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Dying alone: a novel and ten short stories
Vaid, Krishna Baldev (1927- )
1992, N
Our non-veg cow and other stories, introd. by Nabaneeta DevSen, tr. by Paramita Banerjee
Mahasweta Devi
2011, Paperback
Bitter soil, tr. by Ipsita Chanda
Mahasweta Devi
2011, Paperback

contains four most powerful stories-salt, seed, the witch and little ones
Cast me out if you will: stories and memoir, tr. from the Malayalam with an introd. by Gita Krishnankutty
Antherjanam, Lalithambika
1998, Paperback
The impermanence of lies, tr. from the original Bengali, introd. by Mahasweta Devi
Devi, Jyotimoyee (1894-1988)
1998, Paperback

the remarkable collection of short stories spans forty years of the writing career of jyotirmoyee devi and appears for the first time in an english translation from the original bengali.
The stream within, short stories by contemporary Bengali women, tr. and with an introd. by swami Ganguly et al., .......
1999, Paperback

foreword by malini bhattacharya
The concubine's room and other stories
Raimedhi, Indrani
1998, N
A season of betrayals: a short story and two novellas, ed. and introd. by C.M. Naim
Hyder, Qurratulain
1999, Paperback
Mappaing memories: Urdu stories from India and Pakistan
Kumar, Sukrita Paul et al. (ed.)
1998, N
Hyena and other short stories, tr. by Deepa Agarwal
Mudgal, Chitra
1998, N

the book is a collection of short stories, originally written in hindi.
The Oxford anthology of Raj stories
Cowasjee, Saros (ed.)
1998, N

as well as over thirty stories, the book also contains an introduction by the editor, biographical notes on the author, and a glossary.
Widows, wives and other heroines: twelve stories, tr. by David Rubin
1998, Hardcover

contents: (i) widow with sons (ii) the secret (iii) second marriage (iv) wife into husband (v) disaffection (vi) the prostitute (vii) the funeral feast (viii) desire (ix) the actress (x) sacrifice (xi) light (xii) divided hearths.
An epic unwritten, ed. and tr. from the Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon
1998, Paperback

a collection of some of the most memorable urdu stories about the partition and its aftermath.
By the Sabarmati
David, Esther
1999, Paperback

twenty-two extraordinary stories from the lives of women we have always known.
Simhasana Dvatrimsika: thirty two tales of the throne of Vikramaditya, tr. from the Sanskrit with an introduction by....
1998, Paperback

a.n.d. haksar these famous stories narrated by the thirty-two statuettes of nymphs supporting the magic throne of vikramaditya extol his courage
Best loved Indian stories, Vol.1
Srinivasan, Indira et al. (ed.)
1999, Paperback

this volume, the first of two, represents the best english stories written by indians in the twentieth century.
The Royal Bengal mystery and other Feluda stories, tr. fromthe Bengali by Gopa Majumdar
Ray, Satyajit (1921-1992)
1997, Paperback
Ferry crossing: short stories from Goa (Set)
Shertty, Manohar (ed.)
1998, N

included here are the finest short stories from goa written ni konkani, marathi, portguese, and english, all remarkable for their freshness and many marked by sparkling humour and contagious light heartedness.
The forest of thieves and the magic garden: an anthology of medieval Jain stories, selected, translated and with an an introdction by Phyllis Granoff
1998, Paperback
Indian love stories
Kakar, Sudhir (ed.)
1999, N
Masterji and other stories
Moynihan, Maura
1999, N
A most truthful picture and other stories, tr. from the Tamil original
Ashokamitran (b.1931)
1998, N
The ninth of August: August Na (a play) tr. from the Oriya original by Arun Kumar Mohanty et al
Das, Manoranjan
1998, Paperback
Rajnagar, English tr. by Kalpana Bardhan
Majumdar, Amiya Bhushan (b.1918)
1997, N

this novel, its heart an interwoven set of three different and equisite love stories, is a sophisticated account of the subterranean power politics of transition in colonial rule.
The mystery of the pink pearl: the final Feluda stories
Ray, Satyajit (1921-1992)
1998, Paperback

replete with drama suspense and ray\'s unique brand of quaint humour, this last collection of feluda stories is a fitting adieu from the best-loved detective team in india.
The five-dollar smile: fourteen early stories and a farce in two acts
Tharoor, Shashi (b.1956)
1998, Paperback
Piplanwala: stories and reminiscenes
Dhami, SS
1996, N
Myths of the North-East frontier of India
Elwin, Verrier (1902-64)
1999, Hardcover

this book contains some three hundred and eighty stories collected in the remote villages, largely untouched by external influence, of the hitherto little known north-east frontier.
Collected fiction
Ruskin Bond (b.1934)
1999, Paperback
The anger of Aubergines: stories of women and food
Sharma, Bulbul
1998, Paperback