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Literary and cultural perspectives on ancient India
Kumar, Raj (ed.)
1999, N

the present volume attempts to fucus light on some repesentative literary and cultural themes of great tradition. main topics deatl are: a comparative study of bhasa and kalidasa; upanishads; rigvedic india; the tantras; the women of meghaduta; nairatmya and karma; south indian vaishvanism: social units in jatakas; games and amusements of astadhyayi proto-indian ceramics; relig ...
Punchtantra: parables for the 21st century
Bhatia, Gautam
1998, Paperback

a wacky take-off on vishnu sharma\'s pancatantra.
Best stories from the Indian classics, selected and retold by V.S. Naravane, Allahabad, 1994
1998, Paperback

contains a selection of stories from the panchatantra, kadambari and kathasaritsagara.
Saivism in ancient Bihar
Akhouri, Gayatri (1950- )
1993, N
Encyclopaedia of Tibetan medicine, being the Tibetan text of Rgyud Bzi and Sanskrit restoration of Amrta Hrdaya Astanga.
1998, N

guhyopadesa tantra and expository translation in english by vaidya bhagwan dash, vol.5: three nes-pas or tridosa vijnana (chapters i to iv of man-nag rgyud or upadesa-tantra or the text on instructions)
Encyclopaedia of Tibetan medicine, being the Tibetan text ofRgyud Bzi and Sanskrit restoration of Amrta Hrdaya Astanga..
1999, N

guhyopadesa tantra and expository tr. in english vaidya bhagwan dash, vol.6: man nag rgyud or upadesa tantra or text of instructions (chapter v)
Journey into consciousness: the Chakras, Tantra and Jungianpsychology
Breaux, Charles
1998, Hardcover
Overview of Buddhist tantra: general presentation of the classes of tantra, captivating the minds of the fortunate ones:rgyud sde spyi'i rnam par, bzhag pa skal bzang gi yid 'phrog
Dragpa, Panchen Sonam
1996, Paperback

...ces bya ba bzhungs so, english tr. by martin j. boord and losang norbu tsonawa.
Tantric Buddhism: centennial tribute to Dr. Benoytosh Bhattacharyya
Bhattacharyya, NN et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

this volume contains informative and analytical papers by eminent scholars on different aspects of tantric buddhism and tantras in general. this volume is presented as a tribute to an outstanding pioneer in the field of tantric buddhist studies, dr. benoytosh bhattacharyya (1897-1964).
Meditations on the lower tantras: from the collected works of the previous Dalai Lamas, comp. and ed. by Glenn H. Mullin et al
1997, Paperback

collection of sadhanas and practice manuals concerning such deities as amitayus, avalokiteshvara, manjusri and tara gathered from the collected works of various dalai lamas.
Prearing for Tantra; the mountain of blessings; with a commentary by pabongka Rinpoche, transl, by Khen Rinpoche et al
Tsongkapa (1357-1419)
1998, Paperback
Collected works of Dr. Benoytosh Bhattacharyya, 2 Vols., ed. and comp. by A.K. Bhattacharyya (Set)
1998, N

vol.1: on the vedas, hinduism, yoga, sakti, cult, tantra, mantra etc. (jainism and buddhism) vol.2: research on alternative medicine.
Sai: inner views; thirty years with Avatar
1997, Paperback
The vision of a new society, ed. by Sadhvi-prmukha Kankprabha, tr. by Sarala Jag Mohan
Tulsi, Acharya (b.1914)
1998, N
Tantric healing, in the Kathmandu Valley: a comparative study of Hindu and Buddhist spiritual healing traditions in...
Dietrich, Angela
1998, Paperback

urban nepalese society
Tantrik Yoga: Hindu and Tibetan, tr. by H.E. Kennedy
Riviere, J Marques
1998, N
Tantric visions of the divine feminine: the ten mahavidyas
Kinsley, David
2016, Paperback

deals with a group of ten hindu tantra goddesses, the mahavidyas, who embody habits, attributes, or identities usually considered repulsive or socially subversive. the author not only describes the eccentric qualities of each of the goddesses, but seeks to interpret the mahavidyas as a group and to explain their important for understanding tantra and the hindu tradition.
Tat Tvam Asi (the universal message in the Bhagavadgita), 2vols (Set)
Nath, Pathikonda Vishwambara
1998, Hardcover
Servant of God: sayings of a self-realised sage Swami Ramdas, comp. by Susunaga Weerasperuma
1998, Hardcover

collection of extracts from the writings of ramdas (1884-1963) in one comprehensive volume, arranged under 101 chapter headings.
Vanmayi, panorama of indological researches: Dr. Krishna Kant Chaturvedi felicitation Volume
Tripathi, Radha Vallabh (ed.)
1999, N

contains 37 articles offering new vistas in various discipline under sanskrit studies-veda, epics and puranas, grammar, literature & culture
The Tibetan book of the great liberation or the method of realizing Nirvana through knowing the mind, introd., annotations and ed. by W.Y. Evans-Wentz, with psychological comm....
1999, Paperback c.g. jung, california, 1952.
Om Namashivaya Thiruvasagham, explanatory notes, recited bySaint Manickavasaghar-9th century, transl. into English by Swamiji Iraianban
1999, Hardcover
Spiritual anthropology: the spiritual dimension of man
Sahay, KN
1998, N
Encyclopaedia of tantra, 5 vols., by Sadhu Santidev (Set)
1999, Hardcover
Saints, Gurus and mystics of India, 2 Vols (Set)
Shah, Giriraj
1999, N
Shamanic cosmos: from India to the north pole star
Mastromattei, Romano et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

a group of eminent scholars from different european countries here tries to capture some of the highly gripping aspects of shamanic cosmology, diffused in varying eurasian environments.
Varnadharma, Niskama karma and practical morality: a critical essay on applied ethics
Prasad, Rajendra (b.1926)
1999, Hardcover
Vishnu on freud's desk: a reader in psychoanalysis and Hinduism
Vaidyanathan, TG et al. (ed.)
1999, N

with a foreword by sudhir kakar, this volume includes both classical and new essays by: william b. parsons, christiane hartnack, a.k. ramanujan, paul courtright, gananath obeyesekere, g.m. carstairs, stanley kurtz, sudhir kakar, j.m. masson, robert goldman, wendy doniger, ashis nandy, sarah caldwell, alfred collins and prakash desai, alan roland, and b.k. ramanujan.
Introduction to tantras and their philosophy
Kumar, Pushpendra (b.1936)
1998, Hardcover
A Peep into the Tantraloka and our cultural heritage
Walli, Koshalya
1998, Hardcover

study of tantraloka of rajanaka abhinavagupta compendium on the fundamentals of trika philosophy of kashmir saivism.