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The religion and philosophy of the Veda and Upanishads, 2 parts, ed. by Charles Rockwell Lanman (Set)
Keith, Arthur Berriedale
1998, Hardcover

the work comprises twenty nine chapters grouped in five main parts, viz. sources, god and demons of the veda, vedic rituals, spirits of the dead, and philosophy of the veda.
Indian rock art and its global context
Chakravarty, Kalyan Kumar et al.
1997, Hardcover
The rock art of Arabia: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, the Emiratesand Yemen
Nayeem, Muhammed Abdul (b.1938)
2000, Hardcover

the work presents for the first time a comprehensive study of the rock art of the entire arabian peninsula, covering five states where it has been recorded.
Riddles of Indian rockshelter paintings
Tiwari, Shiv Kumar (b.1941)
2000, Hardcover
Epic threads: John Brockington on the Sanskrit epics, ed. by Greg Bailey et al
2000, Hardcover

this volume reprints, with some revision, the more important of the numerous articles which john brockington has published since 1969 on the specialized aspects of valmiki\'s ramayana.
Rock art in Orissa
Pradhan, Sadasiba (b.1955)
2001, Hardcover

presents an exhaustive account of the rock art heritage in orissa documented from 55 rock shelters by the explorer himself.
Rock art in the old world: papers presented in symposium ofthe AURA Congress, Darwin (Australia) 1988
Lorblanchet, Michel (b.1937) (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

it consists of selected papers from the world congress of rock art held in darwin in 1988. it is an invaluable documentation of what is probably the first manifestation of the creative urge of man.
Rock art of South India: with special reference to Andhra Pradesh
Chandramouli, N (b.1961)
2002, Hardcover

first comprehensive micro level study of rock art of andhra pradesh both at an intra site and inter site levels.
Threads together: a comparative study of tribal and pre-historic rock paintings, foreword by A.S. Chitrak
Tribhuwan, Robin D et al.
2003, Hardcover

this book presents a comparative account of the warli, saora, and rathwa paintings cults.
Recent studies in Indian archaeology
Paddayya, K (ed.)
2002, Hardcover

the topics cover prehistory, protohistory, rock art, historical and medieval archaeology, scientific studies, human skeletal biology and dating methods.
Rock art studies in India: a historical perspective
Chakraverty, Somnath
2003, Hardcover
Ellora: concept and style, text and photographs by Carmel Berkson, afterword by Mulk Raj Anand, 2nd edition
2004, Hardcover

during the sixth to the ninth centuries ce, the fundamental beliefs of hindus, buddhists and jains were symbolically concretized in the architectural and sculptural multiplicity of form life in the thirty four rock-cut temples at ellora in india. this volume is the first coordinative treatment of the ways in which the artists integrated concept, style, narrative, emotional stat ...
Brahma Sri: researches in archaeology, history and culture in the new millennium, Dr. P.V. Parabrahma Sastry felicitation volume, 2 vols (Set)
Chenna Reddy, Pedarapu (b.1959)
2004, Hardcover

the 59 papers included in this volume deal with a variety of themes and disciplines such as archaeology, rock art, temple art and architecture, iconography, epigraphy and numismatics, hindu, buddhist and jaina religion and philosophy, indian literature of various periods, folklore, new history and contemporary social issues.
Deer in rock art of India and Europe
Camuri, Giacomo (ed.) et al
1994, N

contents: (i) deer in rock art in india (ii) deer in rock art in europe
Cave temples of the Pandya country: art and ritual, (with special reference to Putukkottai region), foreword by Raju Kalidos
Latha, V
2005, Hardcover

the book deals with the later expansion of the rock-cut caves with structural additions under the colas, later pandyas and vijayanagara nayaka rulers.
Buddhist legends, 3 parts, transl. from the original Pali text of the Dhammapada comm. by Eugene Watson Burlingame, Charles Rockwell Lanman (Set)
2005, Hardcover

part 1: introduction, synopses, translation of books 1 and 2, with a photogravure of a palm-leaf manuscript. isbn- 8120820703. part 2: translation of books 3 to 12. isbn- 8120820711. part 3: translation of books 13 to 26. isbn- 812082072x.
River valley cultures of India
Chakravarty, K.K. et al. (ed.)
2005, Hardcover

the present anthology of articles on the river valley culture of india is a result of the seminar organised by indira gandhi rashtriya manav sangrahalaya, bhopal. it encompasses such diverse field as hard rock geology, palaeoenvironment, palaeobiological sciences and traditional archaeology.
The United Arab Emirates, with a foreword by Abdul Rahman T. al-Ansary
Nayeem, Muhammed Abdul
1994, Paperback

contents: (i) the physical environment (ii) constituent elements (iii) stone age cultures (iv) subsistence economy (v) settlements and structural remains (vi) funerary architecture and anthropological aspects (vii) domestic and funerary vessels (viii) metallurgy and metallic antiquities (ix) miscelleneous antiquities (x) rock art (xi) foreign relations.
Panorama of Himalayan art
Handa, OC
2005, Hardcover

contents: 1. geo-cultural panorama 2. primitive painting 3. rock engraving 4. cup-marks and rock carving 5. indigenous painting 6. folk painting 7. elite art 8. ecclesiastic art
Art of South India: Andhra Pradesh
Prasad, B. Rajendra
1980, Hardcover

andhra pradesh is a veritable museum of buddhist art; with amaravati providing one of the finest expressions of indian art. the major rock-cut temples of buddhist and brahmanical affiliation, the temple forms and the constituent elements, together with the development of temple architecture and art, have been studied in detail.
Deccan traverses: the making of Bangalore's terrain
Mathur, Anuradha et al.
2006, Hardcover

through drawings, photographs, texts and historic maps, deccan traverses travels this extra-ordinary landscape of bangalore: the beginnings of the survey of the indian peninsula; the battle drawings and route surveys that developed the language of today\'s maps; the introduction and acclimatization of plants from across the world; the intricate culture of tanks; the quarrying a ...
Painted rock shelters of India
Wakankar, Vishnu Shridhar (1919-1988)
2005, Hardcover
Excavating painted rockshelters
Sharma, AK
2006, Hardcover

this book is the result of the excavation carried out at jhiri rock shelters by the author together with the preliminary report on rock art study carried out under indo-french rock art sponsored by indira gandhi national centre for the arts, new delhi.
Exploring the mind of ancient man: festschrift to Robert G.Bednarik
Reddy, Peddarapu Chenna
2007, Hardcover

this book offers a major collection of invited papers assembled for the specific occasion of the 60th birthday of australian researcher robert g. bednarik. a large number of indian and international scholars, address the broad spectrum of bednarik\'s interests, and acquaint the reader with many of the specific problems and issues surrounding questions of the origins of culture, ...
Elements of Indian art, including temple architecture, iconography and iconometry, 2nd rev. and enl. edition comprisingnew chapters on (i) Rock art in India. (ii) The Harappan ...
Gupta, SP (b.1931) et al.
2007, Hardcover (iii) indian art beyond the indian frontiers (south and southeast asia)
Rock art science: the scientific study of palaeoart
Bednarik, Robert G
2007, Hardcover

this is the first comprehensive academic textbook about the application of scientific principles and methods in the study of pre-historic art.
Puratattva: Bulletin of the Indian Archaeological Society, No.36, 2005-2006, ed. by K.N. Dikshit
2006, Hardcover

contents: articles. (i) nayanjot lahiri: archaeological theory: a perspective from outside the western academy. (ii) d.k. bhattacharya: interpretation in indian stone age archaeology: a reappraisal. (iii) m.k. dhavalikar: aryan agro-pastoralists in the ganga valley. (iv) shweta sinha-deshpande: the interaction networks of pre/early-harappan gujarat. (v) urmi ghosh et al.: inter ...
Indian rock art
Pandey, SK
1993, Hardcover
Pallava rock architecture and sculpture, text and photogrphs by Elisabeth Beck
2007, Hardcover

divided into sections devoted to the eras of two great pallava kings, this book describes the development of the pallava cave temples in tamilnadu from their early, primitive outlines to the intricately sculpted creations of mamallapuram.
Essays on rock art and archaeology of India, comm. Vol
Tiwari, Shankar
2007, Hardcover