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Dpal ldan shangs pa Bka'-rgyud kyi 'don Cha nyer mkho, collection of litrugical texts in use in the shangs pa Bka'-rgyud lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, 3 vols (Set)
1996, Hardcover
Samkrta-siksana-sarani of Ram Sastri, (in Skt.), 2nd ed.
1998, N
Visvanighantuh of Visvakavi, ed. by S. Rajalakshmi et al., in Sanskrit with prefatory matter in English
1995, Hardcover

dictionary of sanskrit language
Vedantaparibhasha of Dharmarajadhwarindra; with commentary Paribhashaprakasika by Anant Krishna Sastri, with cont..2
1993, N

a foreword by s. radhakrishnan; calcutta, 1927. --
Indian literature: positions and propositions
Satchidanandan, k (b.1946)
1999, N

the essays in this volume revaluate concepts and movements like modernism, dalit literature, nativism and feminism and offer close readings of the texts of a number of indian writers including premchand, mirza ghalib, mahasweta devi, ramakanta rath, kamala das, chandrasekhara kambar and ayyappa paniker.
Mulk Raj Anand: the Raj and the Writer
Vijayasree, C (b.1953)
1998, N

mulk raj anand is one of the major voices of modern india. this book locates his fictional work in the contex of colonial and postcolonial politics and studies the dialectic relationship that exists between the texts and contexts in which these texts are produced.
The critiques: reading literatures and cultures
Rama, RP (ed.)
1997, N

the volume includes studies in modern indian poetry in english, major twentieth century british and australian literary texts, and an essay on the shakespearean offshoots.
The Rgveda: as oral literature
Datta, Nilanjana Sikdar (b.1954)
1999, Hardcover

m. bloomfield\'s work rgveda repetations has been used as the take-off point for this work although its attitude to categorisation and the attempt at accounting for the structural mode of oral literature is largely different.
The Niti and Vairagya Satakas of Bhartrhari, ed. with a comm. in Sanskrit, an English translation and notes by M.R. Kale
2013, Hardcover
The Ayurvedic system of medicine, 2 Vols., 2nd rev. ed. (Set)
Sengupta, Nagendra Nath
1998, Hardcover

the present work is an exhaustive treatise on ayurveda based on the works of charaka, sasruta, vagbhatta and other ayurvedic texts.
System of plant nomenclature in ayurveda
Pandey, Gyanendra
1997, Hardcover

covers almost herbal drugs in medical texts specially materia-medica, by location of entries in very large number-reaching to 25,000 (in total) approximately consisting-terms of principal drug, synonymous terms, citation of references, names of plant drugs and botanical names, key words, codes subjects and allied information.
Atharva-Veda-Samhita, 2 vols., transl. into English with critical and exegetical comm. by W.D. Whitney, rev. and ed. byCharles Rockwell Lanman (Set)
2011, Hardcover
Gzun chen bcu gsum gyi mchan 'grel commentaries expanding the texts of the chief Indic Buddhist Sastras in their Tibetan (Set)
Gzhan-dga\' Gzhan-phan chos-kyi snan-ba
1997, N

translations, 6 vols. reproduced from a set of the bri-gun prints, from the library of nyi-ma lcan-ra rin-po che
Jigs-Med Gling-pa, Rig-'Dzin (1729-1798)A comprehensive collection of liturgical texts for the practices of the Longchen Nying thig(Klon-chen snying-Thig)...
1993, N

tradition. a comprehensive collection of texts which represent the liturgical tradition of the longchen nyingthig as it is practical today. it contains the main sadhanas of \'jigme lingpa\'s revelations.
Chos Spyod Kyi Rim Pa Thar Lam Rab Gsal, arrangement of theliturgical texts in use or o'rgyan smin grol gling nges ...
1994, N

don dga\' tshal gling monastery in tibet traced from the original wooden block carved at smin grel gling
Mkhar Chu Bdud 'joms Gling gi 'Don Cha'i Skor: a collectionof liturgical texts in use at the Nyingma monastery of.....
1994, N

bdud \'joms gling in lodrak karchu (lho-brag mkhar-chu) area of southern tibet
Nyams chag sdig sgrib thams cad bshags pa'i rgyal po na ragdang sprugs: a collection of liturgical texts used for confession and repair of breaches of Samaya pledges in .....
1997, N

vajrayana practice
Rig 'dzin srog sgrub kyi 'don chog nyer mkho 'ga' zhig: miscellaneous liturgical texts for the practice of the Rig .....
1997, N

dzin srog sgrub cycle of teachings revealed by lha-btsun nam-mkha\'i jigs-med 1597-1650 the rig \'dzin srog sgrub cycle revealed by the famed lha btsun nam mkha\'i \'jigs med. this manuscript gathers a few miscellaneous texts related to the preparation of sacramental substances (ndud rtsi chos sman), the offering of fire ceremony (sbyin sreg), the bestowing of longevity empower ...
Tazkirath-ul-bilad wal hukkam, tr. into English from Persion by Shafi Ahmed Shariff
Kirmani, Meer Husain Ali
1996, N

history of the origin and the rulers of fourteen principalities of karnataka
Brahmavidya: The Adyar Library Bulletin, Vol.61, 1997
1998, Paperback
Mahatma Gandhi, Letter to Americans
Reddy, ES (ed.)
1998, N

this compitation includes the texts of all available letters and telegrams by gandhiji to americans and summaries of letters to which he replied, together with biographical information on the correspondents. though only a fraction of his correspondence is now available, it provides an indiacation of his thinking on many aspects of life.
Some Rgveda Samveda Suktas (literary works of Rgvedic dialogue hymns)
Datta, Pradyot Kumar
1998, N
Veda and Vedanta: new interpretations
Jayashanmugam, N (b.1937)
1998, Hardcover

a collection of articles written on several subjects such as the veda, the upanishads, the gita, shankara and sri aurobindo. it will of special interest to those interested in textual interpretations of the vedas.
A study of Taittiriya Upasnisad
Pathak, Meena Pinakin
1999, Hardcover

the present book envisages the study of the taittiriya upanisad, which is one of the ancient and the most important upanisads belonging to the krsna yajurveda recension.
Devalasmriti-reconstruction and critical study, Vol.2: Critial study and appendices, by Mukund Lalji Wadekar
1997, Hardcover

this is the second volume, containing a detailed critical study of the text, highlighting the distinctive features by comparing it with other smrtis.
Suresvara's Vartika on Khila Kanda with half-verse index, book I and II, ed., tr. and annotated by K.P. Jog and Shoun Hino (Set)
1998, Hardcover

this volume pertains to mere prescriptions for such meditations as relate to some non-atman elements connected with the worship of atman (i.e.brahman). also, it provides the readers with the half-verse index of the whole of suresvara\'s vartika on the brhadaranyakopanisad.
Concept of sentence analysis in Nyaya philosophy
Sharma, Punita
1998, Hardcover

it is a comprehensive study of the language of old nyaya\'s texts to navya-nyaya in historical perspective
Nitisaram (the essence of polity and code of conduct)
Menon, KPA
1999, N
Re-organising Indian Sastric traditions (Proceedings of National Seminar)
Tripathi, Radha Vallabh et al (ed.)
1998, Hardcover

the papers presented in this volume were presented in a national seminar organised under the auspices of sanskrit department, dr. hari singh gour university, sagar, vyakarana, nyaya and kavyasastra--these three disciples were taken up for detailed discussion.
Turning points in Indian Sastric tradition (Proceedings of National Seminar)
Tripathi, Radhavallabh et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

collection of essays on indian sastrik traditions, presented at a seminar held in 1997.
Beyond ego's domain: being and order in the Veda
Roy, Ramashray
1999, N

order in the vedic perspective is the consequence of the linkage between the finite world of meaning and the absolute as the source of meaning. the book explores this linkage as reflected in the vedic literature.
From the Upanishads
1997, Paperback
Katha Upanisad, with the original text in Sanskrit and Roman transliteration, tr. with an exhaustive comm. by NarayanPrasad
2014, Paperback
Bhaktisutras of Narada, tr. by Nandalal Sinha, 2nd rev. edition
1998, Hardcover
Sikh predictions (based on all relevant texts)
Kohli, Surinder Singh
1998, Hardcover

a book of prophecies made hundreds of years ago to predict the forthcoming events that are going to take place in ad 1999 and after throughout the world.
Alternative pathways of Indian philosophy: multi-dimensional wings to galactic spheres
Sarkar, Anil Kumar
1998, Hardcover

contents: (i) wings of indian thought (ii) dynamic variations of logic and psychologies (iii) breaking of ideologies: posterior processes and variations (iv) india\'s pathways in international contexts: a flight to the galactic spheres.
The religion and philosophy of the Veda and Upanishads, 2 parts, ed. by Charles Rockwell Lanman (Set)
Keith, Arthur Berriedale
1998, Hardcover

the work comprises twenty nine chapters grouped in five main parts, viz. sources, god and demons of the veda, vedic rituals, spirits of the dead, and philosophy of the veda.
Upanisads retold, 2 vols (Set)
Date, VH (1900-1987)
1999, Hardcover

vol.1: isavasyopanisad, kenopanisad, kathopanisad, mundakopanisad, prasnopanisad, and brhadaran-yakopanisad. vol.2: chandogyopanisad, mandukyopanisad, aitareyopanisad, taittiriyopanisad, svetasvataropanisad, kausitakyopanisad, maitri upanisad, and jabalopanisad.
The supreme wisdom of the Upanisads: an introduction
Witz, Klaus G (b.1937)
1998, Hardcover

this book attempts to let the universal upanisadic konwledge and experience of divinity and reality emerge from the original texts and make it accessible to a broader western-oriented audience.
The philosophy of the Upanishads, tr. by A.S. Geden
Deussen, Paul
2011, Paperback
Classical Indian metaphysics: refutations of realism and the emergence of `new logic'
Phillips, Stephen H
1997, Hardcover

contents: (i) early indian idealism and mysticism (ii) early systematic realism (iii) sriharsa (iv) new logic (v) annotated translation of selected passages within selected texts.
Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra: one of the most importanttexts of Mahayana Buddhism, in which almost all its principal tenets are presented, including the teaching of Zen, ...
Suzuki, DT
1999, Hardcover

london, 1930
The Abhidharmakosa and bhasya of Acarya Vasubandhu, Pali text with Sphutartha comm. by Acarya Yasomitra, 2 Vols., ed. by Swami Dwarikadas Sastri, 4th edition (Set)
2008, Hardcover
DHIH: Journal of Rare Buddhist Texts Research Project, Vol.27, ed. by S. Rinpoche et al
1998, Paperback
DHIH: Journal of Rare Buddhist Texts Research Project, Vol.23, ed. by S. Rinpoche and Janardan Pandey
1997, Paperback
DHIH: Journal of Rare Buddhist Texts Research Project, Vol.24, ed. by S. Rinpoche
1997, Paperback
Theft of an idol: text and context in the representation ofcollective violence
Brass, Paul S
1998, Paperback

look into the issues of violence, ethnicity, and the state by focusing on specific instances of violence in their local contexts and questioning the prevailing interpretations of them.
Ideologies and institutions in Indian politics
1998, N

this volume explores in depth the ideological and institutional roots of the indian nation-state and its contemporary policies, practises and alternative developmental scenarios in the national and global contexts and their socio-logical, politico-economic and environmental ramifications
World orders, old and new
Chomsky, Noam
1999, Paperback

the author offers a devastating critique of conventional definitions of the \'new world order\' so enthusiastically proclaimed by the united states. it is, he posits, nothing more than an ingenious piece of \'historical engineering\' whereby earlier pretexts for the cold war--nuclear threat, soviet menace--have been deftly replaced by a new set of justifications-primarily \'isl ...
Anantanaha Jina cariyam of Sri Nemicandra Suri, Prakrit text, ed. by Rupendra Kumar Pagariya
1998, Hardcover

a biographical work narrating the life-story of jina ananthanatha, the 14th tirathankara. this work has been edited on the basis of the only available single manuscript stored by the samvegi upasraya jnana bhandara, ahmedabad.