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Saivism in ancient Bihar
Akhouri, Gayatri (1950- )
1993, N
Siva sutras: the yoga of supreme identity; text of the Sutras and the comm. Vimarsini of Ksemaraja, transl. into English with an introd. by Jaideva Singh, Delhi, 1979
2017, Paperback

siva sutras are considered to be a revealed book of the yoga: supreme identity of the individual self with the divine.
Saivism and the phallic world, 2 vols., New Delhi, 1975 (Set)
Bhattacharya, Brajamadhava (b.1910)
1993, Hardcover
Specific principles of Kashmir Saivism
Pandit, BN
2008, Hardcover
A Peep into the Tantraloka and our cultural heritage
Walli, Koshalya
1998, Hardcover

study of tantraloka of rajanaka abhinavagupta compendium on the fundamentals of trika philosophy of kashmir saivism.
The secret of self realization: Pratyabhijna Hridayam of Ksemaraja in Sanskrit with transliteration in Roman, English and with commentary
Taimai, IK (1898-1978)
1998, Hardcover
Kashmir Saivism: the central philosophy of tantrism
Mishra, Kamalakar
1999, Hardcover
Pasupata Sutra Pancartha bhasya, with comm. Ganakarikaratnatika of Bhasarvajna, Vayusamhita of Siva Purana, Brahmasutrasankarabhasya, Sankaradigvijaya and Nakulisapasupata darsan..
1998, Hardcover

...ed. and transl. into hindi by alokmani tripathi.
Rediscovering god with transcendental argument: a contemporary interpretation of monistic Kashmiri Saiva philosophy
Lawrence, David Peter
1999, Hardcover
Spandapradipika: a commentary on the Spandakarika by Bhagavadutpalacarya, ed. by Mark Dyczkowski
2000, Paperback

on kashmir saivism.
Kirnavrttih of Bhatta Ramakantha: Bhatta Ramakantha's comm.on the Kiranatantra, Vol.1, critical edition and annotated transl. in English by Dominic Goodall
1998, Hardcover
Saivism in Kashmir
2011, Hardcover
Saiva Siddhanta: an Indian school of mystical thought, presented as a system and documented from the original Tamil sources, transl. from German by Mary Law, ed. by Humphrey Palmer
Schomerus, Hilko Wiardo (1879-1945)
2000, Hardcover

the present book being an english translation of a german book entitled der saiva siddhanta by h.w. schomerus gives a full and documented account of this theistic movement, then as now little known in the west.
The Sivasutravarttika of Bhatta Bhaskaracarya; being a verse comm. on the Sivasutra of Vasugupta; appended with cont..2
1993, Hardcover

cont..2 the anonymous sivasutravrtti and the spandakarikas with the comm. by kallata; ed by jagaidsha chandra chatterji; with an introd. in sanskrit by satkari mukhopadhyaya
The Sivasutravimarsini of Ksemaraja: being a commentary on the Sivasutra of Vasugupta, ed. by Jagadisha Chandra cont..2
1993, Hardcover

cont.. chatterji; with an introd. in sanskrit by satkari mukhopadhyaya
Naresvarapariksa of Sadyajyoti, with comm. 'Prakasa' by Srimad Ramakanthacarya, ed. by Sri Ramaji Malaviyah
2000, Hardcover

aphoristic work, with \'prakasa\' sanskrit comm. on the trika philosophy in kashmir saivism, includes summary in hindi.
Le Rauravagama: Un Traite de Rituel et de doctrine Sivaites, tomes I-II, introduction, traduction et notes par B. Dagens et M.-L. Barazer-Billoret, (in French) (Set)
2000, Hardcover

rauravagama is one of the 28 fundamental texts (mulagama) of the saivasiddhanta system. it deals with various subjects in 80 chapters: formation of mantras, daily rituals, temple festival, several ceremonies (installation of images, funeral rites, initiations, atonements etc.), iconography, architecture, etc. as well as tattvas, the sixfold path of liberation, saiva yoga etc.
Indian Society and Culture
2000, Hardcover

contents: indian civilisation; indian political philosophy; the three civilisations; epic society in perspective; original home of the aryans; agriculture, trade and industry; distribution of wealth; braj culture; facets of braj culture; krishna cult; the naga cult; saivism.
Abhinavagupta: an historical and philosophical study
Pandey, Kanti Chandra
2000, Hardcover

the book is divided into two parts, historical and philosophical. the former includes a chapter on the life of abhinava. its essential purpose is to show what light a careful study of abhinava\'s work throws on two important branches of sanskrit literature namely, saiva philosophy and poetics.
Mysticism and metaphysics in Saiva Siddhanta: a study of the concept of Self in the Sivajnanbodham of Meykanda Deva in relation to the mystical experience of Appar
Muthupackiam, JX (b.1939)
2001, Hardcover
Saivism in philosophical perspective: a study of the formative concepts, problems and methods of Saiva Siddhanta
Sivaraman, K
2001, Hardcover
Theology of the Saivagamas: a survey of the doctrines of Saiva Siddhanta and Veerasaivism
Nandimath, SC
2001, Hardcover
The origins of Virasaiva sects: a typological analysis of ritual and associational patterns in the Sunyasampadane
Michael, R Blake
1992, Hardcover

provides a thorough exploration of virasaivism. already, the activities of founder/reformer basava are well known thoughout india, and certain reformational aspects of virasaivism the attracted the attention of western scholarship. the author here explores a carucial text, the sunyasampadane from virasaivism\'s third century development.
Aesthetic principles of Acharya Ksemendra
Sharma, Ved Kumari (b.1944)
2000, Hardcover

with reference to three works of ksemendra, 11th cent., sanskrit author, namely auchitya vichara charcha, kavikanthabharana and suvrttatilaka, a study.
The Isvarapratyabhijnakarika of Utpaladeva with the author's vrtti, critical edition and annotated transl. by Raffaele Torella, Roma, 1994
2002, Hardcover

the most important philosophical work on non-dual tantric saivism as a whole.
Upanisads and Saivism
Archak, KB
2002, Hardcover

the present book is a complete and analytical exposition of the fourteen saiva upanisads, bringing out the religious and metaphysical consistency in saiva concepts.
Kasmirasaivadarsana brhat kosah: Kasmirasaivadarsana sankalita-sabda vyakhyayah by Balaji Nath Pandit, Vol.1, ed. by Yashpal Khajuriya et al., introd. in English and Sanskrit
2001, Hardcover

an encyclopaedia of kashmir saivism.
The Pratyabhijna philosophy
Tagare, GV (b.1911)
2002, Hardcover

it explains both the philosophy and the different ways of siva realization.
Facets of Saiva Siddhanta (in Tamil and English), with preface in English
Krishnan, P (ed.)
2000, Paperback

collection of articles in tamil and english presented in a two day national seminar organised by the department of saiva siddhanta, madras university during march 1998.
The Trika Saivism of Kashmir
Pandit, Moti Lal
2003, Hardcover

the author has made every attempt at explaining as comprehensively as possible the complex theoretical thinking of trika.