda Sarasvati, Skt. text, foreword by Mandan Mishra, ed. by Hariscandra Mani Tripathi
1997, Hardcover
Encyclopaedia Indica: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: a continuing series, Vols.21-35, ed. by S.S. Shashi (Set)
1998, N

vols.21-22: ramayana vol.23: gita vols.24-25: mahabharata vols.26-28: buddhism vols.29-31: jainism vols.32-35: puranas.
Studies in Puranas
Kantawala, SG
1999, Hardcover
Encyclopaedia of Hinduism: a continuing series, Vols.31-45,ed. by Nagendra Kr. Singh (Set)
2000, Hardcover

vols. 31-36: upanisadas. vols. 37-45: puranas.
Adi Purana, text with Hindi tr. by Shyam Sunder Lal Tripathi
1999, Hardcover
History of Indian literature: A new authoritative English translation by V.S. Sarma et al., 3 vols (Set)
Winternitz, M
2013, Hardcover

vol.1: introduction, veda, epics, puranas and tantras, tr. by v.s. sarma. (isbn: 8120802643) vol.2: buddhist and jaina literature, tr. by v.s. sarma, (isbn: 8120802650) vol.3 (2 pts. in one): pt.i: classical sanskrit literature, pt.ii: scientific literature, tr. by s.jha, (isbn: 8120800564)
Bhagawatam, originally in Sanskrit with English tr. by Girish Pandey, foreword by Murli Manohar Joshi
2000, Hardcover
Srikrsnakatha: an account of Srikrsna in Sanskrit based onthe critical edition of the Harivansa Purana with an introduction in English by Binapani Patni
2000, Hardcover
Visnupuranam (critical edition) Vol.2 (Amsas IV-VI and Padaindex),critically edited by M.M. Pathak, Pada-index preparedby Peter Schreiner
1999, Hardcover
Brahmavaivarta mahapurana visayanukramakosah, ed. by Adya Prasad Misra et al
1998, Hardcover

concordance of the brahmavaivartapurana.
Itihasapurana khyana Samgrahah: an anthology of itihasa andpurana (in Sanskrit), compiled by Radhavallabh Tripathi
1999, Hardcover
The Skanda-Purana, part 3, tr. and annotated by G.V. Tagare
1993, Hardcover