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Riddle of Indian iconography (Zetetic on rare icon from Tala), foreword by Pramod Chandra
Nigam, LS (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

the present book is a result of a postal seminar organised by the editor. apart from tala icon, it throws light on the history and art-tradition of daksina kosala, presently known as chattisgarh.
The life of form in Indian sculpture
Berkson, Carmel
2000, Hardcover

the present study outlines definite criteria for recognizing intrinsic qualities and underlying and immanent in all styles and in works of sculpture of major significance, with focus on the interrelationships amongst artist, statue, temple and devotee.
Phantasmic anatomy of the statues of Mathura
Gill, Sandrine
2000, Hardcover

contents: (i) multiple arms. (ii) multiple heads and bodies. (iii) fusion of two bodies. (iv) replacement of a human head by an animal head. (v) reactions to sculptures with phantasmic anatomy.
The splendour of Mathura art and museum
Sharma, Ramesh Chandra (b.1936)
1994, Hardcover
Sacred bronzes from South India in the Sarabhai Foundation,Ahmedabad
1999, Hardcover

the present publication is based on the writings and researches of prof. b.n. goswamy and dr. r. nagaswamy.
Studies in Panjab sculpture
Srivastava, Sanjeev P et al.
2001, Hardcover

the first scholarly attempt by the author which embodies the investigation into the origin of religious sculpture in the medieval punjab.
The iconography of Vaisnava images in Orissa
Donaldson, Thomas Eugene (b.1933)
2001, Hardcover
The yantras of deities and their numerological foundations: an iconographic consideration
Bunce, Fredrick William (b.1935)
2017, Hardcover

hinduism is known for the bewildering profusion of its deities, which are represented not only in two- or three-dimensional anthropomorphic images, but also in abstract configurations, known as yantras. in yantras is, thus, seen almost a parallel with the surfeit of deities in hindu tradition. literally meaning an `instrument\', `apparatus\' or a `talisman\', yantra is a kind o ...
Iconography of the Buddhist sculpture of Orissa, 2 vols (Set)
Donaldson, Thomas Eugene
2001, Hardcover

particular emphasis in this book is placed on the reciprocal influence between brahmanical and buddhist art in orissa, both religions expanding at the same time in regard to the proliferation of deities and their variant forms, and each apparently competing with the other for patronage and converts. volume 1 contains text and volume 2 contains plates.
Iconography of Buddhist and Brahmanical sculptures in the Dacca Museum, Dacca, 1929
Bhattasali, Nalini Kanta
2001, Hardcover

the present work is practically an iconographical survey of east bengal-- of what was anciently known as vanga and samatata. the nucleus of the series described is of course the collection in the dacca museum obtained mostly from places within the limits of these two ancient and far-famed seats of civilization and culture.
Elements of Hindu iconography, 2 vols. in 4 pts., 2nd edition (Set)
Gopinatha Rao, TA
1993, Hardcover
Masterpieces of Mathura Museum
Kumar, Jitendra
2002, Hardcover

provides adequate information about the history of the museum, about the main periods of mathura art and the exhibition arrangement of the galleries. also, highlights the important exhibits in the appropriate manner.
Art of Bengal: the sculptures of the Mahananda-Karatoya valley, Vol.1
Bhattacharya, Malaysankar
2002, Hardcover

this book represents a brief examination of some aspects of the sculptural art of bengal in general and northern bengal in particular during the 2nd-12th century-- and deals with the brahmanical pantheon while the second volume will cover buddhist and jaina sculptures.
Indian Museum Bulletin: special issue, Vol.36, 2001
2001, Hardcover

this special issue includes a number of papers presented at the seminar on \'art of baked clay\' organised by the indian museum in collaboration with brooklyn museum, u.s.a. in february 1998.
Indian images of gods and goddesses
Sastri, H Krishna
2003, Hardcover
The sensuous and the sacred: Chola bronzes from South India, with essays by Richard H. Davis, R. Nagaswamy and Karen Pechilis Prentiss
Dehejia, Vidya
2002, Hardcover
Indian sculpture and iconography: forms and measurements, English rendering by Sashikala Ananth
Sthapati, V Ganapati
2002, Hardcover

this is a rare work which gives in great details the forms and accurate measurements of a large variety of indian sculpture, along with the spiritual vision and philosophy underlying it.
Encyclopaedia of Indian iconography: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, 3 vols., by S.K. Ramachandra Rao, 2nd rev. and enl. edition, Bangalore, 1988-1992 (Set)
2003, Hardcover
Patna Museum Catalogue: stone sculptures and other antiquities, ed. by Naseem Akhtar
2001, Hardcover
The development of Hindu iconography, 5th edition
Banerjea, Jitendra Nath
2002, Hardcover
Asian art at the Norton Simon Museum, Vol.1: art from the Indian subcontinent
Pal, Pratapaditya
2003, Hardcover

representing almost all schools of indian sculptural art and three major religions-- hinduism, buddhism and jainism-- the works span two millennia, from the second century b.c.e. to the nineteenth century c.e.
Mother-goddesses in Kathmandu
Tachikawa, Musashi
2004, Hardcover

this book contains the study of fifteen temples, their structure and history which possess the images of eight matrkas: mahalaksmi, brahmayani (skt.-brahmani), rudrayani (skt.-rudrani), camunda, kaumari, vaisnavi, indrayani (skt.-indrani) and varahi.
Temples of Gujarat: with particular reference to iconography and sculpture
Shah, Priyabala
2004, Hardcover

a study of temples of gujarat constructed during various phases viz., temples of pre-calukyan times, temples of the calukyan period, temples built at the end of the calukyan period.
Development of iconography in pre-Gupta Vanga
Basu, Sakti Kali
2004, Hardcover

the critical study shows that an undercurrent force of polytheistics beliefs was prevailing in the land of ancient vanga during the post-maurya and pre-gupta period and deities of brahmanical faith of buddhist religion and of local origin were allowed to be adorned and worshipped in a spirit of peaceful religious co-existence.
Images of Varahi: an iconographic study
Rangarajan, Haripriya
2004, Hardcover

the author presents in detail the various aspects of varahi including the iconographic features of the different forms as well as mantras and yantras associated with the workship of varahi.
Portrayal of the woman: in the art and literature of the ancient Deccan
Deglurkar, GB
2004, Hardcover

an attempt has been made in this work to enrich the study of the female from and its symbolism by including a detailed study of the ashtanayikas and surasundaris which have generally escaped the attention of art historians.
A guide to the appreciation of the Indian sculptures: in the Archaeological Museum of Khajuraho
Lorenzetti, Titzianna
2000, Paperback
Chidambaram: home of Nataraja, ed. by Vivek Nanda et al., photographs by Bharath Ramamrutham
2004, Hardcover

the mythical corpus associated with shiva\'s dance of creation in the celebrated golden hall, or chit sabha complex, at chidambaram underscores the iconography of nataraja and the architectural configuration of the temple itself.
Homeward: sculpture of Oded Halahmy: Baghdad, Jerusalem, New York, ed. by Marius Kwint et al
2004, Hardcover
Modhera ke Surya mandir ki murtiyon mein sanskritik jivan (in Hindi)
Misra, Abha
2004, Hardcover